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I'm cleaning my living room.

In November 2004, Michelle Jeff and I went to the Great Big Food Show. I took literature from the food I liked. I don't remember many of the connections now, but I need to throw this literature away so here is a list of websites. (there is a list of flavors on the back of this card, and "blueberry" is circled in ball point pen. I think maybe this was soda?)
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Today seems very very weird. Not unpleasant, just . . . weird. And it seems to be creeping by SO slowly! Not in the normal I'm-impatient-to-go-home way, just . . . I keep looking at the time and finding myself amazed at how early it still is. Okay I think i can describe it better -- usually I'm like "arrgh I can't believe it's still X hours til I get to go home" but today I'm like "man, it's only been X hours since lunch? Amazing." Maybe it's because I came in late today.

I made potato soup last night, for eight billion people! Not really eight billion, but thirteen people came! If you count me, and you'd better, then that's fourteen! I made two pots of soup, one with bacon and one lacking bacon, and they were both scraped clean. The soup was good. I hardly had any. I just . . . wasn't hungry, I guess. It tasted really good, though. And thick! I was supposed to put 14 cups of milk in each pot (fourteen cups of milk!) but I only put in seven or so. I sort of like it better that way, though it's less soup and more . . . gruel. If gruel can be good. Can gruel be good? Has it just gotten a bad rap, poor gruel? Or does the word "gruel" specifically mean that it's nasty?

I drank too much wine. Well, I drank a lot of wine, anyway, and was running around, and then we smoked, and all of a sudden I realized, "uh oh". So I made a glass of ice water and I tried to stay kinda still and just MAINTAIN, you know what I mean? So my guests started leaving and I just said goodbye from the couch, sorry about that. And then one group was leaving -- I can't remember if it was Tami/Manning/Ben or Sarah/Dave/Mambo, they're identical gender combos, and my wine-addled mind can't recall -- and they said goodbye to me, and I stayed on the couch, and someone laughed and said "Washu, you look like you should go to bed," and then another one of them said, a little seriously, "yeah, Washu, go to bed."

Man, go to bed! That honestly hadn't even OCCURRED to me before then, I mean, guests, I had guests! But I realized that, realistically, that was probably the best plan of action. And there's this thing that I do, in many situations, when I'm indecisive -- or rather, when I have a decision to make, and I know what I want to do, but I'm not sure if that's the RIGHT decision to make -- I'm sort of waiting for someone to give me permission, you know? So when that person, whoever it was, Tami or Manning or Dave or Sarah, told me to go to bed, I thought, yes, I will go to bed! I waited until they were gone from the living room, and then made a beeline for my bedroom door. I didn't say goodnight to my remaining guests; I apologize for that, but I didn't think I could take standing and shooting the shit for five more minutes and acting like I was practically okay, which I sort of wasn't, but I also didn't want to mope over and grunt "I'm going to bed thanks for coming," so I just disappeared instead. Thank you to my remaining guests for coming and eating my soup, and for closing up shop when you left so that robbers didn't come in and steal my cat. I went to bed in my clothes and didn't change position, I don't think, all night. And my hair was still up in pigtails and it's curled real nice today so I think I should go to sleep with them up more often, in the future, does anyone know a reason why this wouldn't be a good idea? It won't fall out or anything, will it? My hair?

In the morning I had the tiniest bit of a hangover headache. I probably could have made it in to work on time, but I would have been a zombie and unproductive (pssh, like I accomplish anything before ten on a normal day) so I called work and said I would be late, took a couple Advil, and went back to sleep for another 45 minutes or so. I felt much better, so good plan, Washu! Unfortunately it means I will have to stay until 5:30 tonight, and that sort of sucks, but that's okay, I'll survive.
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I haven't been writing recently, because I'm trying to be Good at work, when Being Good means Not Screwing Around On The Internet. To be honest, I haven't been doing such a great job. But I feel less guilty reading than writing. I'll tell myself I'm weaning.

Mitch is twenty-six! Last Monday, one week ago today, my best buddy Mitch turned twenty-six, and so did my good buddy Culann. To celebrate, we took the day off from work, and Culann and Carolyn and Mitch and Dave and I went to the shore. Holy cow was it hot. The water was nice and cool, though it made my eyes hurt. And there were no jellyfish! We got pizza, which is somewhat required when visiting the shore. Also Culann "won" a SpongeBob Squarepants guy, whose pants actually come off! SpongeBob Squarepants was far and away the most prolific boardwalk prize.

Then on Tuesday I took Mitchell to Morimoto, and Neil took Kelly (it were a surprise!), so there were four of us. It was, again, amazing. And I had the sushi this time. And Mitch had the steak, and he had never used chopsticks before, but he cut up his steak and ate it with chopsticks anyway, AND he ate the asparagus with chopsticks, which was possibly the most Adorable Thing Ever, but don't tell him I told you so, he'll get pissed off. Oh, okay, so while we were eating the lobster? Or, poking it, rather? Mr. Moto himself appeared at our table, and sparred with the lobster. He pricked his finger on the damn thing, and when Kelly introduced herself, he had to shake her hand with his left. He sucked on his bleedy finger, just like a little kid. And he was wearing those outRAGeous pants that chefs apparently wear; they were white with colorful chili peppers on them.

Oh man, see, now I've forgotten everything that happened to me all week, because I waited too long to write about it.

On Wednesday I made London broil sandwiches, and a jus for au jussing. And smashed potatoes. It was all all good. On Friday we hung out at the Manse, and that was maybe the first group event I've been to there so far, so that was exciting. The place is really shaping up. I can't wait for it all to be all done. I like that that place is really cool, and The House is really cool, but they're cool in different ways. On Saturday I went up to Ill's graduation party and saw a bunch of kids I haven't seen in a good while, and that was really really nice, and I wish I could have stayed longer. Ill's dad looks like Donald Sutherland, I don't know why I didn't remember that. But I couldn't stay because it was an hour-and-forty-five-minute drive (there's no nice highway that runs allaway up the left side of New Jersey, so I had to deal with a lot of traffic lights) and I had to return home for the Grand Birthday Bash. Kelly's birthday was Friday, so it was the yearly triple-birthday celebration. As I had begun my "celebration" so early that day, because of the graduation party, I entered the birthday party in a haze, and stayed that way the remainder of the evening. I nodded off a bit around 12:30ish, but just a bit, and I refrained from smoking the rest of the evening, and was able to stay up until fourish.

OH on Thursday I baked banana bread and gave it to Mitch. I tasted it a little, but I don't think I like banana bread too much, so I don't know if I did okay, or what I should change, or what have you. I'm thinking of trying cranberry bread next.

Yesterday I woke up around noon. Man, I was so good for a month or two, waking up with plenty of time to hit McDonald's breakfast, but these past few weeks, phew. No chance. Mitch didn't feel well from the night before. We went to my place for a while so I could shower and whatnot, and then got Taco Bell on the way back, and then I took a NAP from around five o'clock until nine-thirty, when Mitch put the lights on to wake me up. I can't believe I slept that long. Then we ate AGAIN and then we went to sleep at around midnight. I can't believe I feel sleepy today, after all that sleepin'.


Jan. 10th, 2002 09:48 am
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I crafted my own teryaki marinade last night, and it was pretty durn good.

Now, I'm not a gourmet chef or nothin', but in my experience, the absolute hardest part about cooking is the timing.

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