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A horse wearing a bowler hat is not necessarily a stockbroker.

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Name:Hot Dips
Birthdate:Feb 26
Location:Hawley, Pennsylvania, United States of America
I'm a licensed civil engineer, working on land development and municipal engineering in Gloucester and Salem Counties, in South Jersey. If I happen to have an ambiguously gendered username at the moment, then be informed that I'm a lady. I like my job, but don't really care for work, per se -- not enough napping -- so if you'd like to support me financially, asking nothing in return, by all means, drop me a line. I have the most amazing husband in the world. I don't watch terrible movies, because life is too short. I like to see live music. I don't mind being dirty, if it's for a little while. I like to cook -- I'm no expert, but I get better every time. I like to read and to play Nintendo. I am a birder. I like making my Halloween costumes. I have a ridiculous group of friends, who constantly amaze and surprise me in amazing and surprising ways. Chris and I own a home, with a too-steep driveway and a fire in the den and lots of birds in the backyard. I feel very strongly about my LiveJournal interests list: if it's in there, then by God, I'm interested. I like long walks, sunsets, and getting caught in the rain.

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