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I was pretty excited about this weekend that just passed, because I had nothing planned for it. The previous two weekends were spent building and then painting a wall, and I was happy to have no obligations.

After work on Friday I stopped by the library to return Anathem (best book ever: read it) and pick up a new audiobook. I managed to find The Audacity of Hope on the shelf! Read by the author! Score! I also picked up a few books on birdwatching, because I decided a little while ago that this will be my new hobby.

I eventually made it over to the Manse to hang out with Chris and Dave and Kevin and Drew and Teege. I told Chris about the birdwatching books and said, "now all I need are a good pair of binoculars!"

"Oh, remind me later, I got you something," he said. And later, it turned out that he had bought me a nice pair of binoculars for my new birdwatching hobby! Hooray for Chris! They are really nice but not too big and bulky. I can see through them a lot better than I can through other binoculars I have known. Excitement!

Saturday, Chris and I got to sleep in together for the first time in what feels like forever. But we still got up at a decent hour, and drove to Silver Lake Park. This is a place that is about a mile from my house, and yet I have never visited it.

I watched the HELL out of some birds, let me tell you what. First I saw a Canada goose. "Canada goose!" I said. I noted that it was odd to see just ONE goose; he was swimming around in a small body of water. Then Chris spotted his partner "sleeping"; I soon determined that the second goose was on a nest! I don't know if Canada geese take turns sitting on the eggs, but for simplicity's sake, we'll assume that they do not, and that the sleeper was Mrs. Goose, and the swimmer was Mr. Goose. It was cool to see an actual nest, but you know, Canada geese are a dime a dozen, so we proceeded through the park. There's no place in it that you can't hear traffic, but it is of pretty decent size, and we saw deer rubs! Chris pointed them out to me and gave me the low down. It's where deer rub their antlers when they're all soft and velvety. We didn't see any deer, though.

I like to think that I'm pretty observant of some things, and I try to pay attention when I'm outside. But being out on my first official Birdwatching Trip, it was amazing how many birds I heard. I only spotted some dark boring thing, like a raven, at first. But then I spotted a couple of woodpeckers! I have to look them up when I get home. They were pretty big! I like woodpeckers, they're cool.

After a little bit of wandering around we headed out again. We stopped a moment to watch the geese again (oh also I saw three drake mallards floating down the stream) and I tried to convince Chris that the goose was indeed sitting on a nest and not just "sleeping." He wasn't convinced until a great blue heron descended from the sky right near the nest, presumably hungry for eggs. Drama! Mr. Goose came over to honk the heron off, who flew fifteen feet away and lurked, pretending to be a reed. We watched for a while as Mr. Goose would float a little ways away, and the heron would creep close to the nest. Creep. Creep. Creep. It was windy and a few times he almost fell over (HILARIOUS.) Finally he got too close and the missus was like "seriously, can you make this dude go away?" and Mr. Goose gave him what for. But dude, the whole thing was awesome. I mean, species that I see all the time, but doing shit! What a successful bird watching experience.

(If I keep this up I'll need a nice camera. But I am going to wait to see if I keep it up. I have had a short attention span, historically.)

On the way back to the Manse we stopped at the new Asian supermarket (called FLK Grocery) near my house. It smells like fish in there, but it is amazing. Their produce section is ridic. We hadn't even seen half of these things before. And they had durian fruit! Just like in Super Mario Sunshine! Also they have fresh fish -- like, whole fish, and also live fish. Carp! Just swimmin' around! We bought wasabi peas and frozen gyoza and noodles.

Then we went back to the Manse and I prepared lunch (leftover Chinese, coupled with the lo mein noodles we had just bought) whilst Chris readied the guns. Yes guns!

After lunch, Chris and Kevin and I went shooting! This is my third time shooting, my second time at an outdoor range, and I am kind of loving it. I had always have a very liberal, guns-are-mostly-bad, why-do-you-need-them-anyway attitude, until Chris took me shooting, and now I think they are neat. I didn't know this before a month ago, but at wildlife refuges in New Jersey, there are shotgun and rifle ranges set up. They're just . . . there, and you can use them for free. (They're paid for with money raised from taxes on gun and ammunition purchases.) Chris has a hunting license and so can shoot there along with a couple guests. There was no one else there, and we tried out Chris's .22 rifle. We shot at spinny targets, and paper targets, and clay pigeons stuck to the back wall. It was fun! I am a pretty good shot!

After shooting, Chris and I stopped by Tesa and Travis's new house, which is pretty cool (and on a whole lotta land.) It was good to see them -- also Tesa likes Star Trek almost as much as I do, so it's nice to talk about Star Trek with someone who isn't Mitch, without feeling vaguely embarrassed.

We went back to the Manse and . . . did we eat dinner? We must have. I can't remember what it was though. Oh it was dumb salad from Pine Hill Pizza. We turned on the 'Nova game and during the first half, Chris fell asleep on the couch and I tried to figure out computer stuff. Then I joined him on the couch for the second half. Then we went to bed. We had had a long day!

On Sunday we woke up and I helped Chris make breakfast. Then we all went bowling, and I did pretty horribly, but it didn't make me all cranky like that sometimes does, so hooray for that! Then Chris and I drove to Wildwood. He's working on a construction site there, and the dudes said he could have broken cinder blocks and whatnot (he had a better term for them. Building blocks, maybe? That makes it sound like legos) so we loaded up Chris's Outback. I didn't complain (out loud) (much)! Actually it wasn't terrible work, it just seemed ridiculous. Also I was afraid someone was going to come by and accuse us of stealing construction material.

I slept pretty much the whole way home, and finished up the nap in bed at the Manse when we got there. Then I ran to the food store (FLK grocery again FTW!) and came back for the Phillies home opener. Flapjack came over! I am always excited to see Flapjack. Chris made homemade crab rangoon, which was pretty damn good, and hamburgers. The stupid Phillies lost. Then I should have gone home because it was past my bedtime, but I stayed and watched Oldboy instead since I have always heard such good things about it. I slept through bits and pieces, but I saw most of it, and it was pretty good! I thought the protagonist looked like a Korean Wayne Coyne.

When the movie was over I kissed Chris and went home to a cat that had missed me so much. No one wanted to see my condo this weekend, which was disappointing. But man, look at that awesome weekend I had! Life is good. Hooray for Spring!

eating out

Jan. 28th, 2004 11:44 am
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It is Michelle's birthday today. We're going out to dinner, just as I have with her every year since freshman year of college, 1997, when we went to Bennigans. I'm excited.

The night before last, it freezingly rained. Cars were coated with ice the following morning, pebbled, like the window in a bathroom of an old house. Like at 508.

Last night, it freezingly rained, and then snowed on top of that. But the rain was the bit that caused us trouble. Mitch and I were supposed to go to Twenty Manning, as a part of Center City Restaurant Week. When I drove home from work, it wasn't really raining yet. I knew it would, but I figured I could handle it. So I wouldn't wear a skirt after all. Big deal!

But then Mitch arrived and said he didn't know if we should go. I was skeptical. My feet slipped around on the ice a bit as I circled my car, clearing the melting ice from my warming car windows; but I was determind. This was Restaurant Week! This was Asian fusion! There was a VENISON MEATLOAF on the menu! One of the possible desserts was FONDUE!!!1 We were going, goddammit! I am an excellent driver!

I don't know why Mitch chose to put his life in my hands, but he did. For about 45 seconds, until we got to the hill at the end of my street and I slid halfway down it at 5mph, ABS brakes fluttering. "That's it, we're not going," Mitch announced. OKAY FINE. We will go some other time.

Mitch asked if we could make it to the diner around the corner, but there are lots of restaurants on Blackwood-Clementon Road, which is close, and very straight, and very flat. I didn't put on eyeliner and PANTS to sit in a diner. So we went to Filomena's. It was great. The wine was delicious (Lockwood somethingorother Chardonnay), Mitch had the special -- chicken with walnuts on it in a raspberry sauce over spring greens -- which he really liked (I had a bite, the raspberry thing was too weird for me -- I don't like pineapples on my ham, either), and I had lobster and shrimp in a spicy marinara over pasta. It was very very good, but was also pretty spicy, so I had to rest my delicate mouth between bites, and I didn't end up eating much. But it was delicious. And our waiter was awesome, I tipped big.

Then we came home to my apartment and watched the Real World, and The Osbournes, and then we started watching Deep Space Nine, but I had had half a bottle of wine, and I fell the fuck asleep, so I didn't make it very far.

So it turned out to be a pretty nice night! And I spent less at Filomena's with food PLUS the bottle of wine, than the $60 that would have gotten us the meal only. And I will go to Twenty Manning someday, because it sounds fantastic.

Tonight I'm going to the Black Sheep Pub with Teege and Jeff and Michelle. It's going to be awesome.
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Man, I was trying to unwrap a Rolo with one hand whilst talking on the phone, and I was standing over the trash can so that I could drop the foil into it, and just as I was putting the Rolo up to my lips IT DROPPED OUT OF MY HAND AND FELL INTO THE TRASH!!

Man. It's a good thing I have, like, forty thousand Rolos left, or my weekend would be totally ruined.
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Man, fuck you, Healthy Choice Vegetable Beef Soup! You totally suck! I didn't even dip my bread in you, that's how much you sucked! I only ate some of the potatoes and a few of the carrots! The tiny pieces of beef were so dry and flavorless that they weren't even worth eating! Also, your mother!

I was so disappointed when Wawa didn't have beef stew today. My Wawa has had beef stew on most Tuesdays. It's a pretty damn good beef stew, in my opinion. Hmm, you know what I should do? I should make a big huge batch of beef stew on Sunday (mine is way better than Wawa's), and then bring it to work with me for the rest of the week. I totally should! I also totally will never ever do that! It seems like I never have enough time to do anything. I'm not complaining, though (honestly, I am not) because my time is taken up by hanging out with my friends, and hanging out with my friends is, in my opinion, the reason for living.

Friends like Michelle! You guys, I hung out with Michelle last night! A WEEK NIGHT!! I can't remember the last time I hung out with Michelle on a weeknight that we weren't on vacation. Oh wait yes I can, it was a few years ago when I drove up to her place in Plainsboro so that we could watch the season premieres of Must See TV. That may seem silly to you, but Michelle and I were college roommates, and that's what we DID, we watched Friends, and we watched all of Thursday nights, and I missed Michelle and wanted to watch that shit with her. Michelle and I haven't lived closer than an hour's drive from each other since we graduated three and a half years ago, but she and Teege got a place in Delran, which is only 30 minutes away, and I am the happiest little nerd about it. I went over last night, and the place is great. (Michelle always lives in better places than I do. I've only been in one place since college, though, and she's been in five (5).) We painted the insides of her kitchen cabinets. And then I sat in her and Teege's bed whilst she unpacked clothes. I couldn't stop smiling, I was just so happy to see Michelle on a weekday. I will get to see her all the time now! I will see her on weekends! She and Teege lived an hour away from each other for the past year, the year they were falling in love and all that, so they spent every weekend visiting each other, which I understand, I can remember what that was like! But now they live together and can spend the weekends with ME. And everyone else who wants to see them. Which is everyone, because they are two of the funnest people ever. But especially Jeff, Jeff and I are Michelle's biggest fans. And Teege isn't so bad himself.

I could go on and on gushing about Michelle and how happy I am, but maybe I'll save that for her birthday next week. I'm not sure what to get for her.

I had a Little Christmas party last week! It was pretty good, I think! I wasn't ready, though, and I spent too much of the beginning of the party finishing the food preparation, which should have been completed before the first guest arrived. (And I even cancelled making two (2) things, hummus and some veggie tomato rice salad thing). I will do better next time. Big ups to Chris and Brian McGowan for helping out in the kitchen -- two of the brightest culinary stars I know, and I had them chopping vegetables. Also a thousand thank yous to Vince for fixing the lock to my door, which happed to freeze or get jammed or something right in the beginning of the party, leaving my potential guests on the other, cold side of the door. And to Kelly for bringing spinach dip, which lasted -- literally -- about ten minutes, tops. And to Mitch for coming over a bit early and assembling furniture (!) for me. And to M and Jenny for coming all the way down from Brooklyn for the party. And to Manning and Tami for picking their asses up at the trizznain station. And to other people who did favors for me I'm not thinking of right now. And to everyone for just showing up!

There were about thirty people in my tiny apartment! I think that's pretty good! I made three (3) batches of the mulled wine, and it all got dranken up! Mulled wine is good. Weird, but good. This is the third year I've made it, and this year on the Queer Eye Christmas special, the cooking guy -- I can't remember his name, but he's my favorite, he's so dreamy -- recommended making mulled wine at a holiday party!! I am so ahead of the queer curve that I can't even STAND it. (I also liked girls before it was trendy.)

Oh man, and my downstairs neighbor showed up! Here is how the scene played out, as told to me by Jeff and then confirmed by Michelle:

(knocking at the door)
Michelle: (from the top of the stairs) Come in!
guy from downstairs: (walking up the stairs) Oh, hello, Kerry?
Michelle: No. If you don't know who Kerry is, why are you coming to her party?
guy from downstairs: I'm her neighbor, I live downstairs
Michelle: Oh! Your Christmas lights match Kerry's! (she says she doesn't know why she said this)
guy from downstairs: Actually, I just moved in. Those are my mom's.
Michelle: You live with your mom?

The weird guy from downstairs (maybe late thirties, early forties) brought with him a (opened) bottle of scotch, which was very nice of him, he just didn't want to come empty-handed, I suppose. I talked to him for a while in the kitchen, then Kate showed up (all the way from North Jersey!) and I escaped. He didn't talk to anybody! Oh wait yes he did, but he was weird about it and freaked people out. He totally freaked out Manning and Tami by trying to talk to them about their piercings whilst they were making out or something (Manning and Tami making out in my kitchen during a party is another subject altogether), and then he tried to talk to Dave about my remote control car and Dave LEFT, or something, I don't know, Dave jetted without saying goodbye (MAJOR FAUX PAS, DAVE, IT AIN'T A PARTY IF YOU DON'T GET DRUNK AND ASSAULT MY CAT). But then he was standing in my kitchen not talking to anybody, and my back was to him, and Ill said something about him, like who is that mustachioed guy, and I said I don't know but I hope he leaves soon, and oh man I think he might have heard us, because he put on his jacket and left without saying goodbye! I feel really badly about that, poor guy. I hope he didn't really hear us. That was mean of me to say, I should have kept my big mouth shut. Ah well.

But so that's that! Nothing got too crazy, but I think it was a pretty okay shindig anyway. I can't wait until I have a house, then I will have parties all of the time.

All right, I have to get back to work. So long, suckers.
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I haven't been writing recently, because I'm trying to be Good at work, when Being Good means Not Screwing Around On The Internet. To be honest, I haven't been doing such a great job. But I feel less guilty reading than writing. I'll tell myself I'm weaning.

Mitch is twenty-six! Last Monday, one week ago today, my best buddy Mitch turned twenty-six, and so did my good buddy Culann. To celebrate, we took the day off from work, and Culann and Carolyn and Mitch and Dave and I went to the shore. Holy cow was it hot. The water was nice and cool, though it made my eyes hurt. And there were no jellyfish! We got pizza, which is somewhat required when visiting the shore. Also Culann "won" a SpongeBob Squarepants guy, whose pants actually come off! SpongeBob Squarepants was far and away the most prolific boardwalk prize.

Then on Tuesday I took Mitchell to Morimoto, and Neil took Kelly (it were a surprise!), so there were four of us. It was, again, amazing. And I had the sushi this time. And Mitch had the steak, and he had never used chopsticks before, but he cut up his steak and ate it with chopsticks anyway, AND he ate the asparagus with chopsticks, which was possibly the most Adorable Thing Ever, but don't tell him I told you so, he'll get pissed off. Oh, okay, so while we were eating the lobster? Or, poking it, rather? Mr. Moto himself appeared at our table, and sparred with the lobster. He pricked his finger on the damn thing, and when Kelly introduced herself, he had to shake her hand with his left. He sucked on his bleedy finger, just like a little kid. And he was wearing those outRAGeous pants that chefs apparently wear; they were white with colorful chili peppers on them.

Oh man, see, now I've forgotten everything that happened to me all week, because I waited too long to write about it.

On Wednesday I made London broil sandwiches, and a jus for au jussing. And smashed potatoes. It was all all good. On Friday we hung out at the Manse, and that was maybe the first group event I've been to there so far, so that was exciting. The place is really shaping up. I can't wait for it all to be all done. I like that that place is really cool, and The House is really cool, but they're cool in different ways. On Saturday I went up to Ill's graduation party and saw a bunch of kids I haven't seen in a good while, and that was really really nice, and I wish I could have stayed longer. Ill's dad looks like Donald Sutherland, I don't know why I didn't remember that. But I couldn't stay because it was an hour-and-forty-five-minute drive (there's no nice highway that runs allaway up the left side of New Jersey, so I had to deal with a lot of traffic lights) and I had to return home for the Grand Birthday Bash. Kelly's birthday was Friday, so it was the yearly triple-birthday celebration. As I had begun my "celebration" so early that day, because of the graduation party, I entered the birthday party in a haze, and stayed that way the remainder of the evening. I nodded off a bit around 12:30ish, but just a bit, and I refrained from smoking the rest of the evening, and was able to stay up until fourish.

OH on Thursday I baked banana bread and gave it to Mitch. I tasted it a little, but I don't think I like banana bread too much, so I don't know if I did okay, or what I should change, or what have you. I'm thinking of trying cranberry bread next.

Yesterday I woke up around noon. Man, I was so good for a month or two, waking up with plenty of time to hit McDonald's breakfast, but these past few weeks, phew. No chance. Mitch didn't feel well from the night before. We went to my place for a while so I could shower and whatnot, and then got Taco Bell on the way back, and then I took a NAP from around five o'clock until nine-thirty, when Mitch put the lights on to wake me up. I can't believe I slept that long. Then we ate AGAIN and then we went to sleep at around midnight. I can't believe I feel sleepy today, after all that sleepin'.
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Last night Mitch and I were watching tv and there was a commercial for KFC BBQ wings. They looked shiny and delicious and reminded me of General Tso's Chicken, so we started talking about Chinese food: what we liked best, and what we had and had not tried, and how good cold General Tso's is for breakfast the next morning, and I told him about the best take-out place in the world which is the Hunan Garden in Waldwick, NJ. After five to ten minutes of this talk I said "do you want to order some Chinese food?" and he said "okay" and so we did.

Mr. C's

Apr. 9th, 2001 12:58 pm
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Man oh man, I could really go for a Fat Steve right now. For those of you who don't know, a Fat Steve is chicken fingers, mozzerella sitcks, french fries, marinara sauce and lettuce on a hoagie roll. For only $4.50 or so. I haven't had one in, like, a YEAR and I'm really hurtin' for one.

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