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Man, I have a bunch of more important stuff that I should be talking about, like how Neil and Kelly got married last weekend and it was one of the best weddings I've ever attended, and how also I went to Delilah's and there was this stripper there who did these amazing jumping splits, and other important happenings in my life that are new and exciting the likes of which have not occurred in years, but the meeting this morning went really well and so I'm in an unexpectedly good mood and all I can think about is football.

The draft for my fantasy league was last night, and though it still took a while, it went very smoothly. We had two managers drafting via instant messenger, so we projected the laptop image on the Manse's gameroom screen, and that was very helpful. Also I'm the Commissioner this year which means I feel important, and boy do I like feeling important.

Football! Football tonight! I have one guy playing tonight for New England, and in my other league (which autodrafted this afternoon) I have Randy Moss. Awesome! Football! StatTracker! High Definition! BIRDS!!

Gosh I love football season.
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Getting up in the morning is hard, it always has been. Getting up in the morning now that it's dark, still, is despairingable. Getting up when it's so chilly that I decide to warm up the car first . . . superdespairingable.*

I have to go to the grocery store tonight; among other things, my milk is expired, I have no tomato sauce (crucial for several easy-to-prepare, hot one-person dinners), and I'm out of toilet paper.

Holy cow, did you see that football last night? Well, first of all, the Eagles were a joy to watch, yet again. I'm sorry I had to miss them last week. They did another trick play again yesterday! A fake punt! I love those guys.

I tried to watch the four o'clock games; I had Amani Toomer playing, after all. I sat in the kitchen in front of the Tiny TV so that I could watch the game at the same time as Wiffle Ball, but after the first Wiffle Ball game and the first half, I decided to move to the couch in the living room. The new, luxurious, decadent couch. I napped with the soothing sounds of football in my ear. Ahhh. Nice.

And then that Sunday night game. Shaun Alexander is on my fantasy squad, he was my first-round pick, and he's been doing jack shit so far this season, despite his promise. Last night he scored five touchdowns in the first half. Five touchdowns. Man was it loud in the living room, it was like watching the Eagles again, we were all rooting for Seattle. Ahh, Seattle. And it was nice again there, apparently. And here I thought it was only nice when I was visiting.

He didn't do shit in the second half, though. Which didn't matter in the grand scheme of things, but they have a bye week next week, so Shaun, don't go forgetting everything you did in that first half, okay? I need you, buddy, I need you with me for the rest of the season. I'm now one and three, thank freaking goodness.

On Thursday I drove up to Michelle's house, to watch the NBC season premieres. Which sounds stupid, maybe? Yeah, well, fuck you. I miss Michelle, and watching Must See TV reminds me of sophomore and senior years, and it just ain't the same without Michelle. She's been having a run of bad luck lately, and it was good so good to see her. And she called Sunday but my cell phone was dead and that's such a fucking shame, I really should keep on top of that.

*Hey, if the President of the United States of America can say "embetterment", then I can make up new and exciting words, too.
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On Wednesday, I didn't drink any alcohol, or carbonated beverage, or smoke any cloves, or marijuana. May not seem like a big deal to YOU, but let me tell you . . .

I made up for it by mixing surprisingly strong drinks last night, which was good, because what with the football draft and all, there weren't many opportunities to get up and mix any more. Yes, I'm in a fantasy football league this season, with a million other people who have LiveJournals which I won't bother mentioning, because really, what good would it do you. There are fourteen teams, and each get sixteen picks, and for those of you keeping track at home, that's 2,146 players drafted last night. It only took us two and a half hours, which was actually a lot shorter than I had expected. EVERYONE came prepared, which was pretty cool. I also brought lots of highlighters. Kelly was the only person with a clipboard; I expect she'll do well this season.

Goddamn, did I used to hate football. Junior year, I spent that term in England; and when you do something like that, you end up saying the same thing to every person who asks about it, you know? One of my rehearsed lines was I'm glad I'll be missing a good part of the football season. Can you believe that? It wasn't the game itself that offended me, it was all the fucking HYPE that surrounds it all week long that is nearly impossible to escape. But then two seasons ago I watched the Eagles every week at American Way, and as I have discovered with basketball, sports are more fun to watch if you're actively following your home team. I loved it that season, and I loved it even MORE last season. I love how each play is discrete, and how many positions there are and how many different jobs there are. It's all very fascinating. It's one of the most physical professional sports, yet also involves a ridiculous amount of strategy. It's like chess with big musclely/fat guys. And I love how they only play once a week; it's like the playoffs all season long.

But, being a girl and all, I don't know much about anything. And I lose interest when I don't care who's going to win. So when Neil suggested a fantasy league, I got hype. Now, I'll have a vested interest in a lot more games per week. Also, I'll have to pay more attention to stats and stuff, and what everybody does. It hopefully will allow me to enjoy football just that much more. I'm excited. And a fantasy football league seems like the kind of thing where LUCK is involved in a big way, and I have a chance of doing well by accident. Besides, with fourteen teams, the good players went awful quick, so nobody really has more than two outstanding players. Man, I so don't know what I'm doing, but I don't care. My team is the Flying Buttresses. I'm playing Neil's Irish Car Bombers in Week One. I can't wait. Wish me luck.

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