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I know this news is weeks old now, but I have photos online, so whatever. Here I go.

I already mentioned that I was in South Philly (specifically, the sports complex) after the World Series win. Well, here is what my crew looked like:


And here is what the scene outside the ballpark was like:

If you have fifty-two seconds to spare, then I'll tell you the story of my life I urge you to watch that video, because it is awesome. Especially Michelle and Flapjack.

Then that Friday I went to the Championship Parade. We parked near the stadiums, and walked north along Broad, to ostensibly meet up with Kevin, Cass et al, who were ostensibly moving southward, though every time we managed to get through to them, they were at the same freaking intersection.

We stopped heading north when it was clear the parade was on its way, and walked back to a spot where we could go right against the rope "barrier;" nay, right into the street. It was awesome. The phanatic led it off, followed closely by Pat "the Bait" Burrell. Then the trucks filled with our heroes. Here are the people I saw: Charlie Manuel (whom I did not recognize at first, because he was wearing a suit,) Mayor Nutter (holding aloft the trophy), Ryan Howard, Cole Hamels, Harry Kalas, Brett Meyers, Jimmy Rollins, Jason Werth . . . probably some others, I don't remember anymore. But they were right there! Excited as we were! A dude near us in the crowd had a sign that said DAVID WRIGHT IS GOLFING RIGHT NOW - THIS IS BETTER and they all pointed at it and took pictures.

The crowd was great. EVERYBODY was wearing Phillies gear. Like honestly probably 85% of the people there. Another 10% were wearing red. It was wonderful. Not as manic as right after the game, but still great. After the parade passed we walked up the middle of Broad to meet up with the rest of everybody. When we got there Neil was like, "did you see the Runway dude?" and I said "whuzzah?" and he pointed out Jay McCarroll! Season one winner of Project Runway! I knew that he lived in Philly now, he's teaching at one or two of the art schools in the city. So Neil and I went over to him and met him and got a picture. I looked remarkably boring and had NOTHING of interest to say, but he was very nice and friendly (and drunk,) and they thought Neil and his tattoos were cool. So we chatted a bit and then left.

Then we all meandered south towards the stadiums, and the car. There was a long period of time where we lost Flapjack and Chris, because they broke off from the group to pee; instead of walking right back, they tried to cut us off. But everyone was polite and waiting for them, whilst they were wandering farther down Broad. Also everyone was drunk on 40s. This was further complicated by the fact that the cell phone lines were jammed, and it was nigh impossible for anybody to get through to anybody else. But I found them eventually, after finagling an EXTREMELY inebriated Kevin back to the car (I offered to hold his hand to keep him from veering into traffic, but he refused.) Oh man and when I was waiting for Flaps and Chris to come back, I climbed up on the outside of a little landscaped area of some brownstone, so that they could see me better. And the homeowner came home and yelled at me for being "on his property!" On Philly day! What a toolbox. He's like, "you think you can just stand on other people's property?" and I said "you can if they're friendly!" but not too loud because I was sober and wimpy. But I wasn't messing anything up! He wanted me off on principle. He probably voted for McCain, that douchebag.

Anyway, I drove us all home and we got hoagies and no kids came to trick-or-treat at my house. That was my Halloween proper. It was worth the day off.

The next day was the Halloween Party. Chris and I were Captain Murphy and White Debbie from Sealab 2021, respectively, because we are lazy. It was our third [adult swim]-themed couple costume in a row! Phew.

This is me, and Kevin as a prisoner. We are in the Orange Coveralls Club (OCC). I don't think anyone took any pictures of Chris and me together, which is sort of funny. You should check out the rest of the pictures by clicking above: Michelle had the best costume by far. It had sound effects, and her boobs were flashing red lights. Did YOUR costume have that? No, didn't think so.
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Wait. New York Fashion Week starts today? But there are still six designers left on Project Runway. By now (or by the next episode) there should only be four, so that when the three designers + the decoy present their lines, nothing has been spoiled. Anybody have any info on what is up with this? Do you think this means they'll cut two people this week?
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I haven't written a proper post in a long while, and I will do that soon (maybe) but first:

Project Runway fans: you're listening to the Tim's Take podcasts this year, right? They are even WAY BETTER than last year. They average thirty minutes long, and he doesn't like Angela, and he HATES Vincent. HATES. It is awesome.

But today you should watch a video. Go here, click on Videos (not "Video Mashup"), and then go to Project Runway>Season 3>Bonus Footage, and then watch the second-to-last video, called Jeffreycam. Ulli is funny, but Michael is hilarious. God I want to marry that man.

I really really hope it's Laura, Kayne, Ulli, and Michael at Fashion Week. And Laura, Uli, and Michael in the final three. I wouldn't be surprised if Vincent made it to the final four, though, just like Wendy Pepper and Kara Janx before him.
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Here is a description of the dream I had this morning! Feel free to stop reading now.

Okay, so I was on the final episode of Project Runway. There were five of us left: me, Kara, Santino, Daniel V, and maybe Emmett? Or Chloe, who knows. We each had five designs to present. Mine were terrible. I had this houndstooth number that wasn't put together right. Kara told me that the judges would rip me apart because the pattern was (or wasn't, I forget) at 90 degrees, and I was like, yeah, I know. One of my skirts had a Zulema-like problem, and I needed to make it longer; another, which apparently I was going to model, was just a -- you know those monkeys, the toy ones, with the long arms and the velcro on the hands? It was a toy like that, but of Animal. And I wrapped his arms around my waist and fastened the hands at my back and looked down and said "this is not going to work."

I was in the process of quickly sewing a skirt for this last "piece" -- and I had to run up and down this spiral staircase to get to my personal workroom, which doesn't seem fair -- when I learned that Edward Herrmann had died. I was a mess. I kept crying. AND he was going to be one of my models! It was awful.

Right before I woke up, though, it occurred to me that, sure, my collection was awful and unfinished and I wasn't going to get done in time for the runway show -- but hello, I'm an engineer! I have absolutely no prior design experience! The extent of my sewing experience is the halloween costume I sewed two Halloweens ago! I think it's pretty great that I made it to the final episode at all. Go me.

I just realized that I had a Project Runway dream, but I didn't even get two seconds of a Tim Gunn appearance. Ripoff!

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