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The Last Episode Ever of Gilmore Girls was last night. I was worried -- I am, as you may have noticed, easily annoyed -- but they made me happy.

I went over to Michelle and Teege's to watch it there. They made shish-kebabs for dinner, which were delicious. I drank wine and cried into my napkin.

spoiler )

I'll miss that show. Now I have no shows! Just Project Runway. Oh well.


Nov. 29th, 2006 04:13 pm
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  • I rode my scooter to work yesterday, and today. It's sort of cold when I ride -- that is, around 8:30 am and 6/7pm -- but it's so nice and warm during the day! I think I could totally ride my scooter all year long, if I just got a few pieces of cold-weather gear (winter riding gloves, a chin/face protector, fleece-lined jeans, and the zipper on my riding jacket fixed), but the question remains, would it still be fun? I love my scooter but I hates being cold.

    I got a flat on the ride in this morning! Luckily I made it to the office safely; I didn't notice it until I was turning into the parking lot, in fact. I fixed it during lunch in twenty-five minutes! I felt very proud of myself. I got greasy!

  • I really have to update my resume, for SERIOUS.

  • I am loving this season of Gilmore Girls. The writing is SO realistic. There are still little things here and there I would do differently, but overall, I think it's excellent. Characters are acting like people in LIFE, not like people in a teevee show, who act ridiculous just to set up dramatic situations. Suck it, Palladinos. Sorry.

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I'm out. Are you fucking kidding me? I'm out. I'm fucking out. No way. I'm out.

And man, I had loved the writing so far this season. Finally, they were acting like PEOPLE, and not characters in a teevee show, forced to create dramatic situations. Until the very last line of the episode. Fuck that.
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Okay you guys, so I'm watching the next-to-last episode of season three of Gilmore Girls (I only started watching it regularly halfway through season five, so I've been catching up from the beginning via Netflix) and during the opening credits I see MICHAEL MARONNA! Freaking Michael Maronna! Actually, he was listed as Michael C. Maronna, which is charming -- Michael Maronna! If you don't know who Michael Maronna is (and I don't see how that's even possible), he is Pete! Hel-LO! (P.S. Wow is he young in that picture! I forgot how young Pete and Pete were at the beginning of that show. Also here is Michael Stipe selling him a fudgesicle.) Oh man I was so in love with Michael Maronna in high school. I found out that he lived in Queens, and everytime we went to visit my grandparents I would keep my eyes peeled. Just in case.

Anyway, he only ended up with a few lines in the episode, BUT he was an employee of Jess's dad in California, and I know that the original plan was to have Jess living with his dad in California be a spinoff series, with whatsherface as his dad's girlfriend. Sherilynn Finn, a la Twin Peaks (I've never seen it, no spoilers!) who currently plays Luke's baby momma on Gilmore Girls, wait where was I, oh yeah! So maybe Michael Maronna almost had a steady gig! As the quirky hot dog stand employee! But the series never got picked up, sorry Michael Maronna.

Also, in looking for a picture of Pete, I was reminded that Michael Maronna was in Slackers. I am quasi-interested in renting that just to see him. Did anyone see that movie? Was it terrible?


Feb. 2nd, 2006 05:24 pm
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Man! It feels like Spring over here! I am bouncing around!

Oh man it is just enough to remind me that when Spring does come, I will want to make out something fierce. Oh no! Well that is some months away.

I am in a great mood because this stupid project is over finally! Well, again. Well, for now. But I am happy! And my boss is in Atlantic City at some surveyor's convention or some shit. And this project is out the door! Okay out to the printer's, but close enough. And my boyfriend picked up the plans! You remember, the guy that looks like Kub from Paker Lewis Can't Lose, a.k.a. the receptionist from ER that isn't Frank. I brought plans out to the van with him! He said it was a gorgeous day out! He gets to drive around in it all day! I called him a lucky bastard. A sleeve tattoo peeked out of his shirt today.

Last night I worked until 9:30 which was balls but I caught the second half of Project Runway, just in time to hear Tim Gunn calling out Santino on his Tim Gunn impression. Then he said the thing about Red Lobster and oh how I laughed, standing in the middle of my new living room with my coat and hat still on. Today I listened to Tim's podcast and he recapped the whole Red Lobster thing and OH was I laughing out loud here at work. I love that show. I love Tim Gunn! I also love Daniel, and in extra-special internet-only behind-the-scenes videos he revealed that he is only 80% gay! I have a chance!!

Last night I prepared beef braised with Guiness between one and two o'clock in the morning. Then I put it into the crock pot that I got from Neil and Kelly (they are moving to Portland soon, and therefore ridding themselves of extraneous possessions) and set it to go! In the morning, as expected, I awokened to the beautiful smell of Guinessy beer. I should crock pot EVERY night! I can't wait to eat it to night! It is going to be the bomb.

I love the book that I am reading.

I'm putting in attic stairs this weekend! I'm going to eat a lot of deep-fried turkey at the XL party!

I get to see Michelle all the time! Once a week, at least! We have not talked this often since college. That's a long time ago! That's as long as my cat is old! Michelle had a birthday party at the shore last weekend and I drove down the AC Expressway with my windows open and listening to ...And They Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead whom I didn't think I would like. But then I did. And also Elvis Costello! And then the party with pasta and records and Kimliss and everything everything.

I am almost done with Season Three of Deep Space Nine! The mission continues!

Kelly Bishop and Edward Herrmann were on point on Gilmore Girls this week! They are amazing!

I HAVE TO GO! I have to home! Which is why this entry is crappy and disjointed. Maybe I'll fix it tomorrow!


P.S. LEGO Suicides
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I was just reading a Gilmore Girls recap and Dean was eating salad and MAN it made me want to eat a salad too, but I have a donut on my car and am afraid to drive it even though the Wawa is just down the street. I got a flat tire last night! That is sort of a pain but it wasn't too bad. I mean it was raining but it wasn't RAINING and I was able to pull off to a safe place, and Kevin and Vince came out in the rain to help me, and by the time they got there I already had three of the four lugnuts off. So that was enough progress to assure me that I could do the whole thing by myself if I had to do so, but it was of course great to have my friends out there and it went more quickly with help and then I went home and cleaned the house a bit. I had people over! To the condo! For the first time! We had pizza (Kevin and Vince's treat, whatta coupla guys!) and sat around and smoked and drank beer from a cooler (I still don't have a full-sized refrigerator; next weekend, I swear) and it was awesome. Then everyone went home and I watched the last episode of the first season of Gilmore Girls and it was kind of odd. Here are two reasons: first of all, Lorelai had a cell phone. I'm pretty sure it was the first time she had a cell phone. Gilmore cell phones are a very important part of current episodes, but they didn't have them in the first season, so I was sort of keeping an eye out. They have the potential to change plotlines like whoa. Second of all, Dean was so cute my television almost exploded. I mean, he's okay now in that stupid Supernatural series, abd in the beginning of the series he was cute for a kid (wayyyy too young looking) but in this episode all of a sudden he was older-looking and pointy-faced and that haircut that I seem to like, and holy cow. I guess not being told "I love you" back really matures a kid.

This weekend is the New Year's Eve party and though theoretically I'm excited, I have nothing to wear and I have to get my tire fixed and Jeff is leaving on January 3rd and that's really hard to think about so mostly I try not to do so.

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