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This is a post to announce that I have FINALLY hooked up the internet at home! Hooray! The desk is set up and the computer is set up and everything is great. Man, finally.

I still have eight billion things to do before tomorrow night. I think I'll make it, though.

So long, chumps! Enjoy your day at work!
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Things with the condo are going great. I really like being a homeowner, even if it's just a condo. I can do stuff! Man, and I don't know if I could ever live in a real house all by myself. I get spooked, yo! If I'm home alone and doing something noisy, like vaccuuming or standing in front of the dishwasher or something, I'm always afraid that people are breaking into my house. And when I'm high and paranoid, forget about it! But I'm okay in a condo development, because there are people all around. If I were in a house in the woods on a lake, I'd need a big dog. Or three big dogs. But then they freak you out when you don't hear anything outside, but suddenly they sit up and stare and maybe even BARK and you're like "what, what??" So we'll see.

Two weekends ago Vince and Chris helped me to install my attic stairs. It only took two (2) separate trips to the megahardware store, though if you consider that Chris and I went to Loews AND Home Depot the first trip, maybe it's two-and-a-half trips. But it went really well! And of course when you're a lady and you ask a gentleman (or two) to help you with something because it's a two-person job, it says so right there on the box, there's always the danger that they'll take over the whole operation. But that didn't happen at all. When there was something that needed nailin' or screwin' or bangin', the guys left me to it. Well except during the last part, when we had to nail the stairs into the frame; but Chris was the only guy up in the attic so that was sort of all on him. But yeah, a success! Vince even brought over his mitre saw (which is the hot shit) so we could cut lumber in my kitchen. It was awes. My place smelled like sawdust for days afterwards, which is a really fabulous smell.

Last weekend I painted my bedroom(s)! Saturday Chris came over to help me tape/dropcloth/&c and put on a coat of primer, and Sunday both Chris and Michelle helped me put on two coats of GREEN. Green green green! I'm really happy with the color. It looks so bright and happy and wonderful. Before, the walls were three (3) different colors: forest green, white, and a light pumpkiny orange. There was no rhyme or reason to it. Now all the walls are bright leafy green (Pepper Grass, according to Behr) and it really pulls the whole room together. Mitch helped me tape the ceiling and trim earlier this week, and I painted a bit last night, so now I need to move my furniture back (ahem, five minutes, I'll give you a beer, anytime after 6:30 tonight, thanks!) and then maybe I can sleep in a freaking bed tonight! I've been on the couch for a week now, and let me tell you, it is getting old. I mean it's not so bad -- it's long enough that I can stretch out no problem, and I like going to bed whilst watching a DVD, but you can't roll over, you can only rotate. And noises outside of my door sound like they're in my living room, so I've had a lot of half-asleep "is there someone in my house?" moments. And it's crowded with the cat in there.

My parents are coming over this weekend! We're going to go headboard shopping. I wanted to go to Autobahn but it is sold out and I KNEW that was going to happen and I am a dummy for not seeing it earlier, or purchasing tickets sooner. I think maybe we should still go into the city for dinner, though. I mean, right? My parents never go to Philly, so it will be nice. I was thinking of the Black Sheep. They make a mean crab cake.

I can't believe the snow is gone already! What a weird winter. I was so glad to have it last weekend, though. I mean, I love the 60 degree days, I really do. I don't much like being cold. But I like SNOW, too. I never realized this before, but everything is freaking DEAD in the winter! The grass is brown and dead, the trees are empty and dead, the birds are on holiday somewhere. Snow covers that up nicely. It was beautiful. The snowfall lasted for DAYS and was white and heavy and PERFECT for snowballs and snowmen. It weighed down branches and they hung over the road like -- like -- fuck it, I don't have a head for similes. But they were beautiful.

Speaking of snowball fights, Gina had her fish-themed birthday party last weekend, and it was the bomb. We drank out of fishbowls with fishie straws and there were streamers and hats and games and it was fantastic. And there was a snowball fight! Oh good lord was Hal drunk, it was great. "I can't see. I can't see." I think he said "I can't see" like two hundred (200) times. I couldn't tell if he was blind drunk, or just had snow on his glasses.

And another fantastic thing that happened at the party was The Conference Call With California. It is official my friends, we will be attending TWO music festivals in the . . . um, South this summer. We're hitting up both Wakarusa AND Bonnaroo -- a Wakaroo, if you will; or Bonnarusa, if you prefer. The Brothers Hunt and I will be driving from Jersey to Kansas, then Kansas to Tennessee, and then Tennessee home. Kevin will be flying to and from Kansas, and driving with Teegus Kongus to and from Bonnaroo. It is going to be something else, I will tell you that. A lot of camping. A lot of music. A lot of dirt. A lot of hippies. A lot of drugs. Few showers. It's going to be great.
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So, okay, hey! The condo is coming along great. I mean there's still SO much to do and I imagine a finer human being than I would have more accomplished by now, but I don't really care, because the whole thing just continues to make me happy! I even love just THINKING about all the shit I want to do eventually.

On Monday Kevin came over to help me move some furniture around: I wanted to pull a little switcheroo in the living room. Afterwards, we were looking at my bedroom suite (as I'm now calling it,) trying to picture it in the color I want to paint it, and Kevin remarked that, what with the loft bed and the bizzare wardrobe, the guest bedroom/office side of the thing seems like a kids' room. I agreed! I said I should put some Teenage Mutant Turtle Sheets on it or something. Then he said I could get some vintage sheets on eBay, like Nintendo or something. THIS SEEMS LIKE A GREAT IDEA.

So today I'm looking around eBay, and there's some stuff, not a lot, but some. Some Nintendo, some Smurfs, some Star Wars. Star Wars! Star Wars is still around, I think, maybe they are still making that classic set, with the blue background and whatnot. You know what I mean.

Okay, well, I don't think they are, but look what they ARE making! Holy shit! This is awesome, right? Look at Yoda! I'm totally hype about this. Oh dear god they make Hummer (the vehicle) sheet sets for kids. Why. Why. Why. OH MAN THERE ARE DINOSAURS! I mean this is starting to be less fiscally responsible and less nostalgic than scoring some vintage sheets from the 80s but suddenly I am very excited to shop for kids' sheets! Holy shit! I need to have a kid. Oh god no I don't but somebody I am best friends with needs to have a kid! Hurry up! This is fun! I'm going to see if I can find some Batman.
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I was just reading a Gilmore Girls recap and Dean was eating salad and MAN it made me want to eat a salad too, but I have a donut on my car and am afraid to drive it even though the Wawa is just down the street. I got a flat tire last night! That is sort of a pain but it wasn't too bad. I mean it was raining but it wasn't RAINING and I was able to pull off to a safe place, and Kevin and Vince came out in the rain to help me, and by the time they got there I already had three of the four lugnuts off. So that was enough progress to assure me that I could do the whole thing by myself if I had to do so, but it was of course great to have my friends out there and it went more quickly with help and then I went home and cleaned the house a bit. I had people over! To the condo! For the first time! We had pizza (Kevin and Vince's treat, whatta coupla guys!) and sat around and smoked and drank beer from a cooler (I still don't have a full-sized refrigerator; next weekend, I swear) and it was awesome. Then everyone went home and I watched the last episode of the first season of Gilmore Girls and it was kind of odd. Here are two reasons: first of all, Lorelai had a cell phone. I'm pretty sure it was the first time she had a cell phone. Gilmore cell phones are a very important part of current episodes, but they didn't have them in the first season, so I was sort of keeping an eye out. They have the potential to change plotlines like whoa. Second of all, Dean was so cute my television almost exploded. I mean, he's okay now in that stupid Supernatural series, abd in the beginning of the series he was cute for a kid (wayyyy too young looking) but in this episode all of a sudden he was older-looking and pointy-faced and that haircut that I seem to like, and holy cow. I guess not being told "I love you" back really matures a kid.

This weekend is the New Year's Eve party and though theoretically I'm excited, I have nothing to wear and I have to get my tire fixed and Jeff is leaving on January 3rd and that's really hard to think about so mostly I try not to do so.
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Okay I rushed the end of that entry because I want to talk about NOW!

Now is great too! Sure I haven't unpacked as much as I should have by now, but who cares? It will get done eventually! I will get a lot done tonight. It's been hard because work has been such a bitch. But as of yesterday morning, that's done for a while! Yay! No more crazy hours for at least a few weeks. And I got a Thank You message on my voice mail this morning from the client, in which he reiterated his desire to help me towards my goal of owning a Vespa. He wants to take me up on his offer to see about the down payment or something. Um, what?? All this from an offhand remark last summer about how all the overtime was going to get me a Vespa. It is weird! And maybe awesome, but maybe not because what? I mean it's not like Bruce isn't paying me. I don't know, it's crazy, let's forget about that for now.

Last night I started to get a little bit upset about how I wasn't going to have a tree this year, because the living room is filled with boxes and Oh will I be able to have a Little Christmas/Housewarming party on the seventh but man WHATEVER! Who cares! I don't have to have a Little Christmas party this year! I'll have one next year! And I've decided to just get a tinyster live tree, and that will be fine! And less stressful! I am easily mollified.

And sure, it's cold in my condo in the places I loiter in -- like the couch, and my bed -- when it's warm and toasty everyplace else. But whatever! I can deal! I might even move the living room furniture around, even though I just got the bookcases nailed to the wall a few days ago. It's all right, man! Nothing is permanent!

I got all my Christmas shopping done last night. I think I did all right, for the most part, despite the fact that I (as I have come to realize this year) not a particularly inspired gift-giver. That's okay! I still love to do it, and Christmas is Christmas and I can't wait to see my family this weekend. Particularly my brother.

And on Tuesday Jeff and I went to see Spamalot! MTA strike be damned! And it was still really really funny! I think the song about the Jews is my favorite. And man, it was great to see Hank Azaria! BOY do I want to hump that man! Ha, you want to hear something funny, though? In June I saw the show with Mitch, and it was the FIRST performance of Hank's sabbatical. (It should have been Alan Tudyk, who subbed for him all summer and fall, but it wasn't for some reason. Which in retrospect was disappointing, but at that point I had seen one (1) episode of Firefly and wasn't yet enamoured with Wash, so I wouldn't have appreciated it as much as I would have today.) So no Hank. And then for THIS performance, we saw the dude who isn't Tim Curry. He was good anyway, but still, isn't that crazy? I just missed them both. And I was hoping that Niles had worked on his Cockney accent in the meantime, but no such luck. Keep tryin', El Niles! Or, you know, don't! I guess your vanilla English accent is fine! Haha I kid, I kid, he's fine.

Christmas is here! It's going to rain! Oh well! But Christmas is here and Jeff and I saw the Santaland Diaries last weekend (which was AWESOME) and also last weekend I traveled north to New York in an attempt to see [ profile] mordicai in his theater debut. I and New Jersey Transit failed! But I DID get to see [ profile] jnnogen, and later M and Jenny at the afterparty, and meet [ profile] kromelizard and [ profile] kingtycoon. And we had drinks and M performed a bit of the play that I had missed and we all had a good time and then kingtycoon and I shared a futon. And then M showed me Ico.

These thoughts are jumbled.

But I was so miserable and angry earlier this week! And now I am not! Also I keep thinking we're a day later than we are. Yesterday felt like Thursday, and today feels like Friday. But tomorrow I'm totally going to fool around all day at work I bet! So who cares.

Life is good! I should get out of here soon.


Nov. 22nd, 2005 02:51 pm
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Packing is hard!

I need boxes. Bad. Small boxes, for heavy things. Do you have any? Do you have any ideas? Will a liquor store have some or do they use them all up, giving them back to customers? Will Barnes & Noble be able to help me out, or will they giggle at me behind my back? I think I may end up BUYING some which seems like such a waste of money. But I've got to get everything done this weekend.


[Poll #618118]

I haven't moved in five (5) years and back then I had MOVERS! Honest to God movers! I had qualified for relocation at Amtrak, so they did everything for me. MAN THAT WAS SWEET.
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I think I've chipped a tooth, and it makes me sad. It's on the inside, so no one will ever notice but me, but there's an edge where it used to be smooth, and I am less a perfect being. I don't even know when it happened, it must have been last night whilst I slept. Don't tell my mom, she'll scold me about my tongue piercing.

This Friday Sean took me to the opera! It was awesome! Sean and I looked all fancy-pants, but you'll have to take my word for it, because we didn't take any pictures. The costumes were great and the physical comedy was fantastic and dude even sang "Figaro." I thought it would be like Moonstruck though and it wasn't much like Moonstruck. I didn't even see my dad out with his girlfriend or anything. And people weren't as dressed up as I would have liked, but I just like it when people get dressed up. We did get to drink champagne on the man's dime during the intermission. Or intermezzo. Whichever.

Saturday I went into work and got caught up on this season's Gilmore Girls (thank you, internet). A bunch of people (me included) appeared at 508 that night, and I fell asleep on the couch. On Sunday I watched football, and actually did useful, productive things! I did four loads of laundry (and actually put away the clean clothes! That usually doesn't happen for weeks!), packed three boxes of things for the move (just sixteen days left!), did all the dishes, and posted three (3) photos du jour, which leaves me just ~110 before I'm up to date again. But every journey, etc etc.

Today I opened a checking account during my lunch break, and I'll be sending out recommendation forms for my PE exam. Tomorrow is the PE class with Michelle, and Wednesday is my last big dinner at my apartment. I think about the new condo constantly. I had a dream the other day that I moved into it and it was haunted. If you'd like to check out some photos (taken during the home inspection), they're here. Tonight is the Eagles game and Friday is HARRY POTTER and I wasn't planning to go on opening night because of, well, you know, the presence of children and all that but now I think I might be changing my mind. I haven't seen any of the movies in the theater before, but I have super high hopes for this one and I am hype hype hype.

So, hey, life is good. Howzabout you?

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