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I should write in my LiveJournal more often.

Today I didn't go home for lunch, to watch stupid vampires try to decide between stupid former Playmates who are really the same person. Instead, I stayed at work and ate at the picnic table outside. Crystal and I went to Wawa and got meatball hoagies. I had a Junior and she had a Shorti. I had oregano on mine. It tasted very, very good. Crystal had forgotten her wallet today so she asked me to buy cigarettes for her and I did. She smokes Parliament Menthol Lights. I was carded.

We ate outside, and Ruth was there, as well as this kid TJ who is getting married in August and also is buying a house, and this woman Stacy. We talked about kids these days, and how they're all having sex way too early, among other things. It's depressing so I don't want to think about it any more. Ruth and Stacey are divorced, TJ is getting married, and Crystal is not. But Crystal says that she can't wait to get married, and she can't wait to have kids. I don't think that way, but I'm glad she does, and it makes me happy. Somebody's got to do it.

It was so nice outside. So bright. When I came back in I couldn't see anything, it was so bright out.

I sure would like to work outside again! That would be the best.

I get to pick up Zelda tonight. Last night I started playing Animal Crossing, finally. Culann got it for me for my birthday, did I say that already? I named my character Edward, and she's a girl. I named the town Tabr. I was wandering around the town at one in the morning, and all of the little animals were ticked off that I was waking them up at such a godawful hour. They told me to go home and go to bed. They still gave me tasks to do and stuff, though, thank goodness. I have a mortgage to pay off! I'm in the hole to Tom Nook in a big way. And I have some cherries I can sell, but I work for Tom Nook part-time to pay off my mortgage, and Nook is like the only game in town, only he doesn't do business with his employees! Man, it's like I'm an indentured servant over here.

Just because I'm talking about a video game doesn't mean I don't have a lot going on. I do! On Saturday I went up to Ill's Half-Assed-Costume Birthday Party. I was a koopa paratroopa. Ill and Sarah were the White Stripes. Mambo was Vincent Vega. They live so close to a diner, that you can walk there when you're drunk and be there in less than five minutes. Amazing! I had mozzarella sticks.

The next day Mambo stayed in bed for twelve million years because he had had too much gin. Dave left out the back door while I was on his front steps making a phone call (the jerk). Mambo and I went to a park on the banks of the old Raritan. I had a pretzel which was crispy and good, and also an Italian Ice in a plastic cup. I didn't get a straw or a spoon, so I was squeezing the cup to get the ice to go to the top, and it cracked, and I got syrup all over my shirt and jeans. Luckily it was a pink shirt.

On Sunday night I watched Donnie Darko. I hadn't seen it before. Then last night we watched the commentary. It makes . . . a surprising amount of sense. I mean, the filmmaker, somebody Kelley, he made up this set of rules, and the story follows the rules pretty closely. All you have to do is read the bits from The Philosophy of Time Travel that are on the website. Then pretty much the only question is, who's in charge? Who sent Frank? But that's it.

Man, Frank. Unfortunately, he no longer scares the shit out of me. He sure as hell did the first time I watched it, though.

Oh and on Friday I went on that date I may have mentioned in passing. I was really late: first I was moderately late, and then I ran into traffic caused by a car fire. I was at a standstill for about 45 minutes. A guy in a truck in the next lane got out and took a piss and came back. If I had left on time, I probably would not have gotten stuck in the traffic. Also, I wore a T-shirt in the car, because I didn't want to wear the nice shirt I was going to wear for an hour and a half before I even got there. I changed when the traffic started moving again. I was topless on the Garden State Parkway for a brief moment, but nobody noticed. So yeah, I was late. We went to a restaurant and I drank a lot of wine. Also I think I talked a lot, which I do when I'm nervous. I had Malaysian Spicy Chicken and it was realllllly good and then I forgot the goddamned leftovers, god damn me.

So it's warm out, you guys. This is the time of the year when you say to yourself that you're going to go to the shore this year, a lot, like every weekend, you mean it this time. I went two or three times last year, I think. I like the beach okay . . . but I burn so easily, it becomes a real hassle. I like to go and sit on the boardwalk and put quarters on the boards and see who picks them up. I like to people-watch.

On the way home from Rutgers I saw some balloons, of the hot-air variety. Adam at work, his parents are somehow involved in ballooning, like they have one or something, so I said something to him, and he said that the balloonists I saw were the people he grew up around.

I want to go to a ballooning festival this summer. Who's with me?
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Oh but so here's something -- this morning I had a dream about hot air balloons. The Cute Boy was there, which makes sense because in Real Life his dad owns hot air balloons, or something, I dunno, I still have yet to have a conversation with the kid. Anyway, it was a pretty nice dream I think, I don't really remember, but then today I'm all Yahoo's Most Popularing my morning away, and apparently there's been a Hot Air Ballonn Week in Switzerland or some shit, but I didn't even know that, so isn't it weird?

Things are weird around here, at work. One of the project managers left on Friday, he's been here for ages. It's just very uneasy. I dunno.

Man, this is bullshit, let me mention some GOOD stuff that happened this weekend.

I bought a hat! I love winter hats and now I have one more. I also bought a computer game, which will be my first computer game ever, Dune 2000. It was only $4.99. Also I had some pan-seared tuna appemetizers at the Houlihan's at the mall, and it was surprisingly delicious. Also I met [ profile] kaufie and I don't think we talked much (I don't think; though it's possible we had really long awesome conversations all night long, I dunno, I was making my drinks as strong as possible, for to make up for my very late arrival at the party) but I really liked her a lot, for whatever reason, and she and I and Tami smoked in my car (and it smells awful, oh shoot, and I just remembered I didn't leave the windows open so that it can air out more) and Joe Fortunado was apparently wandering around looking for my car, but man, you snooze you lose. I said I was going outside, you need to follow my ass. I was heads and shoulders above the rest of the crowd (literally), it should have been easy!

Man, my head, seriously, what the hell is wrong with me? Oh so dude I get four (4) sick/personal days a year (which I think is complete crap, but we'd best not get me started) and I've only used one and they start up at the beginning of every June. And if you have some left over, you get the money for them! So I might get a little bit of money in June! Hooray. I need it.

I might attempt to make very small booties, but I'm not sure.

Okay, so those are some good things that happened this weekend. Oh also on Friday I got to squeeze in a nap before going out, which is always nice, and I saw what HDTV is like and it really genuinely is much sharper than regular TV, and on Sunday I made myself 4 deviled eggs and then ate them and I make really good deviled eggs. Sometimes at college if I didn't like what the dining hall was serving, I'd take a few hard-boiled eggs from the salad line, and make them right there in the dining hall. They were pretty good.
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The cute boy is in the office today, and he laughed at one of my jokes.
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I got in to work today at seven. As I pulled in, the cute boy was pulling in the spot opposite me. He walked behind me to the door. As I opened it, my mind (which is STUPID) thought that keeping level the cd ('s nutz) that I was carrying was more important than carrying my tea level, and I dumped a nice healthy splash on my pants (thank goodness they're black), and he noticed and said something.

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What a surreal drive home. Maybe not surreal, just . . . odd.

So first of all, I'm in the parking lot, and I pull out, but as I'm pulling out I see the boy at work who I've recently decided to like, so he makes me nervous, because I have my eye on him as he's walking to his car. So I start going foward, only to see that because I've been watching him and not what I was doing, I haven't pulled out of the space enough, so like an idjit I have to reverse some more and then leave. Then at the first light I notice his black Golf is right behind me, so I'm still a little nervous. I keep my eye on him the whole time. He follows me straight at the light, then left at the four-way stop. I begin to hope that he's going to follow me home and ask me out on a date. Then there's another light at the top of the hill, and he's still behind me. The lady who was at the light when I got there, in the right lane, starts creepin' like a creepah into the intersection, until she's fully in the middle of the damn thing. Easily two car lengths in front of the stop line. Now, I'm normally a real stickler about shit like that, but that is effing ridiculous. And she's going straight! And we have a lead green! Man. If the cute boy hadn't been behind me, I would have been sitting on the horn the whole time, but I don't want him to think I'm a psycho, so I just toot once or twice. So finally the light turns green, and the lady goes, and since she's already halfway there I fall in behind her (it turns into one lane on the other side of the light after a bit). So of course she's going 30 the whole time, which, granted, is the speed limit, but everybody usually goes 40. So I'm right on her ass, but I can't say anything because she's not under the limit. So there's this whole line of people piling up behind us, and she starts slowing down, like she's going to turn into my apartment complex entrance, but of course no blinker. So we're slowing down, and people are getting impatient and wanting to go around us, which there isn't really room to do, AND then one of the cars from way back gets onto the shoulder, like they're going to pass this line of cars on the right to get into the complex. Well, I'm making that turn too, but I'm not in the shoulder, because it's a SHOULDER, NOT A ROADWAY, and I don't mind the extra THREE seconds it would save me. But the car is a silver Tiberon, and my next door neighbor has a silver Tiberon, and God forbid it's her and I honk at her a lot. So I have to sorta lean into the shoulder, so that she knows I'm heading where she is, and she shouldn't pass me. FINALLY the dumb bitch in front of me turns in, and of course this whole time I've got my eye on the cute guy, but he goes straight, which is fine, and the Tiberon comes in behind me, and yes, it's my neighbor. With cute boy safely gone, I lay on the horn a long time in the direction of the Creeping Lady, but it's probably like when I put Henry under an upside-down laundry basket after he bites me on the face: it's been 30 seconds, which is way too long in stupid bitch/stupid cat time, and she probably has no idea what I'm honking about. So THEN I get to my apartment, and this other car has just pulled in right in front, and this gaggle of unfamiliar people (plus the old lady who lives down and to the left) gets out of the unfamiliar car, and walking to meet them from the down and to the left apartment is this GUY who I would swear is homeless or some shit, his hair is all crazy and he's got a beard and his shirt has only one button buttoned, and the breeze is blowing his shirt around, so his big round belly is sittin' out in the breeze. And of the people getting out of the car, one kid has flowers. So I fumble in my car a little so I won't have to pass them, and it seems my Tiberon neighbor is doing the same, and then finally the gaggle is closer to their door, they're approaching this dude, and they've left the car running with a kid in it and a door open, I guess they're dropping the lady and the flowers off and taking the homeless dude with them. So my neighbor gets out, and I get out, and I make my way inside.

So, you know, nothing earth-shattering? Just a little on the eventful side for a five-minute drive.

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