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My future husband's step-sister's husband's mom owns a bakery in the city in which I work. I stopped by during my lunch break to drop off a check for the wedding pies, and met her. She was SO nice and friendly and smiley, and when I expressed amazement that she was able to stay so skinny, working in a place that smelled so good, she gave me cookies, and a pumpkin pie! Life is good.

Eight more days until the wedding! I have a ton of stuff that I'm going to attempt to get done today and tomorrow. Saturday we're driving up to Vermont for my friend Nick's wedding, and won't be back until Monday. On the one hand, it's sort of a shame that I don't have this last weekend in which to accomplish things; on the other, I can't do anything from Vermont, so it means I get to RELAX. And that is the greatest unexpected pumpkin pie of all.
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I was pretty excited about this weekend that just passed, because I had nothing planned for it. The previous two weekends were spent building and then painting a wall, and I was happy to have no obligations.

After work on Friday I stopped by the library to return Anathem (best book ever: read it) and pick up a new audiobook. I managed to find The Audacity of Hope on the shelf! Read by the author! Score! I also picked up a few books on birdwatching, because I decided a little while ago that this will be my new hobby.

I eventually made it over to the Manse to hang out with Chris and Dave and Kevin and Drew and Teege. I told Chris about the birdwatching books and said, "now all I need are a good pair of binoculars!"

"Oh, remind me later, I got you something," he said. And later, it turned out that he had bought me a nice pair of binoculars for my new birdwatching hobby! Hooray for Chris! They are really nice but not too big and bulky. I can see through them a lot better than I can through other binoculars I have known. Excitement!

Saturday, Chris and I got to sleep in together for the first time in what feels like forever. But we still got up at a decent hour, and drove to Silver Lake Park. This is a place that is about a mile from my house, and yet I have never visited it.

I watched the HELL out of some birds, let me tell you what. First I saw a Canada goose. "Canada goose!" I said. I noted that it was odd to see just ONE goose; he was swimming around in a small body of water. Then Chris spotted his partner "sleeping"; I soon determined that the second goose was on a nest! I don't know if Canada geese take turns sitting on the eggs, but for simplicity's sake, we'll assume that they do not, and that the sleeper was Mrs. Goose, and the swimmer was Mr. Goose. It was cool to see an actual nest, but you know, Canada geese are a dime a dozen, so we proceeded through the park. There's no place in it that you can't hear traffic, but it is of pretty decent size, and we saw deer rubs! Chris pointed them out to me and gave me the low down. It's where deer rub their antlers when they're all soft and velvety. We didn't see any deer, though.

I like to think that I'm pretty observant of some things, and I try to pay attention when I'm outside. But being out on my first official Birdwatching Trip, it was amazing how many birds I heard. I only spotted some dark boring thing, like a raven, at first. But then I spotted a couple of woodpeckers! I have to look them up when I get home. They were pretty big! I like woodpeckers, they're cool.

After a little bit of wandering around we headed out again. We stopped a moment to watch the geese again (oh also I saw three drake mallards floating down the stream) and I tried to convince Chris that the goose was indeed sitting on a nest and not just "sleeping." He wasn't convinced until a great blue heron descended from the sky right near the nest, presumably hungry for eggs. Drama! Mr. Goose came over to honk the heron off, who flew fifteen feet away and lurked, pretending to be a reed. We watched for a while as Mr. Goose would float a little ways away, and the heron would creep close to the nest. Creep. Creep. Creep. It was windy and a few times he almost fell over (HILARIOUS.) Finally he got too close and the missus was like "seriously, can you make this dude go away?" and Mr. Goose gave him what for. But dude, the whole thing was awesome. I mean, species that I see all the time, but doing shit! What a successful bird watching experience.

(If I keep this up I'll need a nice camera. But I am going to wait to see if I keep it up. I have had a short attention span, historically.)

On the way back to the Manse we stopped at the new Asian supermarket (called FLK Grocery) near my house. It smells like fish in there, but it is amazing. Their produce section is ridic. We hadn't even seen half of these things before. And they had durian fruit! Just like in Super Mario Sunshine! Also they have fresh fish -- like, whole fish, and also live fish. Carp! Just swimmin' around! We bought wasabi peas and frozen gyoza and noodles.

Then we went back to the Manse and I prepared lunch (leftover Chinese, coupled with the lo mein noodles we had just bought) whilst Chris readied the guns. Yes guns!

After lunch, Chris and Kevin and I went shooting! This is my third time shooting, my second time at an outdoor range, and I am kind of loving it. I had always have a very liberal, guns-are-mostly-bad, why-do-you-need-them-anyway attitude, until Chris took me shooting, and now I think they are neat. I didn't know this before a month ago, but at wildlife refuges in New Jersey, there are shotgun and rifle ranges set up. They're just . . . there, and you can use them for free. (They're paid for with money raised from taxes on gun and ammunition purchases.) Chris has a hunting license and so can shoot there along with a couple guests. There was no one else there, and we tried out Chris's .22 rifle. We shot at spinny targets, and paper targets, and clay pigeons stuck to the back wall. It was fun! I am a pretty good shot!

After shooting, Chris and I stopped by Tesa and Travis's new house, which is pretty cool (and on a whole lotta land.) It was good to see them -- also Tesa likes Star Trek almost as much as I do, so it's nice to talk about Star Trek with someone who isn't Mitch, without feeling vaguely embarrassed.

We went back to the Manse and . . . did we eat dinner? We must have. I can't remember what it was though. Oh it was dumb salad from Pine Hill Pizza. We turned on the 'Nova game and during the first half, Chris fell asleep on the couch and I tried to figure out computer stuff. Then I joined him on the couch for the second half. Then we went to bed. We had had a long day!

On Sunday we woke up and I helped Chris make breakfast. Then we all went bowling, and I did pretty horribly, but it didn't make me all cranky like that sometimes does, so hooray for that! Then Chris and I drove to Wildwood. He's working on a construction site there, and the dudes said he could have broken cinder blocks and whatnot (he had a better term for them. Building blocks, maybe? That makes it sound like legos) so we loaded up Chris's Outback. I didn't complain (out loud) (much)! Actually it wasn't terrible work, it just seemed ridiculous. Also I was afraid someone was going to come by and accuse us of stealing construction material.

I slept pretty much the whole way home, and finished up the nap in bed at the Manse when we got there. Then I ran to the food store (FLK grocery again FTW!) and came back for the Phillies home opener. Flapjack came over! I am always excited to see Flapjack. Chris made homemade crab rangoon, which was pretty damn good, and hamburgers. The stupid Phillies lost. Then I should have gone home because it was past my bedtime, but I stayed and watched Oldboy instead since I have always heard such good things about it. I slept through bits and pieces, but I saw most of it, and it was pretty good! I thought the protagonist looked like a Korean Wayne Coyne.

When the movie was over I kissed Chris and went home to a cat that had missed me so much. No one wanted to see my condo this weekend, which was disappointing. But man, look at that awesome weekend I had! Life is good. Hooray for Spring!
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Today is my birthday and I wish that I were not at work!

I am listening to the new Lily Allen album and wishing that we were best friends. I love her. I just can't stop. Everything she sings, I am like, "man, YES!" I love the way she describes being in love: that it's all staying in bed and playing video games and eating Chinese food and making fun of each other and accidentally calling me baby. I don't know. I just love her. I read her entire Wikipedia entry today and want to be her best friend.

Except that I already have a pretty awesome best friend: Michelle took me out to lunch today and we ate sandwiches in a dark dining room near a fireplace, and talked about . . . well, what ladies talk about. Michelle, we should do that more often. I love Michelle.

Also awesome today: my parents sent me flowers. When I went out to warm up my car this morning, Andrew had scraped the ice off of my windshield and was attempting to write "Happy Birthday" on my side window, because he is cute and thoughtful. Chris is cooking steak for me tonight, and he bought me a genuine work of art for me for my birthday. It is a painting of a grilled cheese sandwich.

Today is sort of . . . mild, weather-wise. For a string of four or five years (back in the late nineties/early aughts) the weather was unseasonably warm on my birthday each year. One of those years I took a physics exam whilst wearing a tiara. That stopped for a while (the unseasonably warm weather I mean -- but I guess the tiara-wearing stopped as well, and I haven't taken a physics test in years), but maybe this is a new beginning.

Happy my birthday, everyone! I love everybody! Life is great!
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Hi! It's my birthday today! That is awesome! I am thirty!

Unfortunately, I have to make a presentation to a Planning Board tonight. Boooo. Luckily, it is a tiny, insignfiicant project, at a laid-back, developer-friendly town. So we should be out of there quickly. Dear god I hope I didn't just jinx myself.

I had a party this past weekend! Unfortunately, I was a dummy and did the age old no eating + vodka shots combo, and I passed out at like 12:30am and missed most of my own freaking party. BOOOOO. I am such an idiot. Oh well. Hopefully everyone had a good time. And I did too, during the part where I was awake! I got to wear my old Halloween costume. And Obi-Wan is my boyfriend. )So it can't be all bad.

It had a theme, you see: Star Trek vs. Star Wars. Some people actually came in costume, and most everybody else wore something festive and Star Warsy. Mitchell was Zefram Cochrane! I knew I could count on him to back me up.

But so if you came, thank you very much for coming to my party! And getting into the spirit of things! And bringing presents! And cake! I'm sorry that I did not get to say goodbye. You guys are the best! Also thanks to everyone (mostly Manse residents) who helped me set the place up for the party, including the installation of an Okudagram on the bar.

Tomorrow Chris is taking me out to dinner a fancy steakhouse in the city. This weekend I will see my parents. I have the greatest friends in the world. In three weeks I will be on a plane to Amsterdam. Being thirty is great so far!
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I'm gettin' an office!!
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Maaaan life is good! I was feeling great and whistling as I picked up the mail from my bin this morning, fifteen minutes early to work, saying good morning to my boss. I even t'rew up half of my morning tea (I think it was a Vitamin C pill that disagreed with my empty tummy) but I'm STILL in a great mood!

Life is great! I started getting a cold a week ago (sore throat in the mornings), but it didn't get medicine-worthy until Sunday (and believe you me, I hit the Sudafed at the first sign of trouble), and it's already almost entirely gone! I am wearing a new sweater today, and new brown pants. I just started my Christmas shopping, but I've already received some presents-to-be in the mail! I went to Target yesterday and found flannel sheets for myself for twenty bucks. I got an S-video cable for my Wii at GameStop, and found canned chipotle peppers as I had hoped (not at GameStop). I'm going to cook a new recipe tonight, which I haven't done in quite some time. Last night my boyfriend fed me (and Dave and Andrew) truly delicious (and not too bad for me) chicken parmesan, all moist and wonderful and not Too Much anything. I am going to make an apron for my mom for Christmas. And my cat loves me, and he's a little bit sick, but I'm taking him to the vet on Monday like a good mom/roommate. And I'm reconnecting with people from my past who I've missed. And I went out last weekend with my brother and his friends, and had a great time. And I'm getting up early to go Christmas shopping at outlet stores with two of my best friends on Saturday. And I'm seeing a play directed by another friend Saturday night, with yet another friend I haven't seen in almost a year. And I've been at this job for five months and I still really like it. And and and.

Life is good, my friends. I wish there were more hours in the day.
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So, yay! I have my scooter!

Many thanks to Kevin and Vince for accompanying me to the scooter shop, and tying down the scooter in Vince's truck, and also watching me ride back and forth on the road behind the shop for a while. Also Larry, the guy at Haddonfield Scooters, was super awesome and friendly and helpful. Kevin gets extra thanks for being around for much of the purchasing process, as well as lending me some gear until I get my own.

I scooted around the roads behind the Manse for a while, and just now I drove it home from there. Dave and Hal followed behind me for safety. It's a ridiculously easy ride, though, which is nice. Though on the way back I'll have to make a left . . .

It's definitely going to take me a little while to get used to going fast (I think I'm speeding along, and then I look down and I'm going, like, twenty-five). But I'm not worried, I just have to get comfortable. It'll come.

The turn signals sound like a truck backing up. But I'm going to leave them loud for now, because I totally forget to turn them off again after the turn.

I AM SERIOUSLY SO EXCITED YOU GUYS. Seriously. Maybe later I'll post the video that Vince took of my first ride. You can pretend to ignore the part where I let it stall.

Oh and I popped a couple of wheelies! Gave it too much throttle. I totally kept my cool though, because I am a cool dude. Soon I'll be doing that shit on purpose.

I already bought an LED light for the valve cap on the front tire.
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I had the most fantastic dream this morning! Highlights included:

  • making out all enthusiastic-like, rolling around, the whole nine yards

  • riding my new scooter around

  • being in charge of something-or-other, which meant I got to boss people around

Does it get any better than that? I mean seriously!

They Might Be Giants tonight! Visiting my mom (et. al.) this weekend! Life is good!
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Maaaaan what is up my friends! Holy shit! I am in a fantastic mood! Since I've gotten back, Bruce has been stomping around and such but he ain't gonna get me down today! No way no how!

I was out in the field today! TODAY! It is seventy freaking degrees out there! Maybe more! We dug four test pits and they all turned out OH-KAY, which is a relief because I had already designed the basin, so if they didn't work, it would have been a major headache. And I had company -- usually it's just me and the backhoe operator, but today the backhoe operator was the property owner's dad, so it was me, the property owner, his dad, and this dude from the township engineer's office. His name was Jeff and he was about my age and he was totally cool! He was there to observe, and he wasn't picky or a hardass or anything, we agreed on everything. It was great. He was nice and chatty and cool. Oh man and there was a guinea hen! When we pulled up to the house there was this freaking bird, walking around and looking at us and squawking a bit. At first I thought she was a peahen, because dude is rich so I jumped to conclusions, like, "man, rich people, buying peacocks and peahens!" But apparently she or he was a guinea hen. And she was all right, talking a bit whilst we where there, but whenever a car drove up or down the driveway, she totally freaked out! She SCREAMED! "Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!" she said. She cracked my shit up.

Then I got to stop by this fancy-pants private school in Moorestown, to get a form signed by my client (whom I love). The school was beautiful, it looked like a freaking college campus. And then I went back to the site to take pictures of wetlands areas. It is so nice out, you guys. I can't even stand it. There is a PSE&G easement running through the property, great big utility towers that march across the land. I stood at the bottom of one and looked up, and the clouds moving behind it made me thing for a moment that it was leaning down toward me, falling at me. It made me dizzy. It was awesome.

I have pictures! But no way to upload them here! You will have to wait.

Today is a great day! We're all going to go out for lunch, to celebrate Big Al's last day! He's going to walk the Appalachain trail from bottom to top! Good for him!
LIFE IS GOOD. Enjoy your weekend, everyone!
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Things with the condo are going great. I really like being a homeowner, even if it's just a condo. I can do stuff! Man, and I don't know if I could ever live in a real house all by myself. I get spooked, yo! If I'm home alone and doing something noisy, like vaccuuming or standing in front of the dishwasher or something, I'm always afraid that people are breaking into my house. And when I'm high and paranoid, forget about it! But I'm okay in a condo development, because there are people all around. If I were in a house in the woods on a lake, I'd need a big dog. Or three big dogs. But then they freak you out when you don't hear anything outside, but suddenly they sit up and stare and maybe even BARK and you're like "what, what??" So we'll see.

Two weekends ago Vince and Chris helped me to install my attic stairs. It only took two (2) separate trips to the megahardware store, though if you consider that Chris and I went to Loews AND Home Depot the first trip, maybe it's two-and-a-half trips. But it went really well! And of course when you're a lady and you ask a gentleman (or two) to help you with something because it's a two-person job, it says so right there on the box, there's always the danger that they'll take over the whole operation. But that didn't happen at all. When there was something that needed nailin' or screwin' or bangin', the guys left me to it. Well except during the last part, when we had to nail the stairs into the frame; but Chris was the only guy up in the attic so that was sort of all on him. But yeah, a success! Vince even brought over his mitre saw (which is the hot shit) so we could cut lumber in my kitchen. It was awes. My place smelled like sawdust for days afterwards, which is a really fabulous smell.

Last weekend I painted my bedroom(s)! Saturday Chris came over to help me tape/dropcloth/&c and put on a coat of primer, and Sunday both Chris and Michelle helped me put on two coats of GREEN. Green green green! I'm really happy with the color. It looks so bright and happy and wonderful. Before, the walls were three (3) different colors: forest green, white, and a light pumpkiny orange. There was no rhyme or reason to it. Now all the walls are bright leafy green (Pepper Grass, according to Behr) and it really pulls the whole room together. Mitch helped me tape the ceiling and trim earlier this week, and I painted a bit last night, so now I need to move my furniture back (ahem, five minutes, I'll give you a beer, anytime after 6:30 tonight, thanks!) and then maybe I can sleep in a freaking bed tonight! I've been on the couch for a week now, and let me tell you, it is getting old. I mean it's not so bad -- it's long enough that I can stretch out no problem, and I like going to bed whilst watching a DVD, but you can't roll over, you can only rotate. And noises outside of my door sound like they're in my living room, so I've had a lot of half-asleep "is there someone in my house?" moments. And it's crowded with the cat in there.

My parents are coming over this weekend! We're going to go headboard shopping. I wanted to go to Autobahn but it is sold out and I KNEW that was going to happen and I am a dummy for not seeing it earlier, or purchasing tickets sooner. I think maybe we should still go into the city for dinner, though. I mean, right? My parents never go to Philly, so it will be nice. I was thinking of the Black Sheep. They make a mean crab cake.

I can't believe the snow is gone already! What a weird winter. I was so glad to have it last weekend, though. I mean, I love the 60 degree days, I really do. I don't much like being cold. But I like SNOW, too. I never realized this before, but everything is freaking DEAD in the winter! The grass is brown and dead, the trees are empty and dead, the birds are on holiday somewhere. Snow covers that up nicely. It was beautiful. The snowfall lasted for DAYS and was white and heavy and PERFECT for snowballs and snowmen. It weighed down branches and they hung over the road like -- like -- fuck it, I don't have a head for similes. But they were beautiful.

Speaking of snowball fights, Gina had her fish-themed birthday party last weekend, and it was the bomb. We drank out of fishbowls with fishie straws and there were streamers and hats and games and it was fantastic. And there was a snowball fight! Oh good lord was Hal drunk, it was great. "I can't see. I can't see." I think he said "I can't see" like two hundred (200) times. I couldn't tell if he was blind drunk, or just had snow on his glasses.

And another fantastic thing that happened at the party was The Conference Call With California. It is official my friends, we will be attending TWO music festivals in the . . . um, South this summer. We're hitting up both Wakarusa AND Bonnaroo -- a Wakaroo, if you will; or Bonnarusa, if you prefer. The Brothers Hunt and I will be driving from Jersey to Kansas, then Kansas to Tennessee, and then Tennessee home. Kevin will be flying to and from Kansas, and driving with Teegus Kongus to and from Bonnaroo. It is going to be something else, I will tell you that. A lot of camping. A lot of music. A lot of dirt. A lot of hippies. A lot of drugs. Few showers. It's going to be great.


Feb. 2nd, 2006 05:24 pm
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Man! It feels like Spring over here! I am bouncing around!

Oh man it is just enough to remind me that when Spring does come, I will want to make out something fierce. Oh no! Well that is some months away.

I am in a great mood because this stupid project is over finally! Well, again. Well, for now. But I am happy! And my boss is in Atlantic City at some surveyor's convention or some shit. And this project is out the door! Okay out to the printer's, but close enough. And my boyfriend picked up the plans! You remember, the guy that looks like Kub from Paker Lewis Can't Lose, a.k.a. the receptionist from ER that isn't Frank. I brought plans out to the van with him! He said it was a gorgeous day out! He gets to drive around in it all day! I called him a lucky bastard. A sleeve tattoo peeked out of his shirt today.

Last night I worked until 9:30 which was balls but I caught the second half of Project Runway, just in time to hear Tim Gunn calling out Santino on his Tim Gunn impression. Then he said the thing about Red Lobster and oh how I laughed, standing in the middle of my new living room with my coat and hat still on. Today I listened to Tim's podcast and he recapped the whole Red Lobster thing and OH was I laughing out loud here at work. I love that show. I love Tim Gunn! I also love Daniel, and in extra-special internet-only behind-the-scenes videos he revealed that he is only 80% gay! I have a chance!!

Last night I prepared beef braised with Guiness between one and two o'clock in the morning. Then I put it into the crock pot that I got from Neil and Kelly (they are moving to Portland soon, and therefore ridding themselves of extraneous possessions) and set it to go! In the morning, as expected, I awokened to the beautiful smell of Guinessy beer. I should crock pot EVERY night! I can't wait to eat it to night! It is going to be the bomb.

I love the book that I am reading.

I'm putting in attic stairs this weekend! I'm going to eat a lot of deep-fried turkey at the XL party!

I get to see Michelle all the time! Once a week, at least! We have not talked this often since college. That's a long time ago! That's as long as my cat is old! Michelle had a birthday party at the shore last weekend and I drove down the AC Expressway with my windows open and listening to ...And They Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead whom I didn't think I would like. But then I did. And also Elvis Costello! And then the party with pasta and records and Kimliss and everything everything.

I am almost done with Season Three of Deep Space Nine! The mission continues!

Kelly Bishop and Edward Herrmann were on point on Gilmore Girls this week! They are amazing!

I HAVE TO GO! I have to home! Which is why this entry is crappy and disjointed. Maybe I'll fix it tomorrow!


P.S. LEGO Suicides
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Okay I rushed the end of that entry because I want to talk about NOW!

Now is great too! Sure I haven't unpacked as much as I should have by now, but who cares? It will get done eventually! I will get a lot done tonight. It's been hard because work has been such a bitch. But as of yesterday morning, that's done for a while! Yay! No more crazy hours for at least a few weeks. And I got a Thank You message on my voice mail this morning from the client, in which he reiterated his desire to help me towards my goal of owning a Vespa. He wants to take me up on his offer to see about the down payment or something. Um, what?? All this from an offhand remark last summer about how all the overtime was going to get me a Vespa. It is weird! And maybe awesome, but maybe not because what? I mean it's not like Bruce isn't paying me. I don't know, it's crazy, let's forget about that for now.

Last night I started to get a little bit upset about how I wasn't going to have a tree this year, because the living room is filled with boxes and Oh will I be able to have a Little Christmas/Housewarming party on the seventh but man WHATEVER! Who cares! I don't have to have a Little Christmas party this year! I'll have one next year! And I've decided to just get a tinyster live tree, and that will be fine! And less stressful! I am easily mollified.

And sure, it's cold in my condo in the places I loiter in -- like the couch, and my bed -- when it's warm and toasty everyplace else. But whatever! I can deal! I might even move the living room furniture around, even though I just got the bookcases nailed to the wall a few days ago. It's all right, man! Nothing is permanent!

I got all my Christmas shopping done last night. I think I did all right, for the most part, despite the fact that I (as I have come to realize this year) not a particularly inspired gift-giver. That's okay! I still love to do it, and Christmas is Christmas and I can't wait to see my family this weekend. Particularly my brother.

And on Tuesday Jeff and I went to see Spamalot! MTA strike be damned! And it was still really really funny! I think the song about the Jews is my favorite. And man, it was great to see Hank Azaria! BOY do I want to hump that man! Ha, you want to hear something funny, though? In June I saw the show with Mitch, and it was the FIRST performance of Hank's sabbatical. (It should have been Alan Tudyk, who subbed for him all summer and fall, but it wasn't for some reason. Which in retrospect was disappointing, but at that point I had seen one (1) episode of Firefly and wasn't yet enamoured with Wash, so I wouldn't have appreciated it as much as I would have today.) So no Hank. And then for THIS performance, we saw the dude who isn't Tim Curry. He was good anyway, but still, isn't that crazy? I just missed them both. And I was hoping that Niles had worked on his Cockney accent in the meantime, but no such luck. Keep tryin', El Niles! Or, you know, don't! I guess your vanilla English accent is fine! Haha I kid, I kid, he's fine.

Christmas is here! It's going to rain! Oh well! But Christmas is here and Jeff and I saw the Santaland Diaries last weekend (which was AWESOME) and also last weekend I traveled north to New York in an attempt to see [ profile] mordicai in his theater debut. I and New Jersey Transit failed! But I DID get to see [ profile] jnnogen, and later M and Jenny at the afterparty, and meet [ profile] kromelizard and [ profile] kingtycoon. And we had drinks and M performed a bit of the play that I had missed and we all had a good time and then kingtycoon and I shared a futon. And then M showed me Ico.

These thoughts are jumbled.

But I was so miserable and angry earlier this week! And now I am not! Also I keep thinking we're a day later than we are. Yesterday felt like Thursday, and today feels like Friday. But tomorrow I'm totally going to fool around all day at work I bet! So who cares.

Life is good! I should get out of here soon.
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I think I've chipped a tooth, and it makes me sad. It's on the inside, so no one will ever notice but me, but there's an edge where it used to be smooth, and I am less a perfect being. I don't even know when it happened, it must have been last night whilst I slept. Don't tell my mom, she'll scold me about my tongue piercing.

This Friday Sean took me to the opera! It was awesome! Sean and I looked all fancy-pants, but you'll have to take my word for it, because we didn't take any pictures. The costumes were great and the physical comedy was fantastic and dude even sang "Figaro." I thought it would be like Moonstruck though and it wasn't much like Moonstruck. I didn't even see my dad out with his girlfriend or anything. And people weren't as dressed up as I would have liked, but I just like it when people get dressed up. We did get to drink champagne on the man's dime during the intermission. Or intermezzo. Whichever.

Saturday I went into work and got caught up on this season's Gilmore Girls (thank you, internet). A bunch of people (me included) appeared at 508 that night, and I fell asleep on the couch. On Sunday I watched football, and actually did useful, productive things! I did four loads of laundry (and actually put away the clean clothes! That usually doesn't happen for weeks!), packed three boxes of things for the move (just sixteen days left!), did all the dishes, and posted three (3) photos du jour, which leaves me just ~110 before I'm up to date again. But every journey, etc etc.

Today I opened a checking account during my lunch break, and I'll be sending out recommendation forms for my PE exam. Tomorrow is the PE class with Michelle, and Wednesday is my last big dinner at my apartment. I think about the new condo constantly. I had a dream the other day that I moved into it and it was haunted. If you'd like to check out some photos (taken during the home inspection), they're here. Tonight is the Eagles game and Friday is HARRY POTTER and I wasn't planning to go on opening night because of, well, you know, the presence of children and all that but now I think I might be changing my mind. I haven't seen any of the movies in the theater before, but I have super high hopes for this one and I am hype hype hype.

So, hey, life is good. Howzabout you?
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MAN it just totally stared THUNDERSTORMING and the thundercracks are HUGE: the storm opened up with one, actually, I was driving back from lunch thinking "gee, it sure is dark for 2:30, I wonder if it's supposed to rain today?" and then after in the office for a few minutes, BOOM and then RAIN and the storm's set off two car alarms, twice!

Man I love thunderstorms. I should add that to my LiveJournal interests list.

P.S. ARRRRGH THESE MOSQUITO BITES!!! I guess I should have gone to a drug store during lunch.

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I've been writing a privatized entry every now and again, these days. You know, using LiveJournal as a real actual journal. I still obsessively read and re-read and re-re-read my entries (do you do that?) on my Friends page. I also look to see if there are any comments. On my Private entries. Because I don't make any sense.

It's getting hot in here again. The AC is still broken.

Despite this crazy project, despite my mostly-shitty/disappointing weekend, despite the fact that it is eighty-five degrees in here . . . life has been pretty exciting and wonderful and surprising lately.

Oh, hey, Manning and Tami are back! I saw them last night! They looked pretty much the same as when I saw them last, except with longer hair.

It's getting really hard to concentrate in here.
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I just want everyone to know that I'm in a great mood today. It's Friday, and the weekend is upon us. I get to see my mom on Sunday. I feel reasonably well-rested. But most importantly, I've been productive at work yesterday and today. What a difference it makes, to actually work hard all day long, instead of fucking around on the internet and then being vaguely unsettled and guilty because I didn't accomplish as much as I could have. I stayed until 8:30 last night, and I didn't even really mind that much. I had thought that there was no way in hell I'd finish the stuff I was supposed to finish in time, but that was before I started working, and I got a hell of a lot done yesterday.

That's really boring to read about! I'm sorry.

I'd write more, but I have work to do!

Are YOU looking forward to the weekend as much as I am?
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I don't get to post very often these days, because I'm not supposed to be on the internet at work; so I write more infrequently, but they seem to be really LONG for the most part. So I'm actually goint to lj-cut this baby (!), even though I always talk about how much I hate it when other people do it. But I guess I'm trying to be respectful, or something. Suck it.

Last week, as aforementioned, I went up to Rutgers for a seminar. It was called Soils and Site Evaluation for Septic Disposal Systems. Doesn't that sound exciting? I actually sort of thought that it was. It was all about soil. I took Soils Mechanics in school (which isn't nearly the same thing, that's for building structures on top of, not septic systems within) and a Soils Lab (which was mostly not really the same thing), but this was more useful, and it sort of felt nice to be treated like a grown-up, and to be taught things that are relevant and practical. And applied, not just theoretical stuff that we should know, but don't really need to to complete a project. Though there was some of that, too.

And on the second day, we went out in the afternoon to do test pits. See, when you have a site, and you want to put in a septic system (or a stormwater management basin, but that's another seminar altogether), you do test pits. A test pit is a big ol' hole in the ground, made by a back-hoe. You go in and look at the soil and identify it and yadda yadda yadda this belongs in [ profile] its_what_i_do, not here, so I'll shut up. But the end result is that my hands got dirty, absolutely filthy, and I loved it. I squeezed and rubbed and mushed a LOT of wet soil, let me tell you.

And then afterwards, I shot the shit for twenty or so minutes with one of the only cute boys my age in the class. He's a little too clean-cut for me, and lives an hour away, but still, it's nice to talk to a cute boy for a while, 'specially a geologist. And I was thinking he was older than me, but he JUST graduated! OMG! A younger man!

And I must talk about Cook a little. Cook College is one of the colleges of Rutgers University. Its campus is south of the College Ave. Campus. Cook has . . . agriculture-type studies. And animal sciences, and food science, and environmental stuff. Anything that's GREEN, you probably have to go to Cook for the degree. Lot of hippies. It's an amazing campus, though. There are cows and horses and goats and sheep. And pigs? I don't remember any pigs, but you'd think they'd have pigs, right? And fields, one of the test test pits was dug in a corn field. And there were flies all over, because they had recently put some manure down. I think that's great. Not the manure, but the goats and such. Goats! Tons of goats! Small animal studies. Something like that. And cows, tons of cows! I mean there honestly are a LOT of these animals, it's not like a petting zoo or something. And Cook and Douglass campuses (Douglass is the stupid women's college, they sort of share a campus, they're squished together) has a MOUNTED PATROL as part of Campus Police. Mounted patrol! And students get to ride! That's hot.

But of course the fun part of this seminar was hanging out at Dave and Mambo's apartment. Read more... )
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This morning I had every intention of getting to work by seven (I got here by seven-thirty, but with no shower; not too bad). When my alarm clock went off at five something, I awoke to the moon BLASTING into my room. Lighting the whole damn thing up. Like "Bombs Over Baghdad", that will never, ever, ever get old: the amount of illumination that a full moon produces. It casts shadows, sharp shadows. I guess I'd be less impressed if I lived a while ago, when we humans weren't so prolific at lighting things up. To see nature/science/God do it instead . . . amazing.

By the time I drove to work, the sun had risen somewhat. The sky was a pale pale blue with streaks of pink, and the moon was still out, WHITE, nay SILVER. This weren't no pale moon that you see in the day sometimes -- this was a silver moon, hanging in a pink sky. Life is good.
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Man, yesterday was gorgeous. What a shame that I missed most of it, rotting in this office. But the drive home was lovely. I had the windows down and the sun roof open and my purple shades on. I listen to music or to news radio about 98% of the time I'm in my car, but yesterday I kept the radio off. It's nice driving in silence sometimes. I drive a little Japanese car, so the engine was reeeeaaal quiet. I didn't sing to myself and I didn't even think real hard about anything; I just listened to the air rushing through the window, and my tires on the road. It's good to be alive.


Mar. 30th, 2001 09:27 am
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I was going to start off by saying how ANNOYING and IRRESPONSIBLE it is for people to drive around with their lights off when it's cats and dogs out there (wipers on, lights on, folks), but then I figured it'd be bad form to start out my journal with a complaint, so I'm not even going to mention it.

I will say that the rain was accompanied by a fog, a great big thick no-nonsense fog that now that I think about it wasn't a fog at all. Because I could see the bottom of it; I guess it was just a big thick no-nonsense lazy cloud that obscured the top two-thirds of Philly's few skyscrapers. I like fog, a lot. Last year when I was at Rutgers I was walking to class one day and there was this kickass fog and I kept looking around at all the stuff I couldn't see. "I can't see the Electrical Engineering building!" I thought to myself. "Hey, I can't see the CoRE building! Hey, I can't see SERC! Hey, I can't see the Student Cock!"

[It's not really called the Student Cock. Well, it really is called the Student Cock by myself and a few of my friends, but not by the Rutgers unwashed. But that's a story for another time.]

And if you're fishing on a lake -- say, Lake Champlain -- with your dad, and a fog rolls in, it feels like you're in a furry room. And sounds sound different. And you can't tell which way is home and which way is OUT TO SEA. Well, maybe not out to sea so much as the opposite direction.

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