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Question of the Day: Why do we pronounce the "x" in "quixotic?"
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The tips of my fingers feel dry. Not the rest of my hands, really, just the tips of my fingers in particular. This has never happened to me before. It is odd.


Mar. 13th, 2013 09:51 am
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Chris and I just watched the latest episode of Girls last night, and I think it was the best episode so far. I cracked up about a zillion times, at every line that was supposed to be funny, and I also cried THREE times. At the end of the episode it was actual, real crying, I was so sad for her and for everybody. I was sad about everybody last night!

I feel as though that show (and I'm pretty sure it's wayyy better this season than last) treats me like an intelligent person. Like, it's very clear what is going on with all of the characters, but I also feel like I'm not being hit over the head with it. I don't know, I'm bad at articulating things, and maybe it IS too obvious (I'm not that smart when watching media, tbqh) but it just feels . . . appropriate to me.

Hannah is all by herself this episode, and near the beginning she gets a splinter in her butt and has to get it out by herself, and I said "aw, that's sad." It's sad when you have to pull the splinter out of your own butt. And I mean you CAN, anyone should be able to do that, it's not like you're going to moon around and whine about how there's no one to pull the splinter out of your butt, you're just going to do it, man, but still. It's nice when there's a friend around to pull the splinter out of your butt and put hydrogen peroxide on for you. And I mean obviously that's an analogy for everything, I don't think she's trying to be mysterious or cryptic about it or anything, but I still think it was done well. It wasn't some slapstick thing where she can't reach and gets turned around and falls over -- it was just awkward and annoying and it hurt, but she did it.

I also have grown to LOVE her big fat thighs and how often I see them. In the first season I got really frustrated with how she wore such unflattering clothes. And I mean you see Lena Dunham out in real life and she looks good, so it's not like SHE doesn't know how to dress, it's that HANNAH doesn't. But then in that episode this season where she does a ton of coke with her gay ex-boyfriend she said something like "who am I hurting by wearing short shorts every day? No one!" and it blew my mind and changed everything. Because now I think that Hannah does know that she looks ridiculous, and she gives no fucks. This is how she wants to look, this is what she wants to wear. I love that she went to the hospital with no pants on, and I love that Adam called her out on it. Oh god, the hospital, that scene with the doctor was SO funny and SO fucking heartbreaking. All at once, all at the same time, it was amazing. And Adam!! I used to hate Adam in the first season but now that he's a) out of his house and b) has a shirt on, we see the whole picture, and he makes sense and is a real person. And I give a shit about him. I mean I don't know if I would go so far as to say that I like him -- I sure wouldn't date him and I don't even know if I'd want to be his friend -- but I care about what happens to him, and I was sad and said "aw, no!" when he ordered that Jack and ginger. (I told a lot of the characters not to do things this episode. They never listened.)

Last season I started liking Girls because Chris liked it. I know that sounds terribly un-feminist of me, and maybe it is, but let me explain. The explanation is twofold. First, I love watching/listening to him laugh. Seeing Chris laugh is one of the best vicarious pleasures in my life, right up there with watching Indiana run as fast as she can. It is wonderful and infectious, and he LOVES that show, it cracked his motherfucking shit UP. Even more than the Nard Dog. Secondly, Chris is . . . more critical of how people look than I think I am. And the fact that he was watching this show with a pudgy main character, and didn't seem to care about that, pleasantly surprised me. So I was happy about that. And I thought it was really funny too! But I mostly liked that he liked it. (Also he doesn't care or know about what people say on the internet so he didn't know about all the . . . shit that was out there about the poor show before it even aired.)

This season, he still really likes it. It's the only show we watch from week to week, as it's airing (it turns out that we only really do that with HBO shows; it's funny how I don't at all think of it as a movie channel anymore.) And we record it but we usually watch it as it's airing. We can't wait! That's amazing. But yeah, she's really been blowing my mind this season. Good for her. I was going to maybe try to talk about all the shit that everyone writes about it, and try to debate that, but I don't even know if it's worth my time. I haven't read any reviews today so I don't know if the general consensus about this particular episode is the same as mine, but I don't care. It was wonderful, for the reasons I mentioned and a dozen I didn't get into. I am officially pro-Lena Dunham, forever and always. I want to make a Twitter account just so that I can tweet at her and tell her how awesome she is.
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Internet is blocked at work so I may as well do something productive! Let's see if this works, first.
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I am my own worst enemy because I have so many things to do, but don't want any help doing them.

I wish I knew where all my old Christmas LJ icons were. The ones that were Kirk in a santa hat.


Dec. 5th, 2012 11:24 am
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I do so few things correctly that I always get really pissy when I don't get credit for the stuff I DO accomplish.
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Chris is home, Chris is home, Chris is home!

I'm so happy! Oh it's always the same when he goes away for hunting or whatever. Here is the timeline:

Before he leaves:
To Chris: Oh baby, I'm going to miss you so much!
Secretly to myself: oh man, house to myself! Do whatever I want! No random houseguests! Yippee!

Night that he leaves:

The first few days he's gone:
Hey, this isn't so bad at all. In fact it is amazing. I miss the single life. I can cook dinner all by myself and not die! Dogs are warm! I'm an independent woman!

Then after a while:
This is boring. Where is the bourbon.

Then he comes home:

The next day:
[Chris does something to piss me off] Ugh, go back to Hawley.
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I saw the first dark-eyed Juncos yesterday! Mark it, dude.
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Sometimes Chris and I sleep in the guest bedroom. It almost feels like we're on vacation, waking up in an unfamiliar place. The free-est vacation ever.

It's hard to get out bed when there's a warm husband in it -- okay okay, I always have had a tough time getting out of bed. Leaving a warm husband is hard, but I think that leaving a warm dog is even more difficult. Indiana is even easier to spoon with, and she's so soft, and she doesn't complain when I snooze the alarm for an hour. (Actually Chris doesn't either, but I can pretend it doesn't bother the dog.)

I really do like my life. I'm still not happy at work (though less miserable than a few weeks ago, I think) but I love my little family. I love my house, and I love all of my in-laws (seriously, in-laws are the best, especially brothers and sisters.) I love that I rode my scooter in to work today. I LOVE autumn. Holy crap the weather has been perfect for weeks. Every year I complain that we don't get a proper Spring or a proper Fall, but I think we're getting one this year, and it's gorgeous and spectacular.

I mean, talk to me later in the week when we're having even more complications with the garage door opener, but for now, life is good.
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So guys, I did it! I got my scooter fixed and today I rode around the neihborhood a bit. Then I rode to the gas station (~2.5 miles) and back again. I'm planning to ride it to and from work on Wednesday.

I'm still nervous on it. I wonder if I'll ever stop being scared? I said to Chris today that it's so completely out of character for me to even have the thing. I mean when do I do things that are inherently unsafe? Pretty much never. I pretty much am the biggest wuss to ever wuss. I sit up straight and keep my hands at 10 and 2 (although we are not supposed to do that anymore, because of air bags, did you know that?) and purchase cars with side curtain air bags. I cut away from my body when I use knives (learned that one the hard way, actually) and stand behind guide rails when someone that isn't me is changing a tire and wear earplugs to loud concerts. I'm trying to think of more safety nerd stuff that I do and I can't come up with anything but I'm sure there are plenty. Anyway. It's crazy that I'm riding around on this thing. But I'm going to do it. Because it gets great gas mileage and it's actually responsible for me to ride a scooter to work. So take that.
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The only thing I hate more than writing GoodReads reviews is going back to see what I wrote for a past book, and discovering that I have not written a proper review.

The current solution (half-assing it) is not working as well as I might have hoped . . .
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Ugh, I just made a dentist appointment for my wedding anniversary. To have fillings done. But I mean I was already a) going to work and b) attending a planning board meeting that evening, so who cares, right?
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Hey guys, remember when I rode a scooter?

Back in May of 2008 (holy cow that is so long ago!) I had a little accident. I got the bumps hammered out and rode it after that, but not very much. I think I was spooked. That winter I put it in my best bud Mitch's garage and sort of forgot about it.

I tried to get it started two years ago -- and I DID, I got the engine going! -- but I think the clutch cable had snapped and it wouldn't shift into gear and I couldn't drive it. So back into the garage it went.

Well this past weekend Mitch had finally had it up to HERE and he and Neil beasted it up into the bed of Neil's truck, drove it over to my house, and beasted it right out again. It is in our shed now, our shed that we bought extra-big so as to have room for a scooter in.

Since it's been sitting for four years, I figure that in addition to needing a new clutch cable (the battery is also dead, natch) it probably needs its carb cleaned and maybe even its gas tank drained. These are some of the easier things to do with a scooter, and I could theoretically do them eventually, but looking through my Vespa maintenance book last night . . . I was honest with myself, and those things are not going to happen. Not before it gets too cold, anyway.

Parts online to do those things were $150. I just called Philadelphia Scooters and dude said it would be ~$250 to do all those things, maybe less. (As long as nothing else turns up.) So, hooray! I made an appointment. He said it can all get done in ONE DAY so I will have my scooter for the fall. And I WILL ride it, you guys. (I have to buy new gloves.) I will. Yell at me if I don't. I'm going to make an effort to use it to commute; my drive is about twelve miles, takes me 20-25 minutes. That's a nice length, and it's an easy ride, no super-busy streets or anything. So that is what I will do.

The only downside is actually getting the scoot to Philly. I did an online quote with the tow service the dude recommended but it was TWO HUNDRED DOLLARS (that can't be right.) Also even when it's fixed, I . . . don't really want to drive it home from Philly. I would be terrified to take it on any of the bridges I can think of. Maybe I can ask Vince AGAIN to borrow his truck but man I feel like such a jerk borrowing his truck all the time. Maybe I will offer to bake him something, since I have a working oven again.

Anyway, yeah. Scoot scoot scoot!
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I started watching the second season of The Walking Dead last night. [I have read all of the books. Well, as many as are in hardcover. Thanks, Teege!] I feel as though it would be a whole lot better if the actors playing Rick and Shane weren't completely terrible. At acting. No? Am I off base on that one?

(Also, not to pick nits, but Andrea is supposed to be, like, nineteen. Not thirty-three.)

Aside from that though it's pretty decent. (And supposedly it gets better as the season progresses, yes?) I like Dale and I like Andrea, just as I do in the books. I like Carl (although who the fuck named their kid CARL in the aughts? That is a middle-aged man's name) better in the series than in the books. I don't mind the extra characters. I hope they find that little girl Sophia or Sophie or whatever; we need more kids and she wasn't bad, for a little girl. Also when Carl was creeping up to that deer? And everyone was frozen in wonder? I seriously thought he was going to pull out a throwing star or a machete or something and fucking MURDERIZE it for dinner but then he didn't and I was a little disappointed. Ah well, it will come.
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So, I'm going to Jamaica on Saturday for four nights. We're going for Kevin's wedding. We'll be at an all-inclusive resort. Chris and I would never go to an AI (that's what they call them in the biz) on our own (SO BORING!) but they're pretty fun for a group. I like the free drinks part, as I find it pleasant to spend the day in an alcohol- and marijuana-induced haze.

Last time we went to Jamaica (just last year!) Chris and I said we were going to go off-resort one day to do some birding, but we didn't, and I ended up being a little frustrated about it. So this time I told him I'd divorce him if we didn't go birding. Ultimatums are very important for a healthy marriage, I read that somewhere.

So today I'm finally doing some research to see what our options are. Unfortunately it's not looking so good . . . birders don't stay at AIs, and people who stay at AIs and want to do little excursions aren't birders. So transportation to an appropriate place is going to be expensive/time-consuming for not much payoff. But man, it would be lovely to bird Jamaica, just go down and do a real birding trip. I think you could do it up in a week, it seems like, and hit the whole island. We did our honeymoon in Costa Rica, which was a birding trip -- and we were there for two weeks and still didn't see the entire country. We only saw two out of four monkey species! Which means we have to go back eventually. But Jamaica I think we could do.

So of course in searching for tour guides, I'm veering off and finding all sorts of stuff. I found this website called Birding Pal -- if you're a birder, you sign up, and say where you live. And when someone else who is a Birding Pal travels for vacation or business or whatever they contact you and are like "yo I'm going to be in your neck of the woods next month, take me to where the birds are" and you're like "cool" and then you take them birding. Not for pay or anything, just that you are a local person, showing them where the birds are. That sounds pretty neat, and if we were better birders I'd sign up but we're pretty casual.

But so in addition to that deal, Birding Pal also arranges tours, all over the world. But they're not big group tours, I think they're just, like, for you! Whenever you want! (They also have "fixed date" tours with a maximum of SIX people. SIX!) And the packages are not that expensive at all! Because here's the thing, Chris and I, though courteous, are not the most extroverted, friendly people you'll ever meet. You know how people say they went on a guided tour someplace and met the nicest people on the trip? That's not us. We almost never meet people. I mean we'll hold up our end of the conversation on the bus or whatever, but we keep mostly to ourselves. So a big birding tour group is not something we'd be interested in. On the other hand, we did both guided and non-guided birding (on a case by case basis) in Costa Rica, and without a doubt our greatest day was with Marvin (Melvin?) at Savegre Mountain. He was the bomb shit. It was just the three of us all day and he identified birds by ear we never would have recognized, and we waited outside a pygmy owl nest for like twenty minutes that we never would have known was there (that was my first time seeing an owl in the wild! Actually last so far as well) and just . . . he was awesome. And to have that for like a week somewhere? Local guides, showing us the ropes? I think we would like that.

And so now I'm daydreaming. But we're going to Amsterdam next year (Chris wanted to go this year, but what with Jamaica and going to see Jeff later this year we just can't swing it, money nor vacation-time-wise) so it probably won't be until 2014, if then. I also said that we should travel internationally every other year, and during the domestic years see a new national park. Because I haven't seen that many. So maybe 2015. But also our friends will also want to go down to the Caribbean in a year or two again. I hope we go someplace new though, Jamaica is nice and all but there are other islands in the sea. (LITERALLY.) I'm going to be dead someday, and I'd like to see as much of the world as I can before then.
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Welp, I thought that the TV version of Dany's visit to the House of the Undying would be incredibly disappointing, and I was right.

More later.
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I'm listening to the audiobook of Game of Thrones again. Because I know these people so well now, the little moments are affecting me more this time around. I got misty when Jon and Arya said goodbye to each other; when Dany rides her silver for the first time ("tell him he has given me the wind"); other moments that I've forgotten, I took too long to write this.

spoilers ahead, through the end of the fifth book )
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My husband is meeting me for lunch today!! I am super excited about this.

(P.S. I might try to start (or start to try) writing in my LiveJournal again. Baby steps.)
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I always used to look down on people with seasonal allergies. I used to say that they shouldn't have children, so that our species could become strong again.

Well, it turns out that one can develop allergies later in life. I was a little sniffly last spring, but tried not to think about it. This year, I'm sneezing every two seconds again. WHY did I have to be so arrogant? GAH.

Well, I promise not to have any kids.
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Planning a honeymoon is exciting, but also a little nerve-wracking! Plane fares went up over $100 last night. That's almost $250 for the both of us! Boo! I'm booking today. I'm so bad at pulling the trigger on things.

We're going to see birds and monkeys! And get eaten by bugs and crocodiles and snakes! Exciting! Romantic!

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