Dec. 5th, 2012 11:24 am
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I do so few things correctly that I always get really pissy when I don't get credit for the stuff I DO accomplish.
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The guy that worked in the office behind me, and listened to Christian pop music all day, quit a week or two ago. So I don't have to listen to Christian pop music anymore! That's nice.

However, another dude with an office behind me has been listening to his radio louder than usual lately. Now, I'm an old lady, and not up with the musical stylings of the day. But apparently there is a song that the kids are listening to with the refrain "like a G-6, like a G-6." I do not know what this means. I do not care. But when someone is listening to their radio, juuuust loud enough for you to make out repetitive chori, and the song comes on, it's not that awesome.

The song just came on for the THIRD time today. Seriously? I mean I know radio stations have particular songs in rotation, but three times in four hours? Seriously?

I make a good grumpy old lady, I think.
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I call my boss "boss." What do you call your boss?
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I am just leaving work now to go home! Boo. I mean, yay that I'm going home, boo that it's already 10:08.

Okay bye.
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I'm gettin' an office!!
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Oh God, they just cast Bruce Greenwood -- aka Mitch Yost -- as Christopher Pike!

I wasn't sure which of my friends had the overlapping interests of John From Cincinnati and Star Trek, hence this LiveJournal post.

I -- I'm not sure how I feel about this. JFC is the only thing in which I've seen this dude, and Mitch Yost [haha, I totally typed "Mitch Young" by accident] was a total dickhead. So it's hard to judge whether I like the guy. I guess he did a good job of being a totally unlikeable dickhead.

In other news, my company gives every employee a free turkey every Thanksgiving! That is so totally random and yet cool! How very A Christmas Carol.

In other other news, I was Bender Bending Rodriguez for Halloween and my pictures are here. Halloween was awesome. I danced a lot.

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Quick work update: I did that Planning Board meeting, and it went well! I only said about six sentences, and I'm pretty sure that my face turned bright red each time I spoke. But I said what I needed to say, I didn't forget anything, and I didn't say anything incorrect that is now in the record. Hooray for me! Even though it wasn't a difficult meeting, I still feel way more confident now, to have one Planning Board meeting under my belt. I even volunteered to cover for Mark (my boss) for the meeting just before Thanksgiving if he wanted.


So now what I really want to talk about . . . Halloween.

I've been thinking of doing this costume since March or so, and seriously thinking about how to make it happen since August. I've been in the construction phase for the past few weeks.

There are several accessories, but the I'm constructing main part of the costume out of fabric. This is the first time I've attempted to design and construct a costume for Halloween. Last year when I was Dr. Girlfriend I used a dress pattern (and only altered the collar,) and I also used a pattern three years ago when I was a Star Trek Lieutenant. This time has been . . . a disaster, largely.

It's just not turning out the way it was in my head. It's not hanging correctly, the thing/dress is getting all caught up on my person, and it does not look like what it's supposed to look like. I tried it on last night to see how the armholes had turned out, and ugh. Just . . . ugh!

When I started composing this entry in my head, it was to pre-emptively apologize for my ugly Halloween costume. But now . . . now I'm thinking that maybe I'll start over. That's right, scrap the thing I've been working on for a month and start from scratch. Because I'm crazy! But I mean not COMPLETELY from scratch. My accessories will still work. But the main body . . . I dunno. We'll see. But I'm stopping at Joann's on the way home from work tonight (for like the SIXTH time this Halloween season) and I'll go from there.

I wish I had started sooner! Oh well.

So, what else is up?

I dunno! Everything's good I guess. My bedroom is cleaner than it usually is. The cat is good. I'm still madly in love. I bought stacking cups for Chris, and they've proven to be a big hit. The job is still good. I don't cook anymore, and that makes me sad, but maybe I'll start up again after Halloween is over and I can reclaim my living room. I miss Gilmore Girls (and have a post in the works about that.) Chris and I are watching both The Office and Weeds this season, but since we never get together anymore because of my stupid costume, we're two weeks behind on each. I watched the first episode of Pushing Daisies, but I haven't caught the two others since then. It was okay, though maybe too cute. My brother is getting an apartment in Jersey City with his girl. I caught up with Henky, who was my best friend 8 years ago, but with whom I had a falling out. She is married and has a really cute, smiley daughter and I hope to stay in touch with her this time.

That's all I can think of! Also I want to go home. Bye.
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Tomorrow is my last day at work! In celebration, Rick (my carpool buddy, and my best friend at this place) and I ate lunch at the sushi buffet place across the way. It was AWESOME but now I am filled with raw fish and sauvignon blanc. Oh man so much tuna! So much tuuuuuuna.

On Tuesday I went to see Flight of the Conchords with Teege Michelle Vince Lisa Andrew and Chris. And Dave and Lil and her son, but I don't know if I can say "with" in regards to those last three because they were in the back of the TLA Filmore at the TLA and I didn't talk with them. They were really really funny (the Flight of the Conchords, not Dave and Lil and Dorian)! It was a great show, and we had great seats. Hooray for New Zealandi Novelty Folk Comedy Duos. You should watch their show on HBO. I have no idea what the hell their show is going to do or be about, but it will most likely be amusing.

Last weekend was Michelle's Bachelorette Party. I planned a lot of it, and it was very fun to do so! I should plan parties for other people more often. Also the party itself was great! We had a chick from Pure Romance come and do a thing. It was like a Tupperware party, but with vibrators! That part of the evening actually took a long time, but we were laughing and drinking throughout (also licking and sniffing) so I think that it was okay. And man, at the party overall, were definitely the highest number of phallically shaped objects I have ever encountered in my life. There were nametags and straws and plastic forks and knives and spoons and wine glass tags and a pinata and a CAKE (with hairy balls) and balloons and I'm probably forgetting stuff. Also technically there was a jello mold, but by the time the vibrator lady left I was too drunk to remember such a thing, and it stayed in the fridge. I hope Teege liked it.

Maybe I'll write a little more about work in another post. I thought that glass of Sauvignon Blanc would make me not want to be at work even more than usual, but it just made me not care that I am at work (though, the next-to-last-day-itis is pretty strong on its own.) I'm driving home tonight, so I can't really have more than a drink or two after work today. That's probably for the best.
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Hello, internet!

It's been a dog's age since I updated my LiveJournal, and I want to get back into the habit of updating regularly (man, how many times have I said that), but I have to get a recap out of the way first. I was reading back over the last few whatevers of entries, and almost everything is about a) work, and b) my cats. HOW BORING. Prepare yourself for some more of the same.


So, hey, I'm employed! I was unemployed for six weeks at the beginning of the year, and this is my fifth week at my new job. It is, as I had hoped, in the geotechnical engineering field, as opposed to land development, which is what I was doing before. Sometimes it's a little frustrating to not be doing what I already know how to do -- I jump at the chance to do little civil things here and there, partly because it makes me feel smart again -- but I'm glad I'm learning something new, which could ultimately be more interesting to me. Right now the commute is a bitch (over an hour), but I'm already mostly used to it, I have a guy with whom I carpool, and theoretically in a year I'll be working out of the West Berlin office, which is just fifteen minutes down the road from my house. And I like the company -- it's far more laid back than the other places I've worked (I'm thinking this is largely because there are fewer freaking engineers here, a lot of guys are geologists), but not excessively so. Work right now is slow, but supposedly in the summer it speeds up a bit, and we'll be losing our two Drexel co-ops, which also makes me sad because they are awesome. What's sort of ridiculous is that I keep thinking of them and me as the kids, which is absurd, as I am practically thirty years old and have a PE (not that I've used it yet) and am really not a kid anymore. That probably means I should dress better.


It is with great regret that I must inform you (the internet) that I have given my kitten Edward away. I got him sometime in November, I believe, and for the past four months he's been living happily with myself and Henry. Henry, on the other hand, was not so happy. I was hoping that eventually they'd get over it and get along, and while Edward never held any ill will towards Hank, he did treat the orange behemoth just as he treated his furry mice and jingling balls and fuzzy yarn: he jumped on him, and hunted him, and wrestled. Henry was in turn making MY life miserable and impossible, and though at this point I like Edward better, I feel as though I have more loyalty to Henry, so I gave Edward to my wonderful and understanding parents. I'll miss him, but man, he'll have a much better time there. They have birdfeeders which attract about fifty birds at any given point of time during the day; a much larger house about which to run and explore; hardwood floors downstairs, the better to make hairpin turns upon; the option to eventually become a partially Outdoor Cat and learn to kill and bring home the aforementioned birds; and people who are home far more often than I am. I just hope he doesn't forget me. He's such a sweetheart, even if he did attack my eyeball whilst I was sleeping and make it look like I got punched in the face.

Okay, I think that's it! I want to talk about "The Riches," which I watched last night, and maybe even a little bit about R.E.M., who were inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame yesterday, which makes me feel both old and nostalgic. Hopefully I'll get around to that. Maybe I won't. Anyway, hi again, LiveJournal! I've totally still been reading almost everything this whole time, even when I don't take the time to comment. Have a great Tuesday. It's warm!


Nov. 29th, 2006 04:13 pm
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  • I rode my scooter to work yesterday, and today. It's sort of cold when I ride -- that is, around 8:30 am and 6/7pm -- but it's so nice and warm during the day! I think I could totally ride my scooter all year long, if I just got a few pieces of cold-weather gear (winter riding gloves, a chin/face protector, fleece-lined jeans, and the zipper on my riding jacket fixed), but the question remains, would it still be fun? I love my scooter but I hates being cold.

    I got a flat on the ride in this morning! Luckily I made it to the office safely; I didn't notice it until I was turning into the parking lot, in fact. I fixed it during lunch in twenty-five minutes! I felt very proud of myself. I got greasy!

  • I really have to update my resume, for SERIOUS.

  • I am loving this season of Gilmore Girls. The writing is SO realistic. There are still little things here and there I would do differently, but overall, I think it's excellent. Characters are acting like people in LIFE, not like people in a teevee show, who act ridiculous just to set up dramatic situations. Suck it, Palladinos. Sorry.

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Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand as we all thought would happen, my company is DUNZO as of December 31st. Baby needs a new job.

Happy Thanksgiving, everybody!

UPDATE: I now have official word that there will be no Christmas bonus this year. Oh well.
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Maaaaan what is up my friends! Holy shit! I am in a fantastic mood! Since I've gotten back, Bruce has been stomping around and such but he ain't gonna get me down today! No way no how!

I was out in the field today! TODAY! It is seventy freaking degrees out there! Maybe more! We dug four test pits and they all turned out OH-KAY, which is a relief because I had already designed the basin, so if they didn't work, it would have been a major headache. And I had company -- usually it's just me and the backhoe operator, but today the backhoe operator was the property owner's dad, so it was me, the property owner, his dad, and this dude from the township engineer's office. His name was Jeff and he was about my age and he was totally cool! He was there to observe, and he wasn't picky or a hardass or anything, we agreed on everything. It was great. He was nice and chatty and cool. Oh man and there was a guinea hen! When we pulled up to the house there was this freaking bird, walking around and looking at us and squawking a bit. At first I thought she was a peahen, because dude is rich so I jumped to conclusions, like, "man, rich people, buying peacocks and peahens!" But apparently she or he was a guinea hen. And she was all right, talking a bit whilst we where there, but whenever a car drove up or down the driveway, she totally freaked out! She SCREAMED! "Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!" she said. She cracked my shit up.

Then I got to stop by this fancy-pants private school in Moorestown, to get a form signed by my client (whom I love). The school was beautiful, it looked like a freaking college campus. And then I went back to the site to take pictures of wetlands areas. It is so nice out, you guys. I can't even stand it. There is a PSE&G easement running through the property, great big utility towers that march across the land. I stood at the bottom of one and looked up, and the clouds moving behind it made me thing for a moment that it was leaning down toward me, falling at me. It made me dizzy. It was awesome.

I have pictures! But no way to upload them here! You will have to wait.

Today is a great day! We're all going to go out for lunch, to celebrate Big Al's last day! He's going to walk the Appalachain trail from bottom to top! Good for him!
LIFE IS GOOD. Enjoy your weekend, everyone!
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I have so many things I should be writing about -- like my birthday, and my birthday/housewarming party, both of which were spectacular; and about how I stabbed myself in the leg with a utility knife, which was not so spectacular but rather a little exciting.

But I don't have time to do the subjects justice right now, so I'll just have to hope I get back to them eventually.

I will, however, post the following picture of a Bog Turtle. Bog Turtles are protected by the NJDEP, and I had to write a letter today saying that the project on which I'm working doesn't interfere with any Bog Turtle habitats. I decided to look the fella up to see what he looks like. HE IS A CUTIE.


Feb. 2nd, 2006 05:24 pm
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Man! It feels like Spring over here! I am bouncing around!

Oh man it is just enough to remind me that when Spring does come, I will want to make out something fierce. Oh no! Well that is some months away.

I am in a great mood because this stupid project is over finally! Well, again. Well, for now. But I am happy! And my boss is in Atlantic City at some surveyor's convention or some shit. And this project is out the door! Okay out to the printer's, but close enough. And my boyfriend picked up the plans! You remember, the guy that looks like Kub from Paker Lewis Can't Lose, a.k.a. the receptionist from ER that isn't Frank. I brought plans out to the van with him! He said it was a gorgeous day out! He gets to drive around in it all day! I called him a lucky bastard. A sleeve tattoo peeked out of his shirt today.

Last night I worked until 9:30 which was balls but I caught the second half of Project Runway, just in time to hear Tim Gunn calling out Santino on his Tim Gunn impression. Then he said the thing about Red Lobster and oh how I laughed, standing in the middle of my new living room with my coat and hat still on. Today I listened to Tim's podcast and he recapped the whole Red Lobster thing and OH was I laughing out loud here at work. I love that show. I love Tim Gunn! I also love Daniel, and in extra-special internet-only behind-the-scenes videos he revealed that he is only 80% gay! I have a chance!!

Last night I prepared beef braised with Guiness between one and two o'clock in the morning. Then I put it into the crock pot that I got from Neil and Kelly (they are moving to Portland soon, and therefore ridding themselves of extraneous possessions) and set it to go! In the morning, as expected, I awokened to the beautiful smell of Guinessy beer. I should crock pot EVERY night! I can't wait to eat it to night! It is going to be the bomb.

I love the book that I am reading.

I'm putting in attic stairs this weekend! I'm going to eat a lot of deep-fried turkey at the XL party!

I get to see Michelle all the time! Once a week, at least! We have not talked this often since college. That's a long time ago! That's as long as my cat is old! Michelle had a birthday party at the shore last weekend and I drove down the AC Expressway with my windows open and listening to ...And They Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead whom I didn't think I would like. But then I did. And also Elvis Costello! And then the party with pasta and records and Kimliss and everything everything.

I am almost done with Season Three of Deep Space Nine! The mission continues!

Kelly Bishop and Edward Herrmann were on point on Gilmore Girls this week! They are amazing!

I HAVE TO GO! I have to home! Which is why this entry is crappy and disjointed. Maybe I'll fix it tomorrow!


P.S. LEGO Suicides
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Project is due Monday! I will have it done early enough, this time, so that I can look over everything and go over all the plans before I hand them to Bruce (or before they go out the door) and I don't have the problems I had last time, and I don't make the mistakes I made last time, the ones what got me yelled at.

So no internet! If you see me commenting, yell at me! No LiveJournal, no SNUP, no Neopets. And no hangin' out! No Movie Night, and no Wednesday Dinner. It's all: come to work, stay really late, go to the gym, go home, fall asleep. The end!

See you in a week.
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I am not good at my job.

I'm okay at being an engineer, but I'm a terrible project manager. Bruce was actually really nice about it, pointing out what I did wrong. I couldn't do anything but just stare at the plans with my head in my hands.

I'll be okay, I just need to try harder.

Man, also? This morning I shifted in my chair and a part of my butt felt cool and I thought "oh no did I spill something?" but an investigation showed that I have a hole in my jeans! In the BUTT! Damn you Old Navy!!! Their jeans are so cheap, but they are also so CHEAP! They never last longer than a year and a half.

So to show that I've learned my lesson, I'm going to drive up to Old Navy on my lunch break and buy another pair.

Happy birthday Mitch! Happy birthday Culann! Happy birthday Ford! Happy birthday Wil Wheaton!

I didn't get any of you fuckers anything. But I hope you have a lovely day.
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I wanted so much to write about work this morning but a) reading about other people's work is boring, so I'd be writing it only for myself and b) it would take forever which would keep me from, well, working. But we're no longer attending the Planning Board meeting tonight that we were going to attend. And there's no meeting in August so we're not on until September. Theoretically I guess that sucks -- it sucks for the client that it's taking so long, and I would like to get a little freaking closure or something (our first submission was in DECEMBER, people, December and we have yet to go in front of the board) but it also means that there will be no rush. Well, haha, I'll still be rushing to get it in on time sometime in August, I'll bet, but I don't forsee another 2:30am evening any time soon. So that's good. I can make revisions in peace.

I'm really, really tired. I took a 15 minute nap at lunch. Last night I inflated my new air mattress to check it out (it is SO COOL. It is 1000x better than my old crappy Coleman. I am so grateful to Michelle for recommending it to me) and then fell asleep on it for a bit. Not as awesome as my real bed, but far more comfortable than my couch. At 5am I went to bed properly. This morning I had a bad dream. I was somewhere, we were somewhere, some camp or something. We were set up in bunk beds in dorms. I was in a room with Jeff and Chris and someone else that we knew and I had found something out that was fishy and I needed to tell Jeff, but he was talking to someone or something and I was just waiting around for him to get free, waiting around. It was a bad dream because I was getting increasingly agitated about not being able to discuss this THING with Jeff (I can't remember what it is now) and the situation seemed to get more dire. Then this guy wandered by, this kid from my old high school and it's very odd because I didn't even know this kid very well in real life, he was the grade above me and not my friend, but one of those friendly charming cute preppy types (he's probably a politician somewhere now) who put his arm around you in chemistry class, just to be charming, but I never liked him or anything, he has no significance to me. I can't even remember his name. Maybe Brian Something. Something with a P.

I might go up to see my parents this weekend. I haven't seen them since May.
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I just want everyone to know that I'm in a great mood today. It's Friday, and the weekend is upon us. I get to see my mom on Sunday. I feel reasonably well-rested. But most importantly, I've been productive at work yesterday and today. What a difference it makes, to actually work hard all day long, instead of fucking around on the internet and then being vaguely unsettled and guilty because I didn't accomplish as much as I could have. I stayed until 8:30 last night, and I didn't even really mind that much. I had thought that there was no way in hell I'd finish the stuff I was supposed to finish in time, but that was before I started working, and I got a hell of a lot done yesterday.

That's really boring to read about! I'm sorry.

I'd write more, but I have work to do!

Are YOU looking forward to the weekend as much as I am?
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I'm still at work! My head hurts.

I'm leaving now.
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Hooray, it's my last day!

We all went to Ott's for lunch. Well, seventeen of us, anyway. They got me a card, which I was expecting, but they also got me a gift! They're crazy! I wasn't expecting a gift!

I got a small beaded change purse that looks like a cat head, which is tacky enough to be awesome, and it was filled with $61! And also a little lamp with a shade that takes tea lights, I don't know if I'm nuts about that but Ruth bought it for me so that's very nice. AND the best part: a bottle of Jim Beam Black Label! Woo hoo!

They're totally going to miss me.

Oh, and hey, remember guys, don't send stuff to my work email anymore, thank yoU!

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