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My calendar here at work is a calendar of bridges, because I <3 Bridges. That's why I wanted to become an engineer, so that I could drive over something I had designed. I ended up not doing that.

Anyway, this month is the Brooklyn Bridge, New York, New York. I'm reading the description here, and . . . it's short, and you wanted to learn something about bridges today, I could tell, so:

Engineer Joseph Roebling envisioned that the Brooklyn Bridge would be "... a work of art, and a successful specimen of advanced bridge engineering.... " Although he did not live to see it completed, his prediction was more than realized. Construction of the bridge was plagued with problems; beginning with the death of Roebling before construction even began. The project was then taken over and seen through to its completion by his son, Washington Roebling. Construction on what was to become the world's largest suspension bridge, and the first suspension bridge to use steel for its cable wire, began in 1870. Three years after construction began, Washington Roebling was struck with a crippling case of the bends after inspecting the cement caissons achoring the bridge below the river's surface. He continued to oversee the completion of the bridge from his bedroom window and employed his wife Emily to relay orders to the crew. Brooklyn Bridge was completed in 1883; fournteen years after construction began. Today, the bridge is the second busiest bridge in New York and one of its greatest landmarks.

Man, that's fucking bullshit! I learned in school that the Emily Roebling did a hell of a lot more than "relay messages". She did a whole fucking lot, especially considering she wasn't educated in engineering or anything.

Fucking calendars, trying to keep us down. You should go read that page (it's short) and be proud of Emily Roebling. Keeping shit together and shit.


Mar. 26th, 2003 03:18 pm
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The VP of my company bought a whole bunch of mini Frosties from Wendy's. Chocolate. Crystal and I ate ours outside and talked about boys and getting jobs as teachers, because of all the time off we'd have during summer.

Ha, and get this -- we're discussing this, with James, this dude at work (I think he's 24). And we're talking about how kickass it would be to have the whole summer off, and James makes it about money a little bit, by saying that you can have a seasonal job during the summer and make mad loot. He says how his friend is a teacher, and then has a contracting business during the summer, building decks and whatnot, and pulls in another $20K just doing that, and then he says, and I sort of to the best of my memory quote, "but that's more of a guy thing, but a girl could do something else." Crystal and I bust out laughing, me so that I won't bust out James' face instead. And then he sort of tried to defend himself, can you believe that? Something like "oh, what, so a girl is going to be . . . " oh I don't remember what the fuck he said. Something about lugging things around. But I said, "uh, yeah, why not?" I mean okay, perhaps it's more LIKELY that a dude would do that, but what exactly precludes a female from having a contractor business? From building a freaking deck? Just cuz I'm a terrible hammerer doesn't mean we all are. Man, from the stupid old veteran who sends around "patriotic" e/pops I can take it (not really, but expect it, at least), but from the guy my age? Come on, man.

This post was supposed to be about how nice it was to sit outside and eat a chocolate frostie and then come back in and have the computer screen be real bright again, not about my stupid sexist co-worker! Oh well.

I guess I have to start a contracting business now, just to show him what for.
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Goddamn, my desk here is messy. It makes my life more difficult. I should clean it up. I'm sure I'm going to screw something up ROYALLY by forgetting to submit a permit or something, some day.

I have a performance review today. "Sometime after ten." It's after ten. I'm not looking forward to it, but I also really, really want to get it out of the way.

Not that I don't love my life, because I totally do: but why would you want to be me for a day? I don't even get laid! The only thing I do is smoke, and you can do that yourself!

I'm (along with several of you) going to see Dane Cook in a couple weeks. Man, seeing comedians -- and not hack comedians, but real live famous you-already-know-they're-funny comedians -- live is always SUCH a freaking good time. I've seen Carlin, Stephen Wright, and Lewis Black. Thass all. But they all freaking ruled. I should make an effort to see more dudes. It's depressing, isn't it, at how across-the-board untalented at stand-up women are?

I feel restless. I am attempting to have this feeling pass by GOING places. Last week fucking RULED, camping. This weekend I'm going to see my extended family, which will be great, because I haven't seen everyone all together for over a year, maybe two. And then I'm going up to Cape Cod with my family. They're getting a house for a week, but I'm just staying til Tuesday. Haha, I said Til Tuesday. We used to go every year when I was a kid, so it will be nice and familiar and relaxing and I'll get to chill with my bro. I can't wait.

I wish I were going all week, but I want to save my vacation days. For a few more long weekends. This is my new plan that I've invented! Instead of going on two one-week vacations, you can go on FIVE four-day weekends! That's what I did when I went down to New Orleans! It was plenty of time! I have another short trip or two tentatively planned for sometime before the end of the year, but that's still all rather iffy. Oh and I was invited to go skiing in Killington for a . . . I don't know. Week, maybe. Few days. I wasn't paying attention. But that sounds expensive.

Michelle and I (and a bunch of other girls) are going to Mexico in January, most likely. For a week. [There goes my new plan: I'm using up HALF of my vacation days in the first month of the year. Oh well.] Puerto Vallarta. And it will be wonderful because I'm the type of person who'll want to see stuff in Mexico, like the pyramidy things, and go on a horseback ride through the rainforest, and so is Michelle! Hooray.

My brother went to see They Might Be Giants at Central Park yesterday. The first time he ever saw them was at Central Park with me, a few years back. On the way to the show I bought a pair of platformy Vans for $10.50. I remarked to my brother that it would be weird that this was sort of being billed as a "family" show, because then Flansy wouldn't be allowed to swear. One of the first things he said when he got onstage (Flansy, not my brother) was that he was going to have to be real careful not to swear. IT'S LIKE HE'S MY BROTHER! They played the best goddamn version of "She's Actual Size" I've ever heard, and Flansburgh played a bass drum for "Whistling In The Dark", which I think I've only seen him do again one other time. They played "Maybe I Know", and they messed up like THREE songs. I've never seen them mess up THREE songs. One of which was "The Sun Is A Mass" -- Flansburgh tried to do the talky factoids, even though that's Linnell's part, and he forgot them so they had to start over and Linnell did them.

I have an urge to just say "John" and "John" and let you figure it out for yourself, like in The Adventures of Pete and Pete.

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