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Oh man, the other day I had a dream that as a promotion for Ghostbusters 3, they had a life-sized Stay-Puft Marshmallow Man attack a skyscraper in Philly at night. We watched it from across the Delaware River: he climbed the building, there were all these proton streams shooting around, and smoke, and it totally looked like the building (and others) collapsed. I was impressed with the effect, but also worried that the buildings really HAD been destroyed, else how could they get it to look like that? Then Bill Murray climbed out of the Delaware, all wet in his uniform, because the 'Busters had had to swim across the river to escape. I was super excited to see him but couldn't think of anything to say, and Chris embarrassed me by doing some sort of dumb dance that Murray had done in a movie I hadn't seen (possibly Meatballs) and Billy Murray walked off in disgust. The end.
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OMG, I totally dreamed that I knew how to ride a unicycle last night! I think that means I should learn to ride a unicycle.
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This morning I didn't get out of bed forever because I had a dream that I was in a movie with George Clooney!!!! Oh man oh man oh man. Dreams seem so real! I was so excited! Also we went on a date in the movie, but I didn't have a terribly big part. Just that one scene with the date. But George was very nice and friendly! I remember trying, later, to parlay our professional relationship into a friendship, by leaving a message on his voice mail or something. But I didn't try to kick it to him! Because I have a boyfriend! Arrrgh. Chris and I need Lists, I think. I mean it's George Clooney! Dream Me should not be afraid to kick it to Dream George Clooney, Dream Boyfriend would understand!

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I had the most fantastic dream this morning! Highlights included:

  • making out all enthusiastic-like, rolling around, the whole nine yards

  • riding my new scooter around

  • being in charge of something-or-other, which meant I got to boss people around

Does it get any better than that? I mean seriously!

They Might Be Giants tonight! Visiting my mom (et. al.) this weekend! Life is good!
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Oh man, I totally had a dream about Scott Patterson (aka Luke Danes!) last night. We didn't hook up or anything, but I was making progress, seriously. I pretended to fall asleep in the crook of his arm whilst we were on a boat or raft. It was awesome.

P.S. Happy birthday to [ profile] mordicai!
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I had a dream this morning that I was trying to climb up this tower that had very smooth sides, and if I fell I would probably die. It was at like a 75 degree angle or something. Somebody said that it was 3276' tall but now that I'm awake, I remember what the view from the top looked like, and it was probably more like three hundred feet. At the bottom of the slope were the Dalai Lama and a bunch of his monks; except that instead of sapphron robes, they were all wearing Catholic schoolgirl uniforms in a bright royal blue, plaid skirts and all (at least the Lama's skirt was modestly cut at the knee). They were singing and dancing and doing Buddhist things down there, near the roulette (dabo?) wheel.
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Here is a description of the dream I had this morning! Feel free to stop reading now.

Okay, so I was on the final episode of Project Runway. There were five of us left: me, Kara, Santino, Daniel V, and maybe Emmett? Or Chloe, who knows. We each had five designs to present. Mine were terrible. I had this houndstooth number that wasn't put together right. Kara told me that the judges would rip me apart because the pattern was (or wasn't, I forget) at 90 degrees, and I was like, yeah, I know. One of my skirts had a Zulema-like problem, and I needed to make it longer; another, which apparently I was going to model, was just a -- you know those monkeys, the toy ones, with the long arms and the velcro on the hands? It was a toy like that, but of Animal. And I wrapped his arms around my waist and fastened the hands at my back and looked down and said "this is not going to work."

I was in the process of quickly sewing a skirt for this last "piece" -- and I had to run up and down this spiral staircase to get to my personal workroom, which doesn't seem fair -- when I learned that Edward Herrmann had died. I was a mess. I kept crying. AND he was going to be one of my models! It was awful.

Right before I woke up, though, it occurred to me that, sure, my collection was awful and unfinished and I wasn't going to get done in time for the runway show -- but hello, I'm an engineer! I have absolutely no prior design experience! The extent of my sewing experience is the halloween costume I sewed two Halloweens ago! I think it's pretty great that I made it to the final episode at all. Go me.

I just realized that I had a Project Runway dream, but I didn't even get two seconds of a Tim Gunn appearance. Ripoff!
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This morning I didn't want to get up, because I was dreaming that I and [ profile] boomerkuwanger and a bunch of other idiots were involved in some program, maybe a song-writing or filmmaking program of some kind, in New York, which was instructed by John Flansburgh. He seemed to like Sean and me a lot. At one point he put his arm around my shoulders, though just in a friendly manner.

Last weekend, sleeping at M and Jenny's, I dreamed that I attended a Monty Python and the Holy Grail "experience," just like the Star Trek jawns in Las Vegas. The public were "peasants," and we were led around a brown, dusty reckoning of England, watching scenes from the movie ("very small rocks") from the inside. It was awesome. John Cleese and Michael Palin were there, and I was their favorite, and they showed me the back way out of the ride, and I was in the midst of an English neighborhood with tiny yards and red tile roofs.

Happy Festivus, everyone!
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Good God am I tired. I didn't get very much sleep last night.

This morning I put the kettle on the stove, and then laid down on top of my bed again, in that way that I do, when I'm pretending that I'm not going to fall asleep again, but really I am. I had some weird dreams. There was some dude . . . some older guy, some man, with whom I was living and sleeping. It was creepy. I also had a dream about my car, but I don't quite remember what happened. I had a bad dream about my car a few weeks ago: I dreamed that I tried to get into the back seat, and I could barely fit my legs in there. There was no leg room! It was like a non-expanded-cab pickup truck! It was horrible. I woke up in a cold sweat. If there is one thing my car is about, it is leg room in the back seat.

This past weekend was grapenutKelly's bachelorette party, and it was a whole lot of fun. yittleoneGina organized the weekend, and she did a great job. Friday night was at the Casbah in Atlantic City (we stayed at the Sands: don't stay at the Sands. They tried to make us pay something like $120 more per room than we were quoted). Saturday the ladies detoxed on the beach in AC, and then went to dinner in Margate. Saturday night was swimming and girl talk at the Manse. I got really really drunk and MAN do I love me some dishin', I will tell you what. I got pretty sick later in the evening (or morning, if you want to look at it that way), but it wasn't a big deal, and then I felt really great on Sunday, so I didn't mind.

I skipped out on the beach and dinner, because I had to make it in to work during the weekend. (Work is crazy). (Work also bites). However, I made the mistake of going home for lunch, before heading into the office. I didn't feel very well (my tummy), and I kept lounging on the couch with the cat, waiting to feel better, and watching the hours tick by: the later I went in, the later I had to stay, you know? Finally I laid down for a bit. I was actually good and got up 20 minutes later, but I felt worse -- finally a hangover headache, what a delay on that one -- so I said fuckit. I'll go in tomorrow.

THEN I received an email from the lovely [ profile] petit_chou, informing me of a They Might Be Giants show in Penns Landing that afternoon. Now, I had been aware of the existence of such a show; but since I was originally going to be in Atlantic City for most of the weekend, I didn't think it would be possible to make it. But it was happening at 6:30! The ladies' dinner reservation was at 8! I could totally go!

I called a few cats who couldn't make it, so I went over to Penn's Landing by myself. It was a really nice show. And it was outside, and you know how much I enjoy being outside. Oh man and they had Captain-and-Cokes! That was so totally awesome! You know me, I can't have fun unless I'm drinking, but I don't really like beer, let alone watery beer in plastic bottles! So that was great. And they were giving out orange foam hands that said "They Might Be Giants" on them to all the kids. And I wrote down the set list because I'm a dork. And I attempted to anticipate the set list because I'm really a dork, but I wrote nown nine (9) songs and they only played five (5) that were on the list. But they didn't play "Istanbul"! I think that was the first (of over, what, twenty?) They Might Be Giants show I've ever attended where they didn't play "Istanbul."

They sure as hell played "The Guitar" and "Particle Man," though.

And man, even though it was a kids' show? The ONLY song I heard them play from the ABCs album was "Alphabet of Nations" (totally awesome, by the way) and the only songs they played from No! were "John Lee Supertaster" and "Clap Your Hands." Weird.

After the concert I went back home and took a nap, and headed over to the Manse (and the hot tub) at around one. Was up really late, worked in the office all afternoon, and I can't remember what I did Sunday evening, but I imagine it involved sitting around.

On Monday Jeff chose Diner for Movie Night. I like that movie. I hadn't seen it in years. I'm going to start saying that people are "death" when they are really hot because that sounds so serious.
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I wanted so much to write about work this morning but a) reading about other people's work is boring, so I'd be writing it only for myself and b) it would take forever which would keep me from, well, working. But we're no longer attending the Planning Board meeting tonight that we were going to attend. And there's no meeting in August so we're not on until September. Theoretically I guess that sucks -- it sucks for the client that it's taking so long, and I would like to get a little freaking closure or something (our first submission was in DECEMBER, people, December and we have yet to go in front of the board) but it also means that there will be no rush. Well, haha, I'll still be rushing to get it in on time sometime in August, I'll bet, but I don't forsee another 2:30am evening any time soon. So that's good. I can make revisions in peace.

I'm really, really tired. I took a 15 minute nap at lunch. Last night I inflated my new air mattress to check it out (it is SO COOL. It is 1000x better than my old crappy Coleman. I am so grateful to Michelle for recommending it to me) and then fell asleep on it for a bit. Not as awesome as my real bed, but far more comfortable than my couch. At 5am I went to bed properly. This morning I had a bad dream. I was somewhere, we were somewhere, some camp or something. We were set up in bunk beds in dorms. I was in a room with Jeff and Chris and someone else that we knew and I had found something out that was fishy and I needed to tell Jeff, but he was talking to someone or something and I was just waiting around for him to get free, waiting around. It was a bad dream because I was getting increasingly agitated about not being able to discuss this THING with Jeff (I can't remember what it is now) and the situation seemed to get more dire. Then this guy wandered by, this kid from my old high school and it's very odd because I didn't even know this kid very well in real life, he was the grade above me and not my friend, but one of those friendly charming cute preppy types (he's probably a politician somewhere now) who put his arm around you in chemistry class, just to be charming, but I never liked him or anything, he has no significance to me. I can't even remember his name. Maybe Brian Something. Something with a P.

I might go up to see my parents this weekend. I haven't seen them since May.
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I got very drunk in Cape May last night. I was all sixes and sevens. But I had a good time and ate a few mozzarella sticks and didn't get sick or anything. This morning I dreamed that there was a huge flood, it was so bad that there was water over the deck of the Ben Franklin Bridge when I needed to get across, then it would recede and then come back up again. I tried to take pictures of it with my digital camera but I was drunk or high or something and kept pressing the wrong buttons, holding the wrong side of the camera up, releasing the batteries. Finally people shoveled sand onto the bridge and we could drive across.
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Fuck this LiveJournal, I should be working so that I can hurry up and finish so that I can go home and do something to my apartment before my mom gets there.

But I have to talk about this dream I had this morning.

I dreamed that I had somehow hooked up with a buch of comedians, I was friends with a bunch of famous comedians even though I, myself, am not a comedian. We were at a bar, it was me and maybe three other guys, and I think they were real people in the dream like say Ray Romano or something, but I can't remember who they were. In addition to these three mediocre (but not crappy) comedians, also at the bar with us was Jonathan Katz. And then later Steve Martin arrived.

So we hung out and we laughed and we drinked and, true to life, both Jon and Steve were very dry and fairly serious. Katz was a little more joking than Steve. And I think they liked me a little! In the dream I wasn't totally sure, but now that I know it's a dream I can toss modesty aside and state that they did, indeed, like me. Katz left early and then Steve left a little later, and he looked sad to be doing so, but he did anyway. I don't think he wanted to leave me. He gave me two dollars and on one of them signed "Steve Martin" which is somewhat unusual, I read once that he gives out business cards when he meets fans but that was a long-ass time ago, I don't know if he still does that. Also, both Jon Katz and Steve Martin had designed liquors, like the way famous people design perfumes, and Katz's was pretty good but Steve's was actually really quite tasty. I had a shot of one but it was so good I decided to have a double shot on the rocks, but then Steve left and then the rest of us left and we went to some sorority where we took up the second part of some other part of the dream, which wasn't as interesting and didn't have brilliant comedians in love with me in it, so fuck it, my brain didn't even bother remembering it.
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I just woke up from a pretty unsettling dream.

It had a song in the background. It's in my head, but I can't figure out the words. It's probably from theDonnie Darko sound track, that would make sense. I wonder if I'll figure out what it is before I forget it.

It was Halloween, and I was getting ready. I was re-using the dress from my Medusa costume a few years back. So maybe it was another Half-Assed Costume party, because that was my other option when I was deciding what to wear for that, in real life.

The most disturbing part was that there was this guy watching me, a classic movie-type villain with cameras in my house and talking to me via IM and trying to freak me out. The scary part was that my brother headed straight to him, because the bad guy was in the place my brother thought I was supposed to be, so he headed there before I realized my error. I talked to the guy on IM while he messed with Sean's head and tried to freak him out. I tried to stay calm as I put together my costume. There were loads of people in my house, but I didn't tell any of them what was going on. Eventually I finished putting my costume together and the guy let Sean go, I could see him walking down the city street to my fancy hotel room.

He got there and I was so happy that he was safe. I tried to play it off as an "adventure," because apparently I had had to deal with this villain many times before. Sean was wearing a colorful costume, but I don't remember what it was.

Also disconcerting was near the beginning of the dream, before everybody else got there. Manning was there, and he was putting together a webpage for all the pictures I had taken at the first part of the Halloween party, the night before. He took over the entire address, which kind of bothered me because it was his work not mine, y'know? But that wasn't the scary part, the scary part was that he was trying to tell me something, his voice was so quiet that I had to keep asking him to repeat himself. My guests started to arrive to get their costumes ready, before I could make out what he was trying to tell me. I pulled Manning into another room and said "what, what were you trying to say?" and he said "forget it" and I said "no tell me" and he told me that he was just . . . sad. That totally freaked me out. I mean, I'm sure Manning gets sad sometimes, but I won't ever see it, I don't think. The idea that someone so stoic and strong was so lost that they turned to me was terrifying, it meant that something absoultely horrible had happened.

Man, it just leaves such a bad taste in my chest, that dream. And the song that's still in my head. Even though it's creeping me out and I should try to get rid of it, part of me wants to know what it is.

Also one time I looked down from my hotel window, and saw this guy I used to work with at Amtrak. The hotel was right on a boardwal, and ths guy Dave was standing there in a denim tuxedo jacket, tails. He was the maitre 'd of a tourist boat, or whatever the nautical, boat-enthusiast version of a maitre d' is. And I pointed him out to my parents, and they lamented at how badly things have been going at Amtrak, that this is the only place he could get a job.

There's a lot more to the dream that I can't remember so well.

Man, that dream. And then to wake up to an empty house . . . I should go play Zelda, maybe my brain was punishing me for not playing it as soon as I got home.
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Oh but so here's something -- this morning I had a dream about hot air balloons. The Cute Boy was there, which makes sense because in Real Life his dad owns hot air balloons, or something, I dunno, I still have yet to have a conversation with the kid. Anyway, it was a pretty nice dream I think, I don't really remember, but then today I'm all Yahoo's Most Popularing my morning away, and apparently there's been a Hot Air Ballonn Week in Switzerland or some shit, but I didn't even know that, so isn't it weird?

Things are weird around here, at work. One of the project managers left on Friday, he's been here for ages. It's just very uneasy. I dunno.

Man, this is bullshit, let me mention some GOOD stuff that happened this weekend.

I bought a hat! I love winter hats and now I have one more. I also bought a computer game, which will be my first computer game ever, Dune 2000. It was only $4.99. Also I had some pan-seared tuna appemetizers at the Houlihan's at the mall, and it was surprisingly delicious. Also I met [ profile] kaufie and I don't think we talked much (I don't think; though it's possible we had really long awesome conversations all night long, I dunno, I was making my drinks as strong as possible, for to make up for my very late arrival at the party) but I really liked her a lot, for whatever reason, and she and I and Tami smoked in my car (and it smells awful, oh shoot, and I just remembered I didn't leave the windows open so that it can air out more) and Joe Fortunado was apparently wandering around looking for my car, but man, you snooze you lose. I said I was going outside, you need to follow my ass. I was heads and shoulders above the rest of the crowd (literally), it should have been easy!

Man, my head, seriously, what the hell is wrong with me? Oh so dude I get four (4) sick/personal days a year (which I think is complete crap, but we'd best not get me started) and I've only used one and they start up at the beginning of every June. And if you have some left over, you get the money for them! So I might get a little bit of money in June! Hooray. I need it.

I might attempt to make very small booties, but I'm not sure.

Okay, so those are some good things that happened this weekend. Oh also on Friday I got to squeeze in a nap before going out, which is always nice, and I saw what HDTV is like and it really genuinely is much sharper than regular TV, and on Sunday I made myself 4 deviled eggs and then ate them and I make really good deviled eggs. Sometimes at college if I didn't like what the dining hall was serving, I'd take a few hard-boiled eggs from the salad line, and make them right there in the dining hall. They were pretty good.
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Oh man, I just had the mother of LiveJournal dreams. We were ALL trying to go out together, we couldn't decide which place to go to, so we were actually going to split up and go to a few different places, as soon as I got finished my work, by means of getting a Radiohead song in ActiveX format for my boss Wojo. I kept telling him that I had OK Computer in the car (I can't remember now what specific song it was) and I could just grab it, but he was like no, call up the manager of this club and get it from him, which I REALLY didn't want to do because 1) I hate talking on the phone, and 2) I knew the dude was busy and cranky and didn't want to be bothered with something like that. [Oh and in real life Wojo works on the side as a dj for Barbizon (gay!), but I didn't remember that specifically in the dream, but I must have remembered it subconciously, if he knew the manager! Woo hoo, you go, brain!]

Here are the people I can right now SPECIFICALLY remember being there: [ profile] manningkrull, [ profile] tamisevens, [ profile] misterscarecrow, [ profile] kohmu, [ profile] counterfeitfake, [ profile] slickninja, [ profile] dknj, [ profile] whorgia, Mambo, [ profile] illscientist, [ profile] etherealruffian, um . . . I'm pretty sure that like a million other people had to be there, but those were the ones with speaking parts. I was at the shore, also at a club, also at a . . . does Baskin Robbins have special stores where they sell pr0n? Oh yeah [ profile] petit_chou (she was talking about how she ALREADY KNEW that they had porn at Baskin Robbins, they had special porn Baskin Robbinses ALL OVER THE PLACE in Seattle, she goes there ALL THE TIME, blah blah blah, and it was driving me nuts (ARRRRR!)), [ profile] empress_mars, [ profile] zombiepatrick, [ profile] liebevil, [ profile] king_kai, [ profile] chaos4675, [ profile] qed, [ profile] bigtoe250, [ profile] yittleone, [ profile] prettykate . . . man, those are the ones I can remember SPECIFICALLY. And everybody also had friends with them from home. And we were all dressed up and looking GOOD. And if I didn't mention your name, you were probably there anyway, just didn't have a big part. Hmm, [ profile] cinzazul too. It really was amazing, yo. It was great hanging out with you all!

Oh and Manning made fun of something about me, and I got all pissed off at him and started going off like "oh yeah? Well I fucking HATE septum rings, but I never SAID anything, because it's RUDE and there's no reason to say something like that!" I was so pissed. And I really do, not-like septum rings, but I'm used to Manning's and I like his. A lot of us were wearing black, Manning and Tami of course looked amazing, Manning's hair was yellow. And [ profile] counterfeitfake was all by himself in terms of Seattleness for a while, and I was still working, I kept rushing by him in the club and other venues with barely time to smile and wave, so he kept text-messaging me, (and HE was wearing mostly black too and looked very suave and Sprocketsesque) but then he ended up hanging out at a club with Slick's friends and then later I remember seeing [ profile] famousmark and [ profile] quent and [ profile] snowman. OH and models, I think Fjellanger ended up hanging out with models, they were mostly brunettes and wearing a lot of black and were hot and snobby.

Holy cow. What a huge Ben Hur-sized dream, seriously. This entry doesn't even come close to doing it justice. It was crazy and running-around and sort of like Mario Sunshine sometimes. No wonder my nap was 40 minutes longer than I had intended. It made me miss everyone I have met, and want to meet everyone I haven't. ALL AT ONCE!!! We should meet somwhere in the middle, someplace fun, like Missouri or something.
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This morning I had to warm up my car ahead of time. What a shame. I've been complaining about the heat for ages now, though, so I guess I can't say anything.

But DUDE this morning? Because of all the 8 Mile commercials I saw yesterday? I had a dream that I was at this graduation party for someone and it was at this big warehousey thing and not very cool, and then Eminem shows up with Christina Agulera (sp? oh yeah I don't CARE), whom I think maybe he was banging, that slut, and some other dude who was maybe famous. And I was all OMG [somebody let me know when they suspect that I'm using that term sincerely, because I think I might be getting there] because everyone else at the party was lame and I didn't want them to scare him away. So I was working it and trying to seem cool and funny and clever and I was cursing myself for not wearing clothes that made me look hot, but man, by the end of the night/dream I think I almost had him, folks.
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DUDE, I just had this dream that I was at a party that was also attended by famous rappers AND famous samurai, and they ALL wanted me to hang out with them! Hang out/dance/fight/smoke! Is that hot or what?
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Okay, I had the best dream ever in the whole world ever this morning, and it made me wake up happy happy happy. It totally blows that crappy Justin Timberlake thing out of the water.

I went to see the Gigantic documentary in New York. It hasn't come out yet in real life, but when it does, it will be a documentary about They Might Be Giants. When I got there, I was the only one who bought tickets, or something. The show was later that day. Since I was the only person, JOHN FLANSBURGH had to entertain me the rest of the afternoon. Dear God.

First we went to this weird place that reminded me of an elementary school auditorium. There were lots of people there, weird New York artsy people standing around in little groups. John and I stood together and made small talk. See, here's why this dream was so amazing: it was incredibly realistic. In the Justin Timberlake dream, we were at a Tibetian monastary, and practicing swordplay (haha, I mean literally), and we totally hit it off, which was nice, but real fake, you know? Whereas, if for some wacky reason -- like, say I won a contest or something -- John Flansburgh was forced to hang out with me for an afternoon, this is totally how it would be. He was friendly, and funny, but things were kind of awkward and weird, just like when you meet someone for the first time. After the auditorium we went someplace else -- we had some sort of itinerary to follow -- and then after that we went to this tiny bar and sat at a table. A bar or pub like Tattoo Mom's or The Blarney South, very narrow, with music playing but no dancing, not too crowded. As we walked through the bar to get to a table in the back, we passed a few tables of girls who I knew had come to the city to see the documentary, and they saw who I was with and their eyes got all big with shock and envy, but they didn't say anything. We sat at the table and both ordered beer in bottles. It was New York, so I probably couldn't have been drinking Yuengling; possibly it was an Amstel Light. I remember thinking, this really is happening, and appreciating how lucky I was. After a beer or two John and I started laughing more, and loosening up -- just as though it were real life. It felt wonderful.

After the bar we went to the theater to see the screening of the movie. John sat next to me. We chatted during the thing. We didn't fall in love or anything (I'm not sure how my subconscious handled his married status), but with the beers, we were definitely looking at each other. Sometime during the movie I woke up. It took a moment for me to realize that it hadn't really happened, and that was disappointing -- but still, I was glad to have spent the time with him, you know? Even though it wasn't real, it was real to me at the time, and that's just fantastic.
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This weekend I had a dream wherein I was at a Tibetian monastary, and all of the members of N*SYNC were there, and Justin Timberlake and I TOTALLY hit it off and he really liked me. I know, I know, N*SYNC is for fourteen year old girls, brah brah brah, but Justin (now that he cut off his curls) is TOTALLY hot, and he likes me and NOT you, so there.


Jan. 2nd, 2002 12:10 pm
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GOD DAMN RUSH 2049. No, seriously, God, please. Damn it to hell.

San Fransisco Rush 2049, for those of you who haven't been at 508 Glen in the past month or so, is a racing game for Dreamcast. There's a Battle mode that we play all the damn time, last night included. As you might expect, it involves driving around a course and blasting your buddies with various weapons.

As has happened before when playing Rush right before bed, it invaded my dreams. But last night it invaded my dreams hardcore. As I lay in bed, all I could think of was battling. I tried to think of other, real-life things, but my sleepy mind kept turning back to Battle. When I fell asleep, I dreamed of Battle. It was more realistic: I was in the car itself, driving around; I could see Culann and Mitch and Neil in their cars; I could see the blue growing orbs of the sonic booms engulfing them. Take that, Neil! I was at some sort of training camp where they taught you how to battle. When I woke up in the middle of the night, I would remember my dream, and then, to fall back asleep, I would think about battling MORE. I couldn't help it. I tried to think of other things, but I couldn't. When I fell back asleep, I had more dreams of battling. Usually my dreams are varied, but not last night. In the morning, I only snoozed the alarm once; my goddamn dreams were still of goddamn Rush 2049, and I was fucking tired of it, so I just got up. As I stumbled around the house getting ready, all I could think of was battling. WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH ME!?!? I don't even play as much as Neil and Mitch and Culann do . . . . I wonder if their dreams are as single-minded? I mean this happens all the time, when you get on a Tetris kick, or a Megaman kick, or what have you, and you're in the bathroom and all of the tiles look like Tetris pieces, but . . . but this is just rigoddamndiculous.

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