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So I fell down a LiveJournal rabbit hole yesterday, and have been doing it again this is morning. (This morning I'm at work, so that's bad. I should stop doing that.)

I've been reading stuff from c. 2003. I wrote so much! I had so much ENERGY. I was HAPPY or DEPRESSED or EXCITED or ENRAGED and I felt everything so freaking STRONGLY! Go young Washu!

I'm also amazed at how much I've forgotten. Apparently I stopped seeing Mambo because he wanted me to be his girlfriend? I totally did not remember that! Stuff about my old job, too. I really ought to write things down more often, so that I can remember them properly when I'm even older and lazier than I am now.

(I also ought to backup my LiveJournal.)

SO ANYWAY let me tell you about right now: Chris has been gone since Friday, he's in the Poconos to murder a deer via bow. I had a nice time when he was gone! I mean I miss him of course (so does Indiana, I can tell) but in some ways it's nice to be alone for a little while. I was super productive for the first few days. That sorta trailed off but hey, whaddaya gonna do. It's hard to go to work AND take the dog for a long walk AND get myself fed AND also do stuff around the house. All by myself. So eh, whatever.

I spoke to him a little while ago, he was on the road home. (He is probably home by now.) And he was like "I was thinking of having the guys over . . . " and my heart sunk. He meant Saturday though, which is okay. Tonight I sort of want him to myself. (Though I'll bet dollars to donuts that someone will "stop by" at some point. Dollars! To donuts! I do not know what that idiom means, really!) And I realized that it's not so much that I want Chris to be gone sometimes (though I do enjoy my Kerry Time, always have,) it's that there are always people coming over when he's home. And that's not the worst thing in the world really (though sometimes it is,) but it's nice to always have it be MY decision whether I'm hanging out with someone or not. I did have Mitch over one night, and drinks with my old work buddy Adam one time (though he was gone by like 7:30,) but I think that's it. Oh I also had drinks with my OTHER old work pals, but that was over before 8 as well.

(Although if Chris still wasn't home tonight, I was going to try to get myself invited over to Kevin & Kathy's for dinner tonight, so that I didn't starve. And also so that I could hang out with them, and with Haley.)

Anyway. Now he's home and Kerry's vacation is over. As with every vacation, though I had a good time, I am glad that things will be getting back to normal. The phone reception at the house in the Poconos is not so hot, and phone conversations were frustrating and unsatisfying. Also I would like to get laid.

OH WAIT I also have to tell you about this cute thing that Indiana did:

Last night we went for our walk at night (she didn't even seem to mind that it was raining!) and then we came home and sat on the couch to watch Thursday Night Footbaw. Indiana is always a snuggly beast, and this time she was especially nuzzly. She came over and curled up and nuzzled nuzzled nuzzled my legs and the afghan and &c and then just looked up at me. I looked down at her and her nose was pointed up at me and we looked at each other for a moment or two like that and then I said "Hello," and she immediately went "slrp!" and kissed me, quick, on the lips. And then nuzzled her way under the blanket. Good god that dog is adorable.
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Chris is home, Chris is home, Chris is home!

I'm so happy! Oh it's always the same when he goes away for hunting or whatever. Here is the timeline:

Before he leaves:
To Chris: Oh baby, I'm going to miss you so much!
Secretly to myself: oh man, house to myself! Do whatever I want! No random houseguests! Yippee!

Night that he leaves:

The first few days he's gone:
Hey, this isn't so bad at all. In fact it is amazing. I miss the single life. I can cook dinner all by myself and not die! Dogs are warm! I'm an independent woman!

Then after a while:
This is boring. Where is the bourbon.

Then he comes home:

The next day:
[Chris does something to piss me off] Ugh, go back to Hawley.
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Last night Chris and I watched twelve (12) episodes of The Office from last season. I had forgotten how funny Chris finds that show. He laughs so hard. He loves the Narddog. And man, I sure do love to watch my husband laugh. It is one of my favoritest things in the world.

The nice thing about entwining on the couch and watching twelve (12) episodes of something in a row is that if it's generally good, then you don't notice the weak eps as much. Some were a little too cheesy and not enough absurd, but you almost don't even notice if you're not paying attention. And I'm a consumer, not a critic, so I shouldn't be TRYING to pick up on that stuff. So I won't.


Last year I complained bitterly about the cold. Bitterly. Most specifically about the cold in my house. Chris can deal with it being a lot colder than I can, and hoo boy did I have problems with that last year. This year it's not so bad. Maybe I'm just in a better mood? I don't know why I would be. But I come home and it's cold in the house, and who cares? I just make a fire. We haven't turned on our heat yet, and I don't know when we will. We're all wood-powered, baby. It's nice.

What I need, though, is a TV in the den. So that I never have to leave that room.


Last night Chris confided that he had never slept overnight in our bed by himself. (Er, the implication was that he never had anyone else accompany him, either.) It's only happened a handful of times in the past year, but I guess he's always fallen asleep on the couch (as he does almost every night anyway), and never gets up and moves back to our bedroom. He says it's too cold and lonely in there without me. I think he thought I would think that was cute/sweet, and it sort of is, but I am a big fan of being comfortable, so I always sleep in the bed when I'm alone. It warms up eventually. And has sheets.
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Well, I remembered to set my alarm for this morning, but I snoozed for ever, because I was having a pretty awesome dream.

The first aspect of the dream was that I was hanging out with Natural Breakdown. (Natural Breakdown are the band we hired to play at our wedding, and in real life, I need to call them as I haven't spoken with them in a while and need to get some things settled.) The more interesting aspect is that I also met a friend of theirs, who may have been Olivia Munn, or possibly Megan Fox, or perhaps an amalgamation of the two -- certainly a smokin' yet kind, friendly, approachable, and somewhat shy brunette. We started hanging out a bit and I was pretty sure I liked her and I was pretty sure that she liked me and it took a couple days, but by the end of the dream we were totally making out, man. But it wasn't like that, we LIKED each other, she was going to be my GIRLFRIEND.

So it was tough to get out of bed. And then a little later I remarked to Chris with a little bit of regret that I will never have a girlfriend. I mean not like I'm some super bi-sexual lady or anything, but still, you know? That's something I never did. But Chris sleepily (he was still in bed, attempting to sleep, though seemingly okay with talking about me making out with Megan Fox) said "you can have a girlfriend." And I said "no I can't, you've said before I can't" and he said "well you can if I can" and I tentatively inquired, "you mean you want a boyfriend?" and he said "no, a girlfriend" so I guess I will never have a girlfriend. Ah well.
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I was pretty excited about this weekend that just passed, because I had nothing planned for it. The previous two weekends were spent building and then painting a wall, and I was happy to have no obligations.

After work on Friday I stopped by the library to return Anathem (best book ever: read it) and pick up a new audiobook. I managed to find The Audacity of Hope on the shelf! Read by the author! Score! I also picked up a few books on birdwatching, because I decided a little while ago that this will be my new hobby.

I eventually made it over to the Manse to hang out with Chris and Dave and Kevin and Drew and Teege. I told Chris about the birdwatching books and said, "now all I need are a good pair of binoculars!"

"Oh, remind me later, I got you something," he said. And later, it turned out that he had bought me a nice pair of binoculars for my new birdwatching hobby! Hooray for Chris! They are really nice but not too big and bulky. I can see through them a lot better than I can through other binoculars I have known. Excitement!

Saturday, Chris and I got to sleep in together for the first time in what feels like forever. But we still got up at a decent hour, and drove to Silver Lake Park. This is a place that is about a mile from my house, and yet I have never visited it.

I watched the HELL out of some birds, let me tell you what. First I saw a Canada goose. "Canada goose!" I said. I noted that it was odd to see just ONE goose; he was swimming around in a small body of water. Then Chris spotted his partner "sleeping"; I soon determined that the second goose was on a nest! I don't know if Canada geese take turns sitting on the eggs, but for simplicity's sake, we'll assume that they do not, and that the sleeper was Mrs. Goose, and the swimmer was Mr. Goose. It was cool to see an actual nest, but you know, Canada geese are a dime a dozen, so we proceeded through the park. There's no place in it that you can't hear traffic, but it is of pretty decent size, and we saw deer rubs! Chris pointed them out to me and gave me the low down. It's where deer rub their antlers when they're all soft and velvety. We didn't see any deer, though.

I like to think that I'm pretty observant of some things, and I try to pay attention when I'm outside. But being out on my first official Birdwatching Trip, it was amazing how many birds I heard. I only spotted some dark boring thing, like a raven, at first. But then I spotted a couple of woodpeckers! I have to look them up when I get home. They were pretty big! I like woodpeckers, they're cool.

After a little bit of wandering around we headed out again. We stopped a moment to watch the geese again (oh also I saw three drake mallards floating down the stream) and I tried to convince Chris that the goose was indeed sitting on a nest and not just "sleeping." He wasn't convinced until a great blue heron descended from the sky right near the nest, presumably hungry for eggs. Drama! Mr. Goose came over to honk the heron off, who flew fifteen feet away and lurked, pretending to be a reed. We watched for a while as Mr. Goose would float a little ways away, and the heron would creep close to the nest. Creep. Creep. Creep. It was windy and a few times he almost fell over (HILARIOUS.) Finally he got too close and the missus was like "seriously, can you make this dude go away?" and Mr. Goose gave him what for. But dude, the whole thing was awesome. I mean, species that I see all the time, but doing shit! What a successful bird watching experience.

(If I keep this up I'll need a nice camera. But I am going to wait to see if I keep it up. I have had a short attention span, historically.)

On the way back to the Manse we stopped at the new Asian supermarket (called FLK Grocery) near my house. It smells like fish in there, but it is amazing. Their produce section is ridic. We hadn't even seen half of these things before. And they had durian fruit! Just like in Super Mario Sunshine! Also they have fresh fish -- like, whole fish, and also live fish. Carp! Just swimmin' around! We bought wasabi peas and frozen gyoza and noodles.

Then we went back to the Manse and I prepared lunch (leftover Chinese, coupled with the lo mein noodles we had just bought) whilst Chris readied the guns. Yes guns!

After lunch, Chris and Kevin and I went shooting! This is my third time shooting, my second time at an outdoor range, and I am kind of loving it. I had always have a very liberal, guns-are-mostly-bad, why-do-you-need-them-anyway attitude, until Chris took me shooting, and now I think they are neat. I didn't know this before a month ago, but at wildlife refuges in New Jersey, there are shotgun and rifle ranges set up. They're just . . . there, and you can use them for free. (They're paid for with money raised from taxes on gun and ammunition purchases.) Chris has a hunting license and so can shoot there along with a couple guests. There was no one else there, and we tried out Chris's .22 rifle. We shot at spinny targets, and paper targets, and clay pigeons stuck to the back wall. It was fun! I am a pretty good shot!

After shooting, Chris and I stopped by Tesa and Travis's new house, which is pretty cool (and on a whole lotta land.) It was good to see them -- also Tesa likes Star Trek almost as much as I do, so it's nice to talk about Star Trek with someone who isn't Mitch, without feeling vaguely embarrassed.

We went back to the Manse and . . . did we eat dinner? We must have. I can't remember what it was though. Oh it was dumb salad from Pine Hill Pizza. We turned on the 'Nova game and during the first half, Chris fell asleep on the couch and I tried to figure out computer stuff. Then I joined him on the couch for the second half. Then we went to bed. We had had a long day!

On Sunday we woke up and I helped Chris make breakfast. Then we all went bowling, and I did pretty horribly, but it didn't make me all cranky like that sometimes does, so hooray for that! Then Chris and I drove to Wildwood. He's working on a construction site there, and the dudes said he could have broken cinder blocks and whatnot (he had a better term for them. Building blocks, maybe? That makes it sound like legos) so we loaded up Chris's Outback. I didn't complain (out loud) (much)! Actually it wasn't terrible work, it just seemed ridiculous. Also I was afraid someone was going to come by and accuse us of stealing construction material.

I slept pretty much the whole way home, and finished up the nap in bed at the Manse when we got there. Then I ran to the food store (FLK grocery again FTW!) and came back for the Phillies home opener. Flapjack came over! I am always excited to see Flapjack. Chris made homemade crab rangoon, which was pretty damn good, and hamburgers. The stupid Phillies lost. Then I should have gone home because it was past my bedtime, but I stayed and watched Oldboy instead since I have always heard such good things about it. I slept through bits and pieces, but I saw most of it, and it was pretty good! I thought the protagonist looked like a Korean Wayne Coyne.

When the movie was over I kissed Chris and went home to a cat that had missed me so much. No one wanted to see my condo this weekend, which was disappointing. But man, look at that awesome weekend I had! Life is good. Hooray for Spring!
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Today is my birthday and I wish that I were not at work!

I am listening to the new Lily Allen album and wishing that we were best friends. I love her. I just can't stop. Everything she sings, I am like, "man, YES!" I love the way she describes being in love: that it's all staying in bed and playing video games and eating Chinese food and making fun of each other and accidentally calling me baby. I don't know. I just love her. I read her entire Wikipedia entry today and want to be her best friend.

Except that I already have a pretty awesome best friend: Michelle took me out to lunch today and we ate sandwiches in a dark dining room near a fireplace, and talked about . . . well, what ladies talk about. Michelle, we should do that more often. I love Michelle.

Also awesome today: my parents sent me flowers. When I went out to warm up my car this morning, Andrew had scraped the ice off of my windshield and was attempting to write "Happy Birthday" on my side window, because he is cute and thoughtful. Chris is cooking steak for me tonight, and he bought me a genuine work of art for me for my birthday. It is a painting of a grilled cheese sandwich.

Today is sort of . . . mild, weather-wise. For a string of four or five years (back in the late nineties/early aughts) the weather was unseasonably warm on my birthday each year. One of those years I took a physics exam whilst wearing a tiara. That stopped for a while (the unseasonably warm weather I mean -- but I guess the tiara-wearing stopped as well, and I haven't taken a physics test in years), but maybe this is a new beginning.

Happy my birthday, everyone! I love everybody! Life is great!
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I know this news is weeks old now, but I have photos online, so whatever. Here I go.

I already mentioned that I was in South Philly (specifically, the sports complex) after the World Series win. Well, here is what my crew looked like:


And here is what the scene outside the ballpark was like:

If you have fifty-two seconds to spare, then I'll tell you the story of my life I urge you to watch that video, because it is awesome. Especially Michelle and Flapjack.

Then that Friday I went to the Championship Parade. We parked near the stadiums, and walked north along Broad, to ostensibly meet up with Kevin, Cass et al, who were ostensibly moving southward, though every time we managed to get through to them, they were at the same freaking intersection.

We stopped heading north when it was clear the parade was on its way, and walked back to a spot where we could go right against the rope "barrier;" nay, right into the street. It was awesome. The phanatic led it off, followed closely by Pat "the Bait" Burrell. Then the trucks filled with our heroes. Here are the people I saw: Charlie Manuel (whom I did not recognize at first, because he was wearing a suit,) Mayor Nutter (holding aloft the trophy), Ryan Howard, Cole Hamels, Harry Kalas, Brett Meyers, Jimmy Rollins, Jason Werth . . . probably some others, I don't remember anymore. But they were right there! Excited as we were! A dude near us in the crowd had a sign that said DAVID WRIGHT IS GOLFING RIGHT NOW - THIS IS BETTER and they all pointed at it and took pictures.

The crowd was great. EVERYBODY was wearing Phillies gear. Like honestly probably 85% of the people there. Another 10% were wearing red. It was wonderful. Not as manic as right after the game, but still great. After the parade passed we walked up the middle of Broad to meet up with the rest of everybody. When we got there Neil was like, "did you see the Runway dude?" and I said "whuzzah?" and he pointed out Jay McCarroll! Season one winner of Project Runway! I knew that he lived in Philly now, he's teaching at one or two of the art schools in the city. So Neil and I went over to him and met him and got a picture. I looked remarkably boring and had NOTHING of interest to say, but he was very nice and friendly (and drunk,) and they thought Neil and his tattoos were cool. So we chatted a bit and then left.

Then we all meandered south towards the stadiums, and the car. There was a long period of time where we lost Flapjack and Chris, because they broke off from the group to pee; instead of walking right back, they tried to cut us off. But everyone was polite and waiting for them, whilst they were wandering farther down Broad. Also everyone was drunk on 40s. This was further complicated by the fact that the cell phone lines were jammed, and it was nigh impossible for anybody to get through to anybody else. But I found them eventually, after finagling an EXTREMELY inebriated Kevin back to the car (I offered to hold his hand to keep him from veering into traffic, but he refused.) Oh man and when I was waiting for Flaps and Chris to come back, I climbed up on the outside of a little landscaped area of some brownstone, so that they could see me better. And the homeowner came home and yelled at me for being "on his property!" On Philly day! What a toolbox. He's like, "you think you can just stand on other people's property?" and I said "you can if they're friendly!" but not too loud because I was sober and wimpy. But I wasn't messing anything up! He wanted me off on principle. He probably voted for McCain, that douchebag.

Anyway, I drove us all home and we got hoagies and no kids came to trick-or-treat at my house. That was my Halloween proper. It was worth the day off.

The next day was the Halloween Party. Chris and I were Captain Murphy and White Debbie from Sealab 2021, respectively, because we are lazy. It was our third [adult swim]-themed couple costume in a row! Phew.

This is me, and Kevin as a prisoner. We are in the Orange Coveralls Club (OCC). I don't think anyone took any pictures of Chris and me together, which is sort of funny. You should check out the rest of the pictures by clicking above: Michelle had the best costume by far. It had sound effects, and her boobs were flashing red lights. Did YOUR costume have that? No, didn't think so.
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Hi! It's my birthday today! That is awesome! I am thirty!

Unfortunately, I have to make a presentation to a Planning Board tonight. Boooo. Luckily, it is a tiny, insignfiicant project, at a laid-back, developer-friendly town. So we should be out of there quickly. Dear god I hope I didn't just jinx myself.

I had a party this past weekend! Unfortunately, I was a dummy and did the age old no eating + vodka shots combo, and I passed out at like 12:30am and missed most of my own freaking party. BOOOOO. I am such an idiot. Oh well. Hopefully everyone had a good time. And I did too, during the part where I was awake! I got to wear my old Halloween costume. And Obi-Wan is my boyfriend. )So it can't be all bad.

It had a theme, you see: Star Trek vs. Star Wars. Some people actually came in costume, and most everybody else wore something festive and Star Warsy. Mitchell was Zefram Cochrane! I knew I could count on him to back me up.

But so if you came, thank you very much for coming to my party! And getting into the spirit of things! And bringing presents! And cake! I'm sorry that I did not get to say goodbye. You guys are the best! Also thanks to everyone (mostly Manse residents) who helped me set the place up for the party, including the installation of an Okudagram on the bar.

Tomorrow Chris is taking me out to dinner a fancy steakhouse in the city. This weekend I will see my parents. I have the greatest friends in the world. In three weeks I will be on a plane to Amsterdam. Being thirty is great so far!
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Maaaan life is good! I was feeling great and whistling as I picked up the mail from my bin this morning, fifteen minutes early to work, saying good morning to my boss. I even t'rew up half of my morning tea (I think it was a Vitamin C pill that disagreed with my empty tummy) but I'm STILL in a great mood!

Life is great! I started getting a cold a week ago (sore throat in the mornings), but it didn't get medicine-worthy until Sunday (and believe you me, I hit the Sudafed at the first sign of trouble), and it's already almost entirely gone! I am wearing a new sweater today, and new brown pants. I just started my Christmas shopping, but I've already received some presents-to-be in the mail! I went to Target yesterday and found flannel sheets for myself for twenty bucks. I got an S-video cable for my Wii at GameStop, and found canned chipotle peppers as I had hoped (not at GameStop). I'm going to cook a new recipe tonight, which I haven't done in quite some time. Last night my boyfriend fed me (and Dave and Andrew) truly delicious (and not too bad for me) chicken parmesan, all moist and wonderful and not Too Much anything. I am going to make an apron for my mom for Christmas. And my cat loves me, and he's a little bit sick, but I'm taking him to the vet on Monday like a good mom/roommate. And I'm reconnecting with people from my past who I've missed. And I went out last weekend with my brother and his friends, and had a great time. And I'm getting up early to go Christmas shopping at outlet stores with two of my best friends on Saturday. And I'm seeing a play directed by another friend Saturday night, with yet another friend I haven't seen in almost a year. And I've been at this job for five months and I still really like it. And and and.

Life is good, my friends. I wish there were more hours in the day.
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Ugh, I am bored! I should be working but I don't wanna. I just want to go home and gets to steppin' on my brownies.

Last weekend Chris and I went to the dog show: you know, the one they show on NBC on Thanksgiving Day? It was awesome. The judgings themselves were a little boring, but one was able to walk around and pet lots and lots of funny-looking dogs. The top of a bulldog's head feels funny! Chris took some pictures, but they're not at my disposal here, so you'll see them later.

John O'Hurley (aka J Peterman) was there. He bumped into me. Actually some other guy did, but he was walking right in front of J Peterman, and it's more impressive when I lie.

And we don't know who won, because we left before Best In Show. We only know who won the terriers, and the working dogs. I . . . don't remember either. I only remember who came in third in the working dogs (I won't spoil it for you.) It wasn't the Great Dane, though, which is a shame, because he looked all right from where I was sitting. I can tell you that the Mop Dog's handler was wearing a kilt. You heard it here first!

I picked out my Perfect Dog. See, in theory I would love a big furry dog like a Great Pyrenees or a Saint Bernard or whathaveyou, but in practice, living with a cat is bad enough, and I don't need to have dog hair all over everything always. Therefore, when thinking about dogs I'd want to live with, I consider the short-haired dogs. In the days before the show, I browsed the American Kennel Club's list of dogs, and one in the Hound Group caught my eye: the Pharaoh Hound. Isn't he a beauty? Look at that silouette! Gorgeous. He looks like he fell right off a pyramid wall. I love him!

So I was looking for a Pharaoh Hound when we got there, and we found one. Whilst we crouched by the dog, waiting for him to turn around so that Chris could take his picture, we chatted with the extremely laid-back, not-at-all-Dog-Showy owner. He almost made it sound like they show the dog just because they happened to have a show dog on their hands. "There's no grooming involved," he said. So true! Their hair is super super short, so you don't even have to brush 'em. "They don't shed, they don't smell, and they don't drool," said the guy. "The trifecta!" replied Chris. Seriously though, is that perfect or WHAT? Then the guy admitted that they might be a bit too stand-offish for a lot of Dog People. "They're not all up in your face, they do their own thing." Wow. Sounds like a dog made for cat people. I AM IN LOVE.

Boviously, realistically speaking, I think I would rather rescue a dog than pay a zillion dollars for one. But still. PHARAOH HOUND! New favorite dog. I also really like it when an animal's eyes match his or her fur, for some reason.

Although, as long as we're speaking unrealistically, I like pretty much every dog ever. Okay, that's not true. I don't like those scary Chinese Cresteds. And many toy dogs are useless. But I [heart] every working dog (they are my favorite Group) and also most Hounds and Sporting Dogs and Herding Dogs. And most terriers are okay because of their little terrier faces. Basically, if you have a job to do (or that your ancestors did), you're okay in my book.

Also I told Chris that if I had never met him, and therefore eventually had to move into an actual house all by myself (and would therefore be scared by every tiny noise), I would totally get some sort of mastiff. Those guys are built like TANKS. They have such HUGE heads and HUGE shoulders. I would love to have one of those guys on my side.

Man, I want to lay around with dogs. DOGSDOGSDOGS. They are so crazy! As I was saying last weekend, I can't believe that this and this are the same species of animal. One looks like a rodent, and the other is a freaking BEAR! Maaaaan, dogs.

P.S. Whilst we were watching the dogs, you know, walk over here, and walk back over there, and stand there and be squeezed and stroked and prodded, I wondered, "what the heck are CAT shows like?" and Chris replied, "Lame." Ouch.
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Happy Birthday Chris!!

You bring joy to all who know you with your wit; your dashing good looks; your ability to find f(x) given a non-homogeneous partial differential equation and boundary conditions; your swinging about of firey things; your tendency to hold back nothing; and last but not least, your magnificent meals. Without you we would all surely be leading smaller, duller, hungrier lives.

Happy birthday!

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