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I had a pretty productive day yesterday! Chris had plans (he went to the Flyers game) so I was hoping to get some work done on my dress, but that didn't happen. Mostly because I stayed too late at work again for no reason (GEE WHAT A SURPRISE.) But I still did pretty well, all the same.

I rode my scooter to work yesterday. (I should have maybe done that today as well, it doesn't seem to be raining after all.) At lunch I took the shorter walk, but I did take a walk, which was better than Monday. As aforementioned I stayed too late at work, maybe until 5:45 or 6 or so. I rode to a shopping errand. Then I rode to the library, where I a) returned one science fiction book, b) borrowed two more science fiction books which I had requested (2312 and Alif the Unseen, both of which I saw discussed/mentioned on,) and c) renewed my library card.

Then I rode home. I dilly-dallied getting out of the house because I was reading my OTHER science fiction book which I own and which I have already read, The Diamond Age. (I've had too many two-star books in a row and sometimes when that happens, I read something I already know is a four- or five-star book to get me revved up again.) Then Indiana and I went for a walk. I had intended to walk in the woods, as Chris and Indiana and I always do. But I had forgotten that when she and I head out together, she always heads for York Terrace, so that's where we went. This time we went around the little pond that's in the back of this development, but when we exited through the hole in the fence in back, we turned right instead of left so we were in woods I'd not been in before. So that was neat. Of course I was scared the whole time that I'd get yelled at by a neighboring homeowner, but I tried to be brave and it never happened anyway.

When we got home I took a shower, and then went down in the basement to do some work. (We are hopefully moving soon, and there are a lot of bullshit boxes down there that I need to organize, and a lot of stuff I need to toss.) By the time I got upstairs it was after ten and there was no way I was going to a) make dinner (egg salad?), b) work on the work I had brought home from work, or c) work on my dress, all of which I had intended. Instead I poured myself a bowl of cereal and watched a recorded episode of Project Runway. Once it was over, I immediately read the recap on to confirm that I had the correct opinion about the dresses.

Shortly after that ended, Chris came home and he turned on the latest episode of Game of Thrones and we both pretty instantly fell asleep. I woke up just in time for the dramatic last seconds of the ep. MAN I wish I had watched that with someone who hasn't read the books. Oh well.

So that was yesterday! We'll see how today goes. It's Wednesday, so that means lunch with Michelle! Huzzah.
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Hey guys, remember when I rode a scooter?

Back in May of 2008 (holy cow that is so long ago!) I had a little accident. I got the bumps hammered out and rode it after that, but not very much. I think I was spooked. That winter I put it in my best bud Mitch's garage and sort of forgot about it.

I tried to get it started two years ago -- and I DID, I got the engine going! -- but I think the clutch cable had snapped and it wouldn't shift into gear and I couldn't drive it. So back into the garage it went.

Well this past weekend Mitch had finally had it up to HERE and he and Neil beasted it up into the bed of Neil's truck, drove it over to my house, and beasted it right out again. It is in our shed now, our shed that we bought extra-big so as to have room for a scooter in.

Since it's been sitting for four years, I figure that in addition to needing a new clutch cable (the battery is also dead, natch) it probably needs its carb cleaned and maybe even its gas tank drained. These are some of the easier things to do with a scooter, and I could theoretically do them eventually, but looking through my Vespa maintenance book last night . . . I was honest with myself, and those things are not going to happen. Not before it gets too cold, anyway.

Parts online to do those things were $150. I just called Philadelphia Scooters and dude said it would be ~$250 to do all those things, maybe less. (As long as nothing else turns up.) So, hooray! I made an appointment. He said it can all get done in ONE DAY so I will have my scooter for the fall. And I WILL ride it, you guys. (I have to buy new gloves.) I will. Yell at me if I don't. I'm going to make an effort to use it to commute; my drive is about twelve miles, takes me 20-25 minutes. That's a nice length, and it's an easy ride, no super-busy streets or anything. So that is what I will do.

The only downside is actually getting the scoot to Philly. I did an online quote with the tow service the dude recommended but it was TWO HUNDRED DOLLARS (that can't be right.) Also even when it's fixed, I . . . don't really want to drive it home from Philly. I would be terrified to take it on any of the bridges I can think of. Maybe I can ask Vince AGAIN to borrow his truck but man I feel like such a jerk borrowing his truck all the time. Maybe I will offer to bake him something, since I have a working oven again.

Anyway, yeah. Scoot scoot scoot!
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So, since I found the time to tell you about my fascinating unicycle dream (Shia Labouf was in it as well, in a non-sexy role. I do not know why), I thought I'd also mention that I totally dropped my scooter a few weeks ago! I was coming home from a hair appointment, it was on the White Horse Pike across the street from Lucien's. The road was just really bumpy, but I was trying to maintain a reasonable speed of 40 mph or so, and it just bounced, and I bounced, and since it's a dumb scooter my butt was off the seat and my feet were off the floor and I was just holding on to the handles. Well, I didn't keep it straight enough I guess, because the whole thing slid out from under me and I rolled for about 20-25 feet. But I was pretty much fine! I had a few scrapes, but they're mostly healed up by now. My full face helmet was all scratched along one jaw line, so WEAR A FULL FACE HELMET. And my wrists were scraped, but probably wouldn't have been if I had fastened my gloves properly (and my hands were fine,) so WEAR GLOVES. And my jeans were only ripped at my pocket, because my house key was in there, so WEAR JEANS.

My scooter's a little scraped up too, and the front fender is bent, but aside from that, she's fine. The people in the car dealership in front of which I crashed all ran out to help me, and no one had been driving right behind me, so we were able to wheel the scoot off of the road without incident. It felt like I was rolling FOREVER. Like, I kept thinking, "Okay, I want to get up now. Nope, still rolling. Now can I stand up? Nope, still rolling." Then finally I stopped rolling and stood up and was dizzy.

Chris came to pick up me and the scooter in Vince's truck. I read my book whilst I waited. I was a tough cookie until he arrived, and then of course I cried a little (but I'm allowed.) And he cleaned my wounds and I screamed because I am a huge baby about pain. But all in all, my first crash was much less horrific than I'd always imagined it to be. So, hooray!

So really, not too big a deal, and everyone who sees me in real life has already heard about it, but I figured I'd record it for posterity. I'm sorry that I have no pictures to show you, but the only ones I took of my battle scars are of me topless, and I'm nothing if not classy here on LiveJournal.

Have a great Memorial Day Weekend, everybody! I get to leave work in ONE HOUR and I am super excited.

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