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I had a pretty productive day yesterday! Chris had plans (he went to the Flyers game) so I was hoping to get some work done on my dress, but that didn't happen. Mostly because I stayed too late at work again for no reason (GEE WHAT A SURPRISE.) But I still did pretty well, all the same.

I rode my scooter to work yesterday. (I should have maybe done that today as well, it doesn't seem to be raining after all.) At lunch I took the shorter walk, but I did take a walk, which was better than Monday. As aforementioned I stayed too late at work, maybe until 5:45 or 6 or so. I rode to a shopping errand. Then I rode to the library, where I a) returned one science fiction book, b) borrowed two more science fiction books which I had requested (2312 and Alif the Unseen, both of which I saw discussed/mentioned on,) and c) renewed my library card.

Then I rode home. I dilly-dallied getting out of the house because I was reading my OTHER science fiction book which I own and which I have already read, The Diamond Age. (I've had too many two-star books in a row and sometimes when that happens, I read something I already know is a four- or five-star book to get me revved up again.) Then Indiana and I went for a walk. I had intended to walk in the woods, as Chris and Indiana and I always do. But I had forgotten that when she and I head out together, she always heads for York Terrace, so that's where we went. This time we went around the little pond that's in the back of this development, but when we exited through the hole in the fence in back, we turned right instead of left so we were in woods I'd not been in before. So that was neat. Of course I was scared the whole time that I'd get yelled at by a neighboring homeowner, but I tried to be brave and it never happened anyway.

When we got home I took a shower, and then went down in the basement to do some work. (We are hopefully moving soon, and there are a lot of bullshit boxes down there that I need to organize, and a lot of stuff I need to toss.) By the time I got upstairs it was after ten and there was no way I was going to a) make dinner (egg salad?), b) work on the work I had brought home from work, or c) work on my dress, all of which I had intended. Instead I poured myself a bowl of cereal and watched a recorded episode of Project Runway. Once it was over, I immediately read the recap on to confirm that I had the correct opinion about the dresses.

Shortly after that ended, Chris came home and he turned on the latest episode of Game of Thrones and we both pretty instantly fell asleep. I woke up just in time for the dramatic last seconds of the ep. MAN I wish I had watched that with someone who hasn't read the books. Oh well.

So that was yesterday! We'll see how today goes. It's Wednesday, so that means lunch with Michelle! Huzzah.
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Hey, things of note happened this weekend! Let me tell you them:

On Friday um . . . . oh, the debate! I went to the Manse and got drunk watching the debate. It wasn't a slam dunk by any means, but I thought our man looked all right. Whatever though, Bush embarrassed the shit out of himself last time, and people still voted for him, so I don't think debates are all that important anymore. I am hype as hell for the VP debate on Thursday, though, cuz that lady is WACK and I can't wait for her to embarrass the shit out of herself in front of everybody. Did you see her interview with Katie Couric? Good lord. The only good thing about Sarah Palin is her Starfleet-issue wardrobe.

Then on Saturday Chris and I went to wiffleball (he played, I watched) and then went to the parking lot of the Linc to tailgate prior to the Phillies game at 4pm. If you didn't know, it was the second-to-last game: if the Phillies won, they'd clinch the NL East; if they lost, they had to win their last game. So we met up with Chris's buddies from work, ate some hamburgers, drank some beers, and went in to the game.

It was my first and last Phillies game this season (I also went to a Mets game earlier in the season: so long, Shea! (PS I wore my Phillies shirt to the Mets game; Sean was embarrassed, and Mitch said I was his hero.)) It was a good game! We were in the nosebleeds near the right field foul post. I bought cotton candy.

And we WON! Holy cow it was amazing. The energy in that place was phenomenal. I high fived every single person I passed on our way out the stadium, and through the parking lot, etc etc.

HOWEVER: bad news folks. We get to my car, and Chris is like, "dude, your tire is flat." Balls! I have had low tires for a while, but no one can get the caps off, and I've been putting off seeing a man about it. Well, I still had a few beers coursing through my veins, so I took in stride. "Well, we'll just have to change it," I said, throwing open the hatchback door. "Whoa, BOTH your tires are flat," Chris called. We went around the other side. All four tires were flat.

My friends, it became clear upon further investigation that someone had slashed all four of my tires. Yes that's right! Amazing, isn't it? Who know anyone out there disliked me so much.

Seriously though, what? The mind boggles. Who would do such a thing? Why would anyone do that to a fellow Phillies fan? At a game where we clinched the division? The folks tailgating to the rear of my car theorized that it was because I had Jersey plates. I -- what?? That doesn't even make any sense. I'm sure half the cars there were from Jersey. Maryland plates, while still TOTALLY FUCKED UP, would at least make slightly more logical sense (we were playing the Nationals). The folks with that amazing theory also said that they were out there during the whole game, and saw nothing. At the time I was like "uh okay" and in the light of sober day, I wish I had gotten their information. Because that sounds fishy.

There are only two more theories: a case of misidentification. Some other blue Scion xB owner pissed somebody off, and I bore the brunt of the retaliation. OR, it was the dude who Chris pissed off on the way in to the parking lot: he was trying to squeeze into the entrance ahead of us, cutting 5 or 6 people off, and Chris kept inching up so as to keep him out. I was leaning back against the headrest with my eyes closed, pretending I was anywhere else, because I do not like how Chris interacts with other people when driving (other people are stupid and FUCKING CRAZY, and it is not worth it to me to make an issue of every minor infraction that other drivers commit. Chris disagrees. This was the first time I chose to be the Silent Sleeping I'm-Not-Here-Person, instead of the Nagging Girlfriend. And look where it got me.) Eventually the other driver rolled down his window and said "hey, fuckface, are you going to let me in or what?" and Chris apparently ignored him. But I mean, the dude got in ahead of us! But that is our best lead. I wish we had gotten HIS license plate number as well. (By the way, after reminding me of this guy later, post-slashing, Chris immediately retracted the dude as a possible suspect. You'll have to ask him why; sure it's unlikely, but it's our only lead.)

Seriously though, who DOES such a thing? I mean you have to be mentally unstable to do such a mean-spirited thing to someone you don't even know. People are crazy.


I wish I had written down more people's license plate numbers, but I didn't. We called AAA, and they had a flatbed out there in less than 30 minutes. The dude was super nice and friendly, and we made it home in good time, whereupon everybody told me I smelled like alcohol. I scooted to work today, and my car will be ready by the time I get home (with new brakes to boot.) Chris has chivalrously offered to pay for half of the cost of the tires. And he is no longer allowed to drive my car in any situation where we might possibly have to interact with other drivers. It's a shame, he just got his garbage disposal privileges back after clogging up my shit two Valentine's Days ago with lobster.

So then! Sunday! I napped in front of football, which, after outside, is my favorite place to nap. I made a boneheaded decisions in re: my fantasy leagues, and only won one game (out of three). BUT! I chose Jacksonville when everyone and their brother (not my brother, though) chose Denver or Dallas in our suicide league, and the field has been narrowed to FOUR! So that is exciting. The Eagles lost, it was pretty awful. I'm trying not to dwell.

So to sum up: Hooray for the Phillies! Boo to one particular Phillies fan! Hooray for football in general! Boo to the Birds! All in all, the good outweighs the bad this weekend.
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So, since I found the time to tell you about my fascinating unicycle dream (Shia Labouf was in it as well, in a non-sexy role. I do not know why), I thought I'd also mention that I totally dropped my scooter a few weeks ago! I was coming home from a hair appointment, it was on the White Horse Pike across the street from Lucien's. The road was just really bumpy, but I was trying to maintain a reasonable speed of 40 mph or so, and it just bounced, and I bounced, and since it's a dumb scooter my butt was off the seat and my feet were off the floor and I was just holding on to the handles. Well, I didn't keep it straight enough I guess, because the whole thing slid out from under me and I rolled for about 20-25 feet. But I was pretty much fine! I had a few scrapes, but they're mostly healed up by now. My full face helmet was all scratched along one jaw line, so WEAR A FULL FACE HELMET. And my wrists were scraped, but probably wouldn't have been if I had fastened my gloves properly (and my hands were fine,) so WEAR GLOVES. And my jeans were only ripped at my pocket, because my house key was in there, so WEAR JEANS.

My scooter's a little scraped up too, and the front fender is bent, but aside from that, she's fine. The people in the car dealership in front of which I crashed all ran out to help me, and no one had been driving right behind me, so we were able to wheel the scoot off of the road without incident. It felt like I was rolling FOREVER. Like, I kept thinking, "Okay, I want to get up now. Nope, still rolling. Now can I stand up? Nope, still rolling." Then finally I stopped rolling and stood up and was dizzy.

Chris came to pick up me and the scooter in Vince's truck. I read my book whilst I waited. I was a tough cookie until he arrived, and then of course I cried a little (but I'm allowed.) And he cleaned my wounds and I screamed because I am a huge baby about pain. But all in all, my first crash was much less horrific than I'd always imagined it to be. So, hooray!

So really, not too big a deal, and everyone who sees me in real life has already heard about it, but I figured I'd record it for posterity. I'm sorry that I have no pictures to show you, but the only ones I took of my battle scars are of me topless, and I'm nothing if not classy here on LiveJournal.

Have a great Memorial Day Weekend, everybody! I get to leave work in ONE HOUR and I am super excited.
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Damn, yo. Now Edwards is dropping out too? I don't enough about his platform to vote for him, but that little quizzy thing had him ranked above Obama and Clinton for me, so I was going to check him out before New Jersey's primary next Tuesday, since Kucinich bowed out already. Balls. Oh well. I hate not having choices. I guess my vote will actually matter for once, though, maybe. That might be neat. Oh man, thank god Guiliani is out! I am so happy. EFF that dude.

Today I'm wearing my Juno underwear! You know, the pale blue with red and white cherries? They're from Old Navy. I kept whispering I have that underwear!!! fervently during the film. I liked that movie. I cried during most of it, but that's just me, I'm a crier. Here come the waterworks.

I think Jason Bateman did a pretty good job. I usually do not like that man. Chris and I are starting to watch Arrested Development (we finished Deadwood a few weeks ago -- I think that may be my favorite television series ever) and the reason I didn't take to it whilst it was still on the air -- despite so many clever people telling me how good it was -- was mostly Jason Bateman. He's just so smug. He was good in Juno, though. They made me like him in the beginning, and then hate him at the end. Actually, they made me want to sleep with him in the beginning, and I never thought I'd want to sleep with Jason Bateman. His face was just so . . . sexy. On film, on a big screen, you could see the texture of his face and his hair, and he just seemed so real. I sound like a lunatic.

Speaking of faces, Jennifer Garner's is weird. She has a weird thing going on with her mouth, or something.

Also Chris and I saw Cloverfield last weekend. I liked it. I think it could have been a smidge less hand-heldy and still seemed realistic, but I didn't get sick or nothin'. I liked that none of the actors were familiar to me.

The Star Trek teaser trailer did nothing for me. Maybe if I hadn't seen it online first . . . probably not. It's boring. The real trailer had better be way more awesome. When I saw the trailer for Order of the Phoenix, I gripped Chris's hand, tighter and tighter, and almost cried from excitement. (Too bad I already told you that doesn't mean much.) But seriously -- my adrenaline was pumping. Due to a movie trailer. For a book that was one of my least favorite of the series. Maaaan J.J. Abrams. I really want this thing to be good.

Work is all right. My office is lonely, but peaceful. Life is good. My mom turned 60 yesterday. I'll be 30 in less than a month. I'm tired of this dreary, cold, rainy winter. I need to move farther north where it snows, or farther south where they don't bother with winter at all. The whole point of snow is to cover up the ugly gray deadness of everything, and with no snow, it's goddamned depressing out there. I'm ready for scooter season already, I tells ya.

Oh wait -- I forgot the most amazing thing: my taxes! I'm going to file my federal taxes today! It is still January!! This is the third or fourth time I'm doing my own taxes, and the first time I'm filing them more than 48 hours before they are due. I AM AMAZING.
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Oh God, they just cast Bruce Greenwood -- aka Mitch Yost -- as Christopher Pike!

I wasn't sure which of my friends had the overlapping interests of John From Cincinnati and Star Trek, hence this LiveJournal post.

I -- I'm not sure how I feel about this. JFC is the only thing in which I've seen this dude, and Mitch Yost [haha, I totally typed "Mitch Young" by accident] was a total dickhead. So it's hard to judge whether I like the guy. I guess he did a good job of being a totally unlikeable dickhead.

In other news, my company gives every employee a free turkey every Thanksgiving! That is so totally random and yet cool! How very A Christmas Carol.

In other other news, I was Bender Bending Rodriguez for Halloween and my pictures are here. Halloween was awesome. I danced a lot.

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Quick work update: I did that Planning Board meeting, and it went well! I only said about six sentences, and I'm pretty sure that my face turned bright red each time I spoke. But I said what I needed to say, I didn't forget anything, and I didn't say anything incorrect that is now in the record. Hooray for me! Even though it wasn't a difficult meeting, I still feel way more confident now, to have one Planning Board meeting under my belt. I even volunteered to cover for Mark (my boss) for the meeting just before Thanksgiving if he wanted.


So now what I really want to talk about . . . Halloween.

I've been thinking of doing this costume since March or so, and seriously thinking about how to make it happen since August. I've been in the construction phase for the past few weeks.

There are several accessories, but the I'm constructing main part of the costume out of fabric. This is the first time I've attempted to design and construct a costume for Halloween. Last year when I was Dr. Girlfriend I used a dress pattern (and only altered the collar,) and I also used a pattern three years ago when I was a Star Trek Lieutenant. This time has been . . . a disaster, largely.

It's just not turning out the way it was in my head. It's not hanging correctly, the thing/dress is getting all caught up on my person, and it does not look like what it's supposed to look like. I tried it on last night to see how the armholes had turned out, and ugh. Just . . . ugh!

When I started composing this entry in my head, it was to pre-emptively apologize for my ugly Halloween costume. But now . . . now I'm thinking that maybe I'll start over. That's right, scrap the thing I've been working on for a month and start from scratch. Because I'm crazy! But I mean not COMPLETELY from scratch. My accessories will still work. But the main body . . . I dunno. We'll see. But I'm stopping at Joann's on the way home from work tonight (for like the SIXTH time this Halloween season) and I'll go from there.

I wish I had started sooner! Oh well.

So, what else is up?

I dunno! Everything's good I guess. My bedroom is cleaner than it usually is. The cat is good. I'm still madly in love. I bought stacking cups for Chris, and they've proven to be a big hit. The job is still good. I don't cook anymore, and that makes me sad, but maybe I'll start up again after Halloween is over and I can reclaim my living room. I miss Gilmore Girls (and have a post in the works about that.) Chris and I are watching both The Office and Weeds this season, but since we never get together anymore because of my stupid costume, we're two weeks behind on each. I watched the first episode of Pushing Daisies, but I haven't caught the two others since then. It was okay, though maybe too cute. My brother is getting an apartment in Jersey City with his girl. I caught up with Henky, who was my best friend 8 years ago, but with whom I had a falling out. She is married and has a really cute, smiley daughter and I hope to stay in touch with her this time.

That's all I can think of! Also I want to go home. Bye.
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Hello, internet!

It's been a dog's age since I updated my LiveJournal, and I want to get back into the habit of updating regularly (man, how many times have I said that), but I have to get a recap out of the way first. I was reading back over the last few whatevers of entries, and almost everything is about a) work, and b) my cats. HOW BORING. Prepare yourself for some more of the same.


So, hey, I'm employed! I was unemployed for six weeks at the beginning of the year, and this is my fifth week at my new job. It is, as I had hoped, in the geotechnical engineering field, as opposed to land development, which is what I was doing before. Sometimes it's a little frustrating to not be doing what I already know how to do -- I jump at the chance to do little civil things here and there, partly because it makes me feel smart again -- but I'm glad I'm learning something new, which could ultimately be more interesting to me. Right now the commute is a bitch (over an hour), but I'm already mostly used to it, I have a guy with whom I carpool, and theoretically in a year I'll be working out of the West Berlin office, which is just fifteen minutes down the road from my house. And I like the company -- it's far more laid back than the other places I've worked (I'm thinking this is largely because there are fewer freaking engineers here, a lot of guys are geologists), but not excessively so. Work right now is slow, but supposedly in the summer it speeds up a bit, and we'll be losing our two Drexel co-ops, which also makes me sad because they are awesome. What's sort of ridiculous is that I keep thinking of them and me as the kids, which is absurd, as I am practically thirty years old and have a PE (not that I've used it yet) and am really not a kid anymore. That probably means I should dress better.


It is with great regret that I must inform you (the internet) that I have given my kitten Edward away. I got him sometime in November, I believe, and for the past four months he's been living happily with myself and Henry. Henry, on the other hand, was not so happy. I was hoping that eventually they'd get over it and get along, and while Edward never held any ill will towards Hank, he did treat the orange behemoth just as he treated his furry mice and jingling balls and fuzzy yarn: he jumped on him, and hunted him, and wrestled. Henry was in turn making MY life miserable and impossible, and though at this point I like Edward better, I feel as though I have more loyalty to Henry, so I gave Edward to my wonderful and understanding parents. I'll miss him, but man, he'll have a much better time there. They have birdfeeders which attract about fifty birds at any given point of time during the day; a much larger house about which to run and explore; hardwood floors downstairs, the better to make hairpin turns upon; the option to eventually become a partially Outdoor Cat and learn to kill and bring home the aforementioned birds; and people who are home far more often than I am. I just hope he doesn't forget me. He's such a sweetheart, even if he did attack my eyeball whilst I was sleeping and make it look like I got punched in the face.

Okay, I think that's it! I want to talk about "The Riches," which I watched last night, and maybe even a little bit about R.E.M., who were inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame yesterday, which makes me feel both old and nostalgic. Hopefully I'll get around to that. Maybe I won't. Anyway, hi again, LiveJournal! I've totally still been reading almost everything this whole time, even when I don't take the time to comment. Have a great Tuesday. It's warm!
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Maaaaan what is up my friends! Holy shit! I am in a fantastic mood! Since I've gotten back, Bruce has been stomping around and such but he ain't gonna get me down today! No way no how!

I was out in the field today! TODAY! It is seventy freaking degrees out there! Maybe more! We dug four test pits and they all turned out OH-KAY, which is a relief because I had already designed the basin, so if they didn't work, it would have been a major headache. And I had company -- usually it's just me and the backhoe operator, but today the backhoe operator was the property owner's dad, so it was me, the property owner, his dad, and this dude from the township engineer's office. His name was Jeff and he was about my age and he was totally cool! He was there to observe, and he wasn't picky or a hardass or anything, we agreed on everything. It was great. He was nice and chatty and cool. Oh man and there was a guinea hen! When we pulled up to the house there was this freaking bird, walking around and looking at us and squawking a bit. At first I thought she was a peahen, because dude is rich so I jumped to conclusions, like, "man, rich people, buying peacocks and peahens!" But apparently she or he was a guinea hen. And she was all right, talking a bit whilst we where there, but whenever a car drove up or down the driveway, she totally freaked out! She SCREAMED! "Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!" she said. She cracked my shit up.

Then I got to stop by this fancy-pants private school in Moorestown, to get a form signed by my client (whom I love). The school was beautiful, it looked like a freaking college campus. And then I went back to the site to take pictures of wetlands areas. It is so nice out, you guys. I can't even stand it. There is a PSE&G easement running through the property, great big utility towers that march across the land. I stood at the bottom of one and looked up, and the clouds moving behind it made me thing for a moment that it was leaning down toward me, falling at me. It made me dizzy. It was awesome.

I have pictures! But no way to upload them here! You will have to wait.

Today is a great day! We're all going to go out for lunch, to celebrate Big Al's last day! He's going to walk the Appalachain trail from bottom to top! Good for him!
LIFE IS GOOD. Enjoy your weekend, everyone!
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Things with the condo are going great. I really like being a homeowner, even if it's just a condo. I can do stuff! Man, and I don't know if I could ever live in a real house all by myself. I get spooked, yo! If I'm home alone and doing something noisy, like vaccuuming or standing in front of the dishwasher or something, I'm always afraid that people are breaking into my house. And when I'm high and paranoid, forget about it! But I'm okay in a condo development, because there are people all around. If I were in a house in the woods on a lake, I'd need a big dog. Or three big dogs. But then they freak you out when you don't hear anything outside, but suddenly they sit up and stare and maybe even BARK and you're like "what, what??" So we'll see.

Two weekends ago Vince and Chris helped me to install my attic stairs. It only took two (2) separate trips to the megahardware store, though if you consider that Chris and I went to Loews AND Home Depot the first trip, maybe it's two-and-a-half trips. But it went really well! And of course when you're a lady and you ask a gentleman (or two) to help you with something because it's a two-person job, it says so right there on the box, there's always the danger that they'll take over the whole operation. But that didn't happen at all. When there was something that needed nailin' or screwin' or bangin', the guys left me to it. Well except during the last part, when we had to nail the stairs into the frame; but Chris was the only guy up in the attic so that was sort of all on him. But yeah, a success! Vince even brought over his mitre saw (which is the hot shit) so we could cut lumber in my kitchen. It was awes. My place smelled like sawdust for days afterwards, which is a really fabulous smell.

Last weekend I painted my bedroom(s)! Saturday Chris came over to help me tape/dropcloth/&c and put on a coat of primer, and Sunday both Chris and Michelle helped me put on two coats of GREEN. Green green green! I'm really happy with the color. It looks so bright and happy and wonderful. Before, the walls were three (3) different colors: forest green, white, and a light pumpkiny orange. There was no rhyme or reason to it. Now all the walls are bright leafy green (Pepper Grass, according to Behr) and it really pulls the whole room together. Mitch helped me tape the ceiling and trim earlier this week, and I painted a bit last night, so now I need to move my furniture back (ahem, five minutes, I'll give you a beer, anytime after 6:30 tonight, thanks!) and then maybe I can sleep in a freaking bed tonight! I've been on the couch for a week now, and let me tell you, it is getting old. I mean it's not so bad -- it's long enough that I can stretch out no problem, and I like going to bed whilst watching a DVD, but you can't roll over, you can only rotate. And noises outside of my door sound like they're in my living room, so I've had a lot of half-asleep "is there someone in my house?" moments. And it's crowded with the cat in there.

My parents are coming over this weekend! We're going to go headboard shopping. I wanted to go to Autobahn but it is sold out and I KNEW that was going to happen and I am a dummy for not seeing it earlier, or purchasing tickets sooner. I think maybe we should still go into the city for dinner, though. I mean, right? My parents never go to Philly, so it will be nice. I was thinking of the Black Sheep. They make a mean crab cake.

I can't believe the snow is gone already! What a weird winter. I was so glad to have it last weekend, though. I mean, I love the 60 degree days, I really do. I don't much like being cold. But I like SNOW, too. I never realized this before, but everything is freaking DEAD in the winter! The grass is brown and dead, the trees are empty and dead, the birds are on holiday somewhere. Snow covers that up nicely. It was beautiful. The snowfall lasted for DAYS and was white and heavy and PERFECT for snowballs and snowmen. It weighed down branches and they hung over the road like -- like -- fuck it, I don't have a head for similes. But they were beautiful.

Speaking of snowball fights, Gina had her fish-themed birthday party last weekend, and it was the bomb. We drank out of fishbowls with fishie straws and there were streamers and hats and games and it was fantastic. And there was a snowball fight! Oh good lord was Hal drunk, it was great. "I can't see. I can't see." I think he said "I can't see" like two hundred (200) times. I couldn't tell if he was blind drunk, or just had snow on his glasses.

And another fantastic thing that happened at the party was The Conference Call With California. It is official my friends, we will be attending TWO music festivals in the . . . um, South this summer. We're hitting up both Wakarusa AND Bonnaroo -- a Wakaroo, if you will; or Bonnarusa, if you prefer. The Brothers Hunt and I will be driving from Jersey to Kansas, then Kansas to Tennessee, and then Tennessee home. Kevin will be flying to and from Kansas, and driving with Teegus Kongus to and from Bonnaroo. It is going to be something else, I will tell you that. A lot of camping. A lot of music. A lot of dirt. A lot of hippies. A lot of drugs. Few showers. It's going to be great.


Feb. 2nd, 2006 05:24 pm
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Man! It feels like Spring over here! I am bouncing around!

Oh man it is just enough to remind me that when Spring does come, I will want to make out something fierce. Oh no! Well that is some months away.

I am in a great mood because this stupid project is over finally! Well, again. Well, for now. But I am happy! And my boss is in Atlantic City at some surveyor's convention or some shit. And this project is out the door! Okay out to the printer's, but close enough. And my boyfriend picked up the plans! You remember, the guy that looks like Kub from Paker Lewis Can't Lose, a.k.a. the receptionist from ER that isn't Frank. I brought plans out to the van with him! He said it was a gorgeous day out! He gets to drive around in it all day! I called him a lucky bastard. A sleeve tattoo peeked out of his shirt today.

Last night I worked until 9:30 which was balls but I caught the second half of Project Runway, just in time to hear Tim Gunn calling out Santino on his Tim Gunn impression. Then he said the thing about Red Lobster and oh how I laughed, standing in the middle of my new living room with my coat and hat still on. Today I listened to Tim's podcast and he recapped the whole Red Lobster thing and OH was I laughing out loud here at work. I love that show. I love Tim Gunn! I also love Daniel, and in extra-special internet-only behind-the-scenes videos he revealed that he is only 80% gay! I have a chance!!

Last night I prepared beef braised with Guiness between one and two o'clock in the morning. Then I put it into the crock pot that I got from Neil and Kelly (they are moving to Portland soon, and therefore ridding themselves of extraneous possessions) and set it to go! In the morning, as expected, I awokened to the beautiful smell of Guinessy beer. I should crock pot EVERY night! I can't wait to eat it to night! It is going to be the bomb.

I love the book that I am reading.

I'm putting in attic stairs this weekend! I'm going to eat a lot of deep-fried turkey at the XL party!

I get to see Michelle all the time! Once a week, at least! We have not talked this often since college. That's a long time ago! That's as long as my cat is old! Michelle had a birthday party at the shore last weekend and I drove down the AC Expressway with my windows open and listening to ...And They Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead whom I didn't think I would like. But then I did. And also Elvis Costello! And then the party with pasta and records and Kimliss and everything everything.

I am almost done with Season Three of Deep Space Nine! The mission continues!

Kelly Bishop and Edward Herrmann were on point on Gilmore Girls this week! They are amazing!

I HAVE TO GO! I have to home! Which is why this entry is crappy and disjointed. Maybe I'll fix it tomorrow!


P.S. LEGO Suicides
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So, okay, hey! The condo is coming along great. I mean there's still SO much to do and I imagine a finer human being than I would have more accomplished by now, but I don't really care, because the whole thing just continues to make me happy! I even love just THINKING about all the shit I want to do eventually.

On Monday Kevin came over to help me move some furniture around: I wanted to pull a little switcheroo in the living room. Afterwards, we were looking at my bedroom suite (as I'm now calling it,) trying to picture it in the color I want to paint it, and Kevin remarked that, what with the loft bed and the bizzare wardrobe, the guest bedroom/office side of the thing seems like a kids' room. I agreed! I said I should put some Teenage Mutant Turtle Sheets on it or something. Then he said I could get some vintage sheets on eBay, like Nintendo or something. THIS SEEMS LIKE A GREAT IDEA.

So today I'm looking around eBay, and there's some stuff, not a lot, but some. Some Nintendo, some Smurfs, some Star Wars. Star Wars! Star Wars is still around, I think, maybe they are still making that classic set, with the blue background and whatnot. You know what I mean.

Okay, well, I don't think they are, but look what they ARE making! Holy shit! This is awesome, right? Look at Yoda! I'm totally hype about this. Oh dear god they make Hummer (the vehicle) sheet sets for kids. Why. Why. Why. OH MAN THERE ARE DINOSAURS! I mean this is starting to be less fiscally responsible and less nostalgic than scoring some vintage sheets from the 80s but suddenly I am very excited to shop for kids' sheets! Holy shit! I need to have a kid. Oh god no I don't but somebody I am best friends with needs to have a kid! Hurry up! This is fun! I'm going to see if I can find some Batman.
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Okay I rushed the end of that entry because I want to talk about NOW!

Now is great too! Sure I haven't unpacked as much as I should have by now, but who cares? It will get done eventually! I will get a lot done tonight. It's been hard because work has been such a bitch. But as of yesterday morning, that's done for a while! Yay! No more crazy hours for at least a few weeks. And I got a Thank You message on my voice mail this morning from the client, in which he reiterated his desire to help me towards my goal of owning a Vespa. He wants to take me up on his offer to see about the down payment or something. Um, what?? All this from an offhand remark last summer about how all the overtime was going to get me a Vespa. It is weird! And maybe awesome, but maybe not because what? I mean it's not like Bruce isn't paying me. I don't know, it's crazy, let's forget about that for now.

Last night I started to get a little bit upset about how I wasn't going to have a tree this year, because the living room is filled with boxes and Oh will I be able to have a Little Christmas/Housewarming party on the seventh but man WHATEVER! Who cares! I don't have to have a Little Christmas party this year! I'll have one next year! And I've decided to just get a tinyster live tree, and that will be fine! And less stressful! I am easily mollified.

And sure, it's cold in my condo in the places I loiter in -- like the couch, and my bed -- when it's warm and toasty everyplace else. But whatever! I can deal! I might even move the living room furniture around, even though I just got the bookcases nailed to the wall a few days ago. It's all right, man! Nothing is permanent!

I got all my Christmas shopping done last night. I think I did all right, for the most part, despite the fact that I (as I have come to realize this year) not a particularly inspired gift-giver. That's okay! I still love to do it, and Christmas is Christmas and I can't wait to see my family this weekend. Particularly my brother.

And on Tuesday Jeff and I went to see Spamalot! MTA strike be damned! And it was still really really funny! I think the song about the Jews is my favorite. And man, it was great to see Hank Azaria! BOY do I want to hump that man! Ha, you want to hear something funny, though? In June I saw the show with Mitch, and it was the FIRST performance of Hank's sabbatical. (It should have been Alan Tudyk, who subbed for him all summer and fall, but it wasn't for some reason. Which in retrospect was disappointing, but at that point I had seen one (1) episode of Firefly and wasn't yet enamoured with Wash, so I wouldn't have appreciated it as much as I would have today.) So no Hank. And then for THIS performance, we saw the dude who isn't Tim Curry. He was good anyway, but still, isn't that crazy? I just missed them both. And I was hoping that Niles had worked on his Cockney accent in the meantime, but no such luck. Keep tryin', El Niles! Or, you know, don't! I guess your vanilla English accent is fine! Haha I kid, I kid, he's fine.

Christmas is here! It's going to rain! Oh well! But Christmas is here and Jeff and I saw the Santaland Diaries last weekend (which was AWESOME) and also last weekend I traveled north to New York in an attempt to see [ profile] mordicai in his theater debut. I and New Jersey Transit failed! But I DID get to see [ profile] jnnogen, and later M and Jenny at the afterparty, and meet [ profile] kromelizard and [ profile] kingtycoon. And we had drinks and M performed a bit of the play that I had missed and we all had a good time and then kingtycoon and I shared a futon. And then M showed me Ico.

These thoughts are jumbled.

But I was so miserable and angry earlier this week! And now I am not! Also I keep thinking we're a day later than we are. Yesterday felt like Thursday, and today feels like Friday. But tomorrow I'm totally going to fool around all day at work I bet! So who cares.

Life is good! I should get out of here soon.
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I think I've chipped a tooth, and it makes me sad. It's on the inside, so no one will ever notice but me, but there's an edge where it used to be smooth, and I am less a perfect being. I don't even know when it happened, it must have been last night whilst I slept. Don't tell my mom, she'll scold me about my tongue piercing.

This Friday Sean took me to the opera! It was awesome! Sean and I looked all fancy-pants, but you'll have to take my word for it, because we didn't take any pictures. The costumes were great and the physical comedy was fantastic and dude even sang "Figaro." I thought it would be like Moonstruck though and it wasn't much like Moonstruck. I didn't even see my dad out with his girlfriend or anything. And people weren't as dressed up as I would have liked, but I just like it when people get dressed up. We did get to drink champagne on the man's dime during the intermission. Or intermezzo. Whichever.

Saturday I went into work and got caught up on this season's Gilmore Girls (thank you, internet). A bunch of people (me included) appeared at 508 that night, and I fell asleep on the couch. On Sunday I watched football, and actually did useful, productive things! I did four loads of laundry (and actually put away the clean clothes! That usually doesn't happen for weeks!), packed three boxes of things for the move (just sixteen days left!), did all the dishes, and posted three (3) photos du jour, which leaves me just ~110 before I'm up to date again. But every journey, etc etc.

Today I opened a checking account during my lunch break, and I'll be sending out recommendation forms for my PE exam. Tomorrow is the PE class with Michelle, and Wednesday is my last big dinner at my apartment. I think about the new condo constantly. I had a dream the other day that I moved into it and it was haunted. If you'd like to check out some photos (taken during the home inspection), they're here. Tonight is the Eagles game and Friday is HARRY POTTER and I wasn't planning to go on opening night because of, well, you know, the presence of children and all that but now I think I might be changing my mind. I haven't seen any of the movies in the theater before, but I have super high hopes for this one and I am hype hype hype.

So, hey, life is good. Howzabout you?
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Man, I have a bunch of more important stuff that I should be talking about, like how Neil and Kelly got married last weekend and it was one of the best weddings I've ever attended, and how also I went to Delilah's and there was this stripper there who did these amazing jumping splits, and other important happenings in my life that are new and exciting the likes of which have not occurred in years, but the meeting this morning went really well and so I'm in an unexpectedly good mood and all I can think about is football.

The draft for my fantasy league was last night, and though it still took a while, it went very smoothly. We had two managers drafting via instant messenger, so we projected the laptop image on the Manse's gameroom screen, and that was very helpful. Also I'm the Commissioner this year which means I feel important, and boy do I like feeling important.

Football! Football tonight! I have one guy playing tonight for New England, and in my other league (which autodrafted this afternoon) I have Randy Moss. Awesome! Football! StatTracker! High Definition! BIRDS!!

Gosh I love football season.
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Dear Future Washu and Washu's future nieces and nephews,

I don't really have much to say about the situation, but I figure I should put something down for posterity, so here we go.

Gas prices are higher in the evening than they were that morning, higher in the morning than they were the previous evening. There are queues. They run out of regular sometimes. I guess this is what it was like in the 70s? Who knows. Well, my parents, that's who, but I haven't gotten around to asking them about that. It's gotten to the point where I'm actually thinking about plans in the context of how much gas it'll take to make them happen. I never think about shit like that. I'm thankful I have a car that gets good mileage. I turn off the AC sometimes.

I can't stop looking for information about New Orleans, and it makes me sick to my stomach. It's horrible. It's awful. I have a little ball of nervousness in my belly all day. I can't stop thinking about the water. I can't stop thinking about what it must have been like in the Superdome. The AC broke and the generators crapped out and the water stopped running and the roof was torn asunder, which means the place was hot and humid and dark and it smelled like shit and piss and people. I read of one suicide, but there must have been more deaths than that in there.

People are shooting at helicopters.

Last I heard, 80% of the city was covered in water, 20 feet deep in some places. Halfway up the second story. The water is filled with corpses (both human and animal) and sewage and gasoline and industrial chemicals and buckets of kittens and, let us not forget, fire ants. Islands of fire ants.

Katie and Kevin are fine in Tennessee; they may not ever bother going back, they may just move to Portland now. Patrick is home in Tennessee too, his dad is driving him nuts, and there is a rooftop in New Orleans filled with drunken, armed kickball players, seven dogs, and eight cats, including two kittens in a bucket.

[ profile] lorigami said that there was an impromptu marching band parading through the ravaged streets of Biloxi, and it made me think of one of my favorite memories of Mardi Gras 2003: standing on a curb as high school marching bands marched by, trombones inches from my nose.

But other things are good! Up here in the dry north, life goes on.

Neil and Kelly got married a few weeks ago in Arizona, and the pictures from the ceremony are breathtaking. Manning and Tami have been around for a month, and while it's been great to have them around again, I'm glad they'll be going back to Paris soon because they love it so much. I went camping and slept in a tent with a boy. I went to Wildwood and swam in a warm ocean and was pinched by a crab and rode a ferris wheel (twice) and saw a million colors in the Wildwood sand. Last night I cooked a Taco Dinner for twelve people and it was fantastic (I forgot to put garlic powder in the beefy beany thing, though.) Tomorrow I'm going to see naked ladies dance and Saturday I'm going to the wedding reception and Sunday I'm going to watch this idiot I know fling some poi around and try not to kill himself (or us) and next week I'm going to see my brother and the Phillies and the weekend after that I'm going to see Dane Cook* and the weekend after that I'm going to see the Dalai Lama and the weekend after that I got nothing but then I'm going to PARIS and AMSTERDAM for a week and then the weekend after that I might go on a road trip.

Life is good, and when I'm home I'm happy and I watch Deep Space Nine (boy is Bashir a dork in the beginning) but when I'm at work and reading LiveJournal it feels so strange to read an entire entry from someone without mention of New Orleans. It is hard not to think about.

Present Washu

*I recommend you go to his Videos page and check out his May appearance on Jimmy Kimmel.
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Man, Neil and Kelly are getting married today! In Arizona! I don't know when, but sometime today! Man, I am seriously so excited. Just as Gina said, I keep thinking about them! I've been thinking about them all week! I've never been so excited for something that I'm not going to attend, or even, like, witness. Man! Neil and Kelly! Getting married! I hope they can feel all of our love and excitement, all the way out in Arizona. Man! Weddings turn me into a total cheese-ball! At least I probably won't cry at this one. Oh wait I'll probably cry at the reception! Haha.

Also, and this is somewhat less exciting, my dad is involved in the PGA Championship this weekend! He's going to be a -- I think he's a marshal. Or a ranger? Something that made me think of a national park. Whatever they call the guy who holds up his hands to make the crowd be quiet so that the men can take their swing or putt: that guy. My dad's one of those guys today. Hooray for him! It's the freaking championship! Yay Dad! I hope he doesn't screw up.

I'm going camping this weekend! I think I'm going to buy my own tent! O, I hope they have the one I want. My own tent! An independent woman of the aughts needs her own tent.
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Happy birthday Kelly! Happy birthday Sabiha!

Last night I worked for ten hours (broken by an hour lunch break at my lake, with my Harry Potter), then went to the gym, then went home and watched an episode of TNG (it was the one where Alexander comes back from the future to teach himself to not be such a pansy), then read some Harry Potter in bed, and was asleep by 11:30. Eleven-thirty! Eight hours of sleep! Amazing. It was still really hard to get up in the morning, but I'm feeling far more alert than is usual.

I keep listening to the demo version of "The Comedians" over and over again, I keep opening the playlist and sliding it down so that it'll be the next song. It's so short. Man, I don't know why I didn't notice it the first few times I listened to the All This Useless Beauty bonus disc, but I noticed it last week or whatever, and . . . man. That chorus! That plaintive cry! OH how I howl in my car, you should be glad you are not there to hear it! But man, Elvis, the "bitter way" you were told?? She [*SPOILER ALERT*] stranded your ass at the top of a goddamned ferris wheel!! I guess "the dirty bitch-ass way you broke up with me, you bitch" didn't rhyme.

Elvis would HATE that I am doing this, but here, I don't use bandwidth ever, because I haven't updated my site in eight months:[demo].wma (~3MB)

(My apologies for the format, I rip everything to .wma at work.)

(P.S. I just listened to a sample of the album version on amazon, to see what it sounds like, because I don't own that album, and GOD it is horrible. Stick to the demo, man.)

(P.P.S. Is there a Firefox search engine plugin thingie for

(P.P.P.S. Writing a LiveJournal post is not being on the internet, so don't worry.)
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Good God am I tired. I didn't get very much sleep last night.

This morning I put the kettle on the stove, and then laid down on top of my bed again, in that way that I do, when I'm pretending that I'm not going to fall asleep again, but really I am. I had some weird dreams. There was some dude . . . some older guy, some man, with whom I was living and sleeping. It was creepy. I also had a dream about my car, but I don't quite remember what happened. I had a bad dream about my car a few weeks ago: I dreamed that I tried to get into the back seat, and I could barely fit my legs in there. There was no leg room! It was like a non-expanded-cab pickup truck! It was horrible. I woke up in a cold sweat. If there is one thing my car is about, it is leg room in the back seat.

This past weekend was grapenutKelly's bachelorette party, and it was a whole lot of fun. yittleoneGina organized the weekend, and she did a great job. Friday night was at the Casbah in Atlantic City (we stayed at the Sands: don't stay at the Sands. They tried to make us pay something like $120 more per room than we were quoted). Saturday the ladies detoxed on the beach in AC, and then went to dinner in Margate. Saturday night was swimming and girl talk at the Manse. I got really really drunk and MAN do I love me some dishin', I will tell you what. I got pretty sick later in the evening (or morning, if you want to look at it that way), but it wasn't a big deal, and then I felt really great on Sunday, so I didn't mind.

I skipped out on the beach and dinner, because I had to make it in to work during the weekend. (Work is crazy). (Work also bites). However, I made the mistake of going home for lunch, before heading into the office. I didn't feel very well (my tummy), and I kept lounging on the couch with the cat, waiting to feel better, and watching the hours tick by: the later I went in, the later I had to stay, you know? Finally I laid down for a bit. I was actually good and got up 20 minutes later, but I felt worse -- finally a hangover headache, what a delay on that one -- so I said fuckit. I'll go in tomorrow.

THEN I received an email from the lovely [ profile] petit_chou, informing me of a They Might Be Giants show in Penns Landing that afternoon. Now, I had been aware of the existence of such a show; but since I was originally going to be in Atlantic City for most of the weekend, I didn't think it would be possible to make it. But it was happening at 6:30! The ladies' dinner reservation was at 8! I could totally go!

I called a few cats who couldn't make it, so I went over to Penn's Landing by myself. It was a really nice show. And it was outside, and you know how much I enjoy being outside. Oh man and they had Captain-and-Cokes! That was so totally awesome! You know me, I can't have fun unless I'm drinking, but I don't really like beer, let alone watery beer in plastic bottles! So that was great. And they were giving out orange foam hands that said "They Might Be Giants" on them to all the kids. And I wrote down the set list because I'm a dork. And I attempted to anticipate the set list because I'm really a dork, but I wrote nown nine (9) songs and they only played five (5) that were on the list. But they didn't play "Istanbul"! I think that was the first (of over, what, twenty?) They Might Be Giants show I've ever attended where they didn't play "Istanbul."

They sure as hell played "The Guitar" and "Particle Man," though.

And man, even though it was a kids' show? The ONLY song I heard them play from the ABCs album was "Alphabet of Nations" (totally awesome, by the way) and the only songs they played from No! were "John Lee Supertaster" and "Clap Your Hands." Weird.

After the concert I went back home and took a nap, and headed over to the Manse (and the hot tub) at around one. Was up really late, worked in the office all afternoon, and I can't remember what I did Sunday evening, but I imagine it involved sitting around.

On Monday Jeff chose Diner for Movie Night. I like that movie. I hadn't seen it in years. I'm going to start saying that people are "death" when they are really hot because that sounds so serious.
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I am terribly, terribly sleepy. Terribly.

Usually at lunch I'll get something at Wawa and eat it at the park. And then read my book, or perhaps lay down for a bit. Today I skipped the food and went straight to the nap. I woke up groggy and hungry! But I think it helped a little bit.

There were ducklings today! Goslings are okay, but ducklings are adorable. Quack quack.

There was a kid there with his mom, and he was collecting goose feathers. Loudly, which means she was encouraging this activity. Now, I don't know about you, but my mom always told me that stray feathers were gross and diseased, and I shouldn't pick them up, no matter how cool they looked. This little kid was talking about making feather masks with them. That's gross, right?

I cooked for the first time in almost a month last night, and it made me so happy. I love having my guys over. And [ profile] culann was there early, and he helped clean up, and get ready, and we talked forever. When Culann and I took Budo together we got to have talks on the ride there and back, and it was great, and we don't get to do that much anymore. I sure do love me some Culann.

I sure have been listening to a lot of Elvis Costello lately. It started back in May, that week-and-a-half of Spring that we had. Y'know, cuz I was feeling frisky, and Elvis Costello = sex. Then I stopped for a while but now I'm back. It's nothing but Elvis. Elvis at work, Elvis in the car, Elvis at home. Elvis Elvis Elvis. When I'm sad, listening to Elvis Costello makes me feel sadder. When I'm angry, he makes me angrier. When I'm happy, he makes me happier. When I'm horny, he makes me hornier. When I'm high, he makes me feel higher. When I'm horny and high -- well fuckin' forgetaboutit.

Yesterday I read this book review in Salon of Dianetics. I've always been mildy interested in what the fucking deal with Scientology is (isn't everybody?) and with the new improved batshit insane Tom Cruise running around, there's a lot more talk about it. Then I was looking through this site, which is an anti-Scientology site. It's a little clumsy, but I had a fantastic time reading through this stuff about L. Ron Hubbard. That guy was CRAZY! Literally! I can't believe real people buy into this shit. Oh and also the Time Magazine article is hot. It makes no bones about saying that Scientology has no legitimacy whatsoever.

Then today I read THIS Salon article about Tom Cruise and Scientology, and everything was fine until I got to the part where they listed some Scientologist celebrities, including Jason Lee (oh well, I sort of thought he was cute) and . . . Beck. Really. Beck. That just about broke my heart. I am seriously upset by this. Beck! Beck. My favorite musical artist whom I've never seen in concert. This changes everything. I'm so sad.

Last weekend was Gaian Mind and it was fantastic. The crew: chaos4675Kevin, katsuhayabiCurt, chuntankhamenChris, littlewashume, king_kaiJeff, Jay, Kate, macivanhornMichelle, theguiltypartyTeege, and qedVince. We sat around and took drugs and got dirty and made jewelry and watched dirty hippies (and dirty . . . whatever those cats were, some of them were not hippies) and enjoyed the Fire Monkey's work (that's Kevin) and saw naked Russians and more black light than I have ever seen in my life. And we left no trace. It was a fantastic time.

Oh, and Stephanie! Stephanie appeared out of nowhere on Friday. So she was there too.

So yeah, Gaian Mind. I'll definitely go back next year.

Here are some of the pictures that made it to Photo du Jour from the weekend:

(Michelle took this one)

(Curt took this one)

I have two parties this weekend. But Monday is free: Monday should be Laundry Day. As well as Nap Day, and Wash My Car Day. We'll see.
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I really ought to write in this thing more often, so that when I'm old and lonely I can look back on these heady days. I am so busy all the time! It's wonderful.

Last Saturday there was a going away party for James at the Manse. He's moving to California. He'll be back. They always come back.

The evening before, I attended the Flashpoint Prom. Sean was my date. The corsage he presented me with had a pair of dice in it, so that we matched. It was awesome. I had a really great time, and drank a lot of wine, and met a bunch of people. It was weird because there were all these cats wandering around in dresses and tuxes, and I kept thinking I knew them, but I didn't, I had just seen them in plays over the past year.

Here's PJ (later crowned Prom King) and my date:

The weekend before that, I attended Kelly's bridal shower. It was really lovely, and the crab cakes were DELICIOUS, and I got to see some ladies I hadn't seen in a while. Rachel is pregnant and looks beautiful. I guess I always say that. I met Erica's new daughter Zoe. At one point Erica and I were talking, and Zoe decided to babybarf on mom's chest. Erica thrust the baby at me and went to the ladies room to clean up. Now, I have no problem with babies on an individual basis, but apparently it looks unnatural or something, because Michelle turned around and said "you're holding a baby! I'm taking a picture," and a little later Rachel turned around and said "you're holding a baby! I'm taking a picture." JEEZ you guys.

The Wednesday before that, I went to see Spamalot. My parents gave me tickets for my birthday way back in February, and I took Mitch with me. We drove up to the city. We waited an hour at the Lincoln Tunnel, but parking was only $12 (!) and getting home was so easy, so yay for cars with air conditioning. On Meister's recommendation we went to the Eatery, and man was it good. I had the tuna tartare as an appemetizer, and the chipotle meatloaf, and a couple of mojitos (I'd never had one before!) Mitch had the szechwan steak. Our server was realllly cute. And we were out of there in plenty of time to make the show. Which was great! No Hank Azaria, unfortunately (boo!) but Tim Curry was great, and David Hyde Pierce needs to work on his cockney accent, and it was a fabulous show. There was a lot of new stuff in it, which was good, because MAN do I know that movie! Despite not having seen it in years. It made me want to go home and watch it, but I didn't, I went home and fell asleep.

The weekend before that was Sean's birthday party, but I got there after it was over (because I am a dummy, and also sleepy) and didn't take any pictures. We did play Egyptian Ratscrew, though, with Artie and Sabiha. And that was when I asked Sean to the prom, so you know, banner evening all around.

The weekend before that was Kim and Keith's wedding. It was beautiful. Kim looked amazing, the bridesmaids were beautiful, Keith was as adorable as ever, the food was great. Oh man, I totally embarrassed myself, though. The cocktail session was in a wine cellar, so I had a glass of wine in one hand, and a plate of delicious appetizers (including caviar! I don't think I've ever had caviar, but my grandpa had been raving about it the last time I saw him, for some reason), that I had managed to score after many excruciating minutes of maneuvering through the crowd, in the other. I was hungry. "Do you think I can balance this atop my wine glass?" I asked Jeff. "No," he said. "That is a bad idea," he continued. "I recommend against it," he cautioned. I tried anyway, and the plate fell to the concrete floor and shattered and all my appetizers were gone and everyone looked at me. Oh well.

Oh man, also the priest was the most entertaining wedding-er I've ever seen. Remind me to do an impression of him next time we hang out.

The day before the wedding was the Memorial Day BBQ at the Manse, and I had a great time at that, too.

The weekend before that was my brother's graduation. I'm very proud of him! And he got an BFA, isn't that exciting? I got a BS and he got a BFA because we are just so very, very interesting, and BAs are not good enough for us. Actually he had no idea what he was getting until we told him.

Here is a picture of Sean looking off into his future as a college gagaua graduate:

The Wednesday before that we went to see Star Wars, but I already told you about that. You guys, they never even took our tickets! I still have mine, unripped! Jeez.

The weekend before that was Kim's Bachelorette Party, and that's the last time we sat down and had a nice talk like this, so you're all caught up now. Here are a couple photos:

This weekend (today after work, actually) we're going to Gaian Mind and I'm excited. I figure it's sort of like Bonnaroo Lite. We'll be camping! And staying up late! And drinking! And smoking weed outside!! (My favorite thing ever!) I bought a new hat. And it'll be my first >105mile trip for my car! Baby's all growed up.

Have a good weekend, everybody! If this post is too long and you want me to cut it, just let me know, my feelings won't be hurt.

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